Monday, March 23, 2009

Loreal Warehouse Sale

Should have been posted this last Friday. But… argh just forget it.

Anyway, a colleague approached me last Thursday…

Colleague : “Jess (instead of the correct Just!), hari ni ngan esok ada Loreal warehouse sale kat Wisma MCA. Nak pegi tak?”
Me : “Tengah2 bulan ni mana ada duit kak!”
Colleague : “You tengok dulu. Besok you beli!”
Me : “Iye la tu… Ok la… Jom!” (kesian pulak kan…)
Luckily, the Dewan San Choon is spacious enough. So, it was not that crowded as I expected except the lipstick area which was the hot spot. Or perhaps tengah bulan kan… hehehe…

Besides the Loreal Paris itself, there are also products of Dermo Expertise, Excellence, Elseve, Maybelline and Garnier. The price range is from RM3 the min to RM30 the max (if not mistaken).

40 minutes was enough for the shopping plus 20 minutes of queuing up for cashier! *faint*

The pic taken while colleague enjoyed the looooong queue!

The San Choon Hall

Hope they have a good system for their lipstick's stock

Lipstick corner

Dare to queue??

The post-shop

I tot I would be going back with empty handed. Somehow, terbeli jugak!! I grabbed Loreal Studio GO Create Strand Sculpting Spray (RM10), Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect SPF20 Sun block (RM10), Garnier Age Lift Cleanser (RM5) and Garnier Pure A Scrub Wash (RM3). Should have grabbed mascara too… arghhh… But, then… I’m no make-up person. So, ndapa lah!

Oya, as a ‘upah teman’, the colleague handed me a Creamy Berry Loreal lipstick!! How nice… So, be nice and ppl will threat you nice in return… *wink wink*


  1. Wah, sioknya shopping cheap Loreal products :D Panjangnya tu queue!

  2. Wah.. I miss this one.Bestnya. I use to go to Damansara utama with collegeau juga. Usually I will grab some lisptick...P

  3. Nessa ~ Hehehe. My first time ni pigi Loreal warehouse. Queue mmg panjang gila!!

    Nora ~ my colleague beli nda tau brp bnyk lipstick. 10 ada kali tu! Me malas mau beli lipstick coz nda pernah abis pakai!! Hahaha...

  4. Good bargain Just! Tp alamak punya la panjang tu queue...bulih pingsan o berbaris ni. hehe...

  5. Wah!! sioknyaaaa!! if only they sell product like Avene kan..sia lah paling laju p bebaris kali..ekekee

  6. KadusMama ~ Avene as Avent ka Ty?? Kosmetik sia nda brp ba. Kalau yg mmg worth it pnya, mgkin la.. ehehehe..

  7. dimana ni? wisma MCA yang jalan ampang ka?..ish!!! bila ni? abis suda ka? cheap..

  8. Belle ~ Ya, Wisma MCA di Jalan Ampang la ni. Abis sdh lor. 2 days ja. Cheap kan?? Tp, buat pun time2 belum gaji. Kalau nda, berabis sdh sia memborong tu. Hehhe..


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