Thursday, March 26, 2009


Have not updated my blog for few days… *sigh* I wanted to do so… But, I just don’t have the mood! Arghhh… Just hate it when the MOOD takes control of me!!

What was actually happened? Sampai sia hilang dr blog sphere???

It was last Tuesday when the CFO and the Independent Director who is currently stationed at our office for the time being, asked me to find a supporting doc for a power point presentation prepared by me. They were waiting in front of me while I was digging for it. Have searched all the clear folders (around 10 folders!) and I just can’t believe that I can’t find it anywhere. Padahal, baru sia nampak few days ago!!

They were still waiting and I was really pissed off when I heard all these :

CFO : Secretary should has a good filing system.

Director : This is not a Secretary already. This is an Executive.

CFO : Aiyo.. You are so disappointing…

Director : Its ok lah Just. I’ll email it again to you.

And they both went in to their respective rooms which are also in front of me!!!

My temper went up but I still able to control. I was really pissed off when I heard the word DISAPPOINTING as if I didn’t perform my duties.

I won’t blame the Director coz he does not really aware.

But the CFO??!! Hey, I’m reporting direct to you previously ok and I STILL DO even I also report to the MD! And you should know that I AM AN EXECUTIVE AND NOT SECRETARY!!! Arghhhhh!!!

I don’t mind if ppl wanna call me Secretary also. What’s the big deal kan?? But, pls understand that I’m not only assisting the MD alone but also the CFO, the Independent Director and the Company Secretary!! I have so many things in my plate that I don’t have time to do the admin works!!

So, I spent the rest of the day BUSILY!! Didn’t go out for lunch… cleared ALL the outstanding assignments that I owed the CFO… Make extra sets of the presentation, pirating the company profile’s CD, CD cover, CD labels and bla bla bla…

I feel really bad and it spoils my days very much…

To Mouren and Nessa, I owe you guys… :D


  1. alamak!! sabar ko just..ini lah bah kita pigang more than one post in company..! sia lagi siok..orang cakap sia receptionist!! hahahahaa mentang2 sia jaga phone! Boss kami luki mau hire receptionist, so sia merangkap admin, project secretary and tukang jawap pon sini opis!! bikin pening sometimes....sabar saja lah ko sana!!!

  2. jadi personal assistant, tukang jawab phone...and paling teruk...tukang balas SMS...kin panas...

  3. KadusMama ~ Sbb sia sabar la sia diam ja even sakit ati!! Time bln puasa pun, b4 sia convert sia selalu kena suh jd receiptionist ganti yg kakak tu sbb diorang blk awal! Sia la ba jd runner company!

    Mouren ~ Wakakakakakakaka... mcmana tu jd tukang balas SMS??? Mati jg pemalas ko tu mau taip sms hp sendiri!!!

  4. begitulah karja...pandai jadi versetail ni karja..yang di luar bidang kuasa jadi Dalam Bidang Kuasa...

  5. Ish! I feel your geramness la. Adakah cakap dapan2 ko lagi?? Seja la kasi drop your water face.

    Eh, you owe me apa gia??

  6. Belle ~ Mau jd versetail susah. Mau buat2 buduh pun susah jg. Hmm..

  7. Nessa ~ Itu la ba pasal. Sbb dia mau jaga water face dia, dia kasi la drop water face sia. Silakak betul. Pdhal, dia sendiri bkn ingat apa semua files yg ada dlm kabinet dia...

    Owe your b'day tag ba... kikiki..

  8. Nah, sya pun bulih imagine sya yang cari2 tu fail trus kena cakap camtu, cam ko nda exist jak. Ishhh!!! Bikin panas!!!

  9. Choc Mint Girl ~ Apa nda sia mood swings for few days. Tp, yg bagus diua.. keja sia productive la.. geram pnya pasal kan.. hheheh...

  10. Hi Just..

    I understand how you feel. Sometime kan, benda yang kita mau cari tu tiba-tiba hilang bah waktu kita perlu padahal sebenarnya ada. Its all because kita panik kali tu hehe, atau orang tua-tua cakap (kena tapuk syaitan) hehe. Sia pun pernah juga macam tu.

    Sepanjang sia kerja, memang bukan sebagai sekretari saja, admin exec pun, HR exec pun, sometime engineer pun bah.. kalau dapat boss yang tidak percaya staff lain lagi susah. Macam boss sia, dia suruh saya buat kerja orang yang dia tidak percaya tu.. Banyak cantik muka dia hehe.. penant kita macamamna kira kan heheh..

    tapi sabar sajalah kita ni kan hehe.

  11. Ohhh.. birthday tag! Sia ingat apa... hehe

    Inda apa baitu, bila2 seja. Inda buat pun buli ba :D

  12. Nora ~ Kena tampuk syaitan la kali sia time tu. Silakak betul! Ya la.. geram macamana pun... SABARRRR jg la... :D

    Nessa ~ Kena buat jg tu time teda sdh idea utk entry. Kikiki..


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