Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Talk, I Talk And I Talk...

When I watched this clip, I was like... Naa... it is not the lil' girl's voice. It's should be someone else.

What do you think?

Recalling what few aunts has said when they met lil' Cucu during CNY... "Cepat pandai cakap ni budak ni." while stroking at the 3 months old lil' Cucu's head (the front part).

But, it sure headache if my lil' Cucu start talking nonstop! *faint* Say NO to the grasshoper!!

Have you heard that grasshoper will turn your quiet kiddos to talkative kiddos?? Yeah, that's the tips from MIL. *uwek* Wanna try??


  1. wakaka...funnynya ni video clip. Pengsan la kalu my Van-van bercakap non-stop mcm ni....

    Huh?! Never heard of this tip before...not sure if i want to try it out. Anyway,just curious, what to do wt the grasshopper? taruh di badan tu anak ka?

  2. Hmmmm...macam nda real jak tu budak can babble like that..hehee itu sound nda ori nie..telampau nyaring..padahal the parents becakap ok jak..but kalau ada anak macam tu..aduh!! pengsan oh!!

  3. Looks like a recording - not the baby's voice.

  4. Iya la, suara dia tu ada saspek sikit tapi beriya-iya betul dia bercerita, siap tumbuk/tepuk tangan lagi ... hehe

    Kasi makan baby tu belalang ka??

  5. To all the above commenters ~ Naa kan... despite funny, sound announying also kan... sbb nda real ba!!

    Opss.. lupa sia mau mention tu belalang utk dimakan... tp, nanti sia tnya mau kena buat apa sama tu belalang before kena kasi makan sama baby... ;p

  6. cute hehehe, pening la parents dia ni ... :D

  7. GregChai ~ Sure pening la... mcm mau kasi gam ja tu mulut... Hahaha..


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