Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EJ Tailor & Boutique

Marketing is Essential especially when it comes to Business. Your business marketing strategy is the single biggest factor which determines the success or failure of your business.

This is what I'm doing now... marketing! Marketing on behalf of my dear Aunt. Promised her actually. *grin*

Tailoring & altering services! That's what the business & services all about. You need a TAILOR in PJ area?? Try her. The services and cost estimation:

Baju kurung : RM35 and above
Baju kebaya : RM45 and above
Baju Melayu : RM70 and above
Punjabi suit : RM40 and above
Curtain and etc
The easiest would be to bring the sample of coz. Lain-lain hal buli dirunding. LOL

Pls call the no. stated on the pix for further info or other arrangement.
It really impress me when I was informed of the setting up of her EJ Tailor & Boutique recently. Glad that I managed to drop by at her store last Sunday. Saja bawa lil' Cucu jalan-jalan.

That's the owner - Ms. Evelyn (lil' Cucu interframe pulak!)

The store might still need a lot of improvement in term of the products display, marketing kits/tools, ads and etc. Palan-palan la kan. At least, ada kadai sudah bah.

Nyway, would be much appreciate if you guys could help me to spread the news ok..


  1. Hi,
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  2. Nice.. but jauhnya... emmm.. sya pun terfikir ni mau buat bj kurung, batik, kebaya and segala2 utk pg mengajar :) bgs lg kan kalu ada seorg model yg pkai bj tu sbg contoh ..* blink2 ( signal kpd mami cucu ) hihi...

  3. Kris and Nadia ~ Sia pun actually lama sdh nda buat baju kurung ni. Bju kurung lama2 yg kena buat sblm beranak, nda muat sdh bhgn hip! Hahahah... Nanti sia p beli kain bnyk and buat and kasi model aa.. Kikikiki..

  4. Hi Just why not try promote your aunt in mudah.com , a lot of people use the service and its free

  5. Butul juga cakap c Greg tu Just..giv it a ry la...:)

  6. GregChai and Mama Mia ~ Sdh ba gia sia tlg anty sia tu ads d Mudah.com. Tp, somehow bila sia p browse, teda pulak tu ad. Ntah mana sdh dia ilang. Anty sia ada tersilap kali. Nanti mau suh lg dia cek... thanks anyway ya..


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