Thursday, March 26, 2009

Netbook vs Notebook

I won a Notebook??!!!! A Laptop???

YES!! And it was June 2006!! Hahaha… The priciest prize ever!!

When a girl called me on one sweet day addressing that she is calling from Dunkin Donut, I was like… Huh?? Dunkin Donut?? My brother’s face popped out in my mind immediately and I tot that he should has been done something wrong or he got injured while working. Yes, he worked with Dunkin Donuts previously and he always loves F&B’s line.

The girl continued… We would like you to attend a Prize Giving Ceremony tomorrow at 3pm coz you are one of the winner. You won an ACER LAPTOP!! *faint*

HUH???? Yes, that was my response and the brain working hard to refresh and recall.

Oyaa… It was my brother who brought back few stamp cards and stickers for a Dunkin Donut contest few months back. Basically, the customer will be given the stamp card and stickers when they purchase Dunkin Donut’s products. One stamp card with 10 stickers is qualified for the contest. No slogan what so ever. The first prize is 3 units of Acer Notebook and MP4 Player for the second prize. So, I was eyeing for the MP4 player. See… I’m not a greedy person ok?!

Hubby and I submitted 3 cards each. The worst part was we changed our hp no!!!! Somehow, I managed to submit the very last card with my new hp no! I guess it’s just my luck!
“I thought the prize is MP4 Player?” I asked stupidly. *slap forehead*

“The MP4 Player is 2nd prize, miss. Yon won the Acer Notebook, the first prize!!” stressed the caller.

I was stoned for few mins after I put down the phone!! Still surprise! Wishing for a laptop for quite some time and I got it FOC!! *wink wink*

It’s has been almost 3 years now and I start to think to have new laptop. Slimmer, lighter with number of cool features such as Wi Fi access to the internet, built in camera, etc.

What about Netbook then?? With a screen ranging between 9 and 10 inches, netbooks are often thought of as a baby notebook, making it more convenient to travel with than a regular notebook.

Light weight and usually low cost, Netbooks are extremely popular. Netbooks are predominantly geared towards those requiring an Internet connection on the go (hence the name Netbook), as opposed to people interested in games or other heavy duty programs.

Thinking of buying a Netbook??? Netbook Guide provides more info on the buying tips, brand and model, specs and other info. Should grab one for own. No sharing! Ahaks…


  1. Lucky oh ko kan! Baru2 pun ko dapat tu cash prize, in future, gerenti ada lagi ni. :D

  2. Lucky you..P..I wish I won a laptop hehe.. a small one and cute one.

  3. Choc Mint Girl ~ Yaa... I hope the luck will always be with me...

    Nora ~ Aik?? You just won a trip kan?? Ok la tu... Nda buli tamaha!! Kikikiki...

  4. waaaa..miss lucky la ni..kalau sy asal jak ikut games ka peraduan ka..mesti tidak pernah menang ni...*sigh...last2 semua beli pakai rm sendiri hehehe

  5. wah!! punya siok bulih menang laptop..! nda pernah lagi sia menang begitu besar hadiah oh..

  6. Belle ~ Tips dia kan... jgn terlampau mengharap ba tu. Heheheh... as well as the luck la oz coz.. Hehehe..

    KadusMama ~ Manatau lain kali ada luck ko Ty.

  7. lucky u...mengharap yg 2nd prize, tp dpt pulak 1st prize...LOL!

  8. jugo ko yg belum pernah lagi menang apa2 contest yg sa ikut...

  9. Mama Mia ~ Sia harap betul sama tu MP4 kan Mia sampai dpt laptop pun masih mcm nda pecaya ni. Nda teregister ba 1st prize tu laptop. Kikiki..

    Memeljoan ~ Sia pun malas ba mau join contest2 ni. nasib baik dpt free ja semua tu stamp card sama sticker dia. Kalau nda, mana terjoin tu. Hehheeh..

  10. luckynya ko just.. buli menang laptop.. sa indatau pa reaksi kalau kena call & kena cakap menang sumthing.. hahaha..

  11. Annieming ~ Hahaha. Mmg sia pun blur2 & nda pecaya jg. Hopefully, one day ko dpt la tu CALL. :D

  12. Uiii... notebook!! Best ko punya hadiah tu :D Mana mau cari kan.

    Rajin juga sia ikut contest macam ni tapi inda pun perna kena :*(

  13. Nessa ~ Deii.. rajin pulak ko ikut contest2 ni aa... Kalau sia nmpk slogan ja, terus malas sia mau layan. Kalu stamp2 ni lg la. Nasib baik, free and hadiah pun FREE. Ada jg ba tu turn ko one day... tp, TUNGGUUUU... :D


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