Monday, March 09, 2009

Be Strong Son!!

Institut Kajisaraf Tunku Abdul Rahman Ward 5A HKL is where lil' Cucu admitted to last Friday. The Plastic Surgery Dept shares the same building with the Neurology Dept.

There are 8 beds for children or infant and the rest of the beds towards the end are for adults. Those patients yg patah kaki and other cases that to undergo the 'needlework' lah.
Luckily lil' Cucu able to sleep peacefully. There are 2 more childrens admitted due to cleft lip and palate and 1 with lip repair. Compare to the rest of the patients, lil' cucu is the less serious case. I pity those moms but at the same time feel lucky too.

One of the kid's mom told me that having palate operation is far worst than lip operation. The first day after the operation, blood plus saliva kept on coming out from his son's mouth. She cried when she see it. My heart cries too... How such small kid could bare the pains... *teary eyes*

"Be strong son!"

Anyway, an off day was given to lil' cucu the next morning after been checked by doctors. Cuti hujung minggu bah. *wink wink* After a nite at home, we sent him to the ward again yesterday. My mom volunteered to company him at the ward.

The original schedule for operation was Thursday, 12 March 2009 before they changed it to tomorrow, 10 March 2009. Lagi cepat lagi bagus lah. So we all won't worried and think so much...

The hospital even snapped few photos of lil' yon for their record. And I curi-curi snapped too.. Hehehe...

I'll talk more about the operation in my next entry yaa. Need to prepared myself to the hospital now. It's my turn tonite to company lil' cucu. Furthermore, I have to be there as I'm the one who signed the Authorisation Form for operation and I'll be following them to the OT tomorrow morning. But, I'll wait outside lah!
Till then...


  1. Dont worry just..your son will be alright tu!! He is one strong baby!!
    And strong to ya..memang sakit hati when you see your son in pain..

  2. Waaa... sakitnya ati sia tgk kelaparan coz nda buli feed for 6hours after operation. Sampai bergegar2 baby tahan lapar. Doiii... Tp, hr ni should be ok sdh ba tu... ;D

  3. Ya Just, be strong for your dear son. He'll be ok bah tu, dont worry so much ya.

    Hmm, mana ada parents yg tida kesian tingu anak kelaparan...

  4. btw, santik la new template ko ni...:)

  5. i remembered the moment i accompany my daughter to the hosp to clean her wax.. she cried, i cried too.. saaakit hati nampak durang sakit kan..

    but don't worry.. he's going to be fine k.. ^_^

  6. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba kan Mia.. Ok sdh dia mumy sia bilang. Kwai sdh. Siap kena bw p kantin lg. Hehheh..

    Santik kan Mia.. Apa nda sia terus terfall in love at the first sight. Hahaha...

    AnnieMing ~ Tu la.. mimang bikin sakit ati. Tp, he's getting better now... :D

  7. Hi .. just drop by :). Know what's the feeling bah.. last time.. my dotter buang tonsil pun .. mcm ni juga bah.. but now.. ok sudah bah lepas tu operation.. so don't worry kio.. he'll be fine :)

  8. Evelyn LG ~ Hi. Thanks. He's getting better now. Ur dotter umur brp buang tonsil??


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