Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pinkish W1max

Pinkish W1max??? What’s that suppose to mean? W1max in pink??? Nope!! Pink and W1max are two different things. It’s just the subject! *wink wink*

Pink becoz’ I have finally changed a new templates for my page. Been hunting for a new template for few days. Gheezz… Can’t believe that I have just realized that there is no date of posting in the previous template after been using it for more than 1 mth! If Mama Mia with her green theme, me with pink theme pulak… *smile*

What about the W1max then? Well, me and hubby went for groceries shopping at Carrefour, Ampang yesterday. We ‘met’ this P1 W1max boot at the entrance of the supermarket. The words “Free Modem Today” really caught my attention. Hubby is fully aware of my intention to subscribe a broadband ever since I was pregnant. So, we headed to the booth curiously and excitedly.

The Chinese guy who entertained us promoted his product in details hoping that he’ll be able to convince and attract us. And yes he did! I’ve signed up the subscription form and I am now broadband-ed!! *wide smile*

I’ve heard a lot of complaints from the Celcom and Maxis’s broadband users and that makes me hesitate to sign up with either one of them. Some might say the P1 W1max is not 100% wireless as the modem itself still needs to be connected to an adapter and the laptop / computer. Even the size of the modem that makes one thinks twice. Well, no harm trying as all new subscribers will be given a cooling off period of 15 days.

So, what did I actually sign up for?? An absolutely free P1 W1max modem coz I signed up with a 24 months contract with RM99 per month subscription fee. If you wish to sign up for a contract of 12 months, then the modem will be charged at RM199 only. Cheap what! The best part is you may still bring home the modem without a single cent as you may opt for the modem cost to be paid in installment basis at RM20 per month for 12 months plus your subscription fee. As simple as ABC!

What I can pray now is that it would not disappoint me. For more info, please logon to the official website of P1 W1max.

Let’s broadband-ing…. I know I'm bit left behind than the rest of you... *wink wink*


  1. Welcome! I turned into P1 user since December. Never looked back since. :-)

  2. Never looked back huh?? I hope me too... hehe..

  3. Hi Just,

    Kami pun guna ni.. tapi the coverage is averagelah. Kadang-kadang ada and sometime langsung tiada.. But so far 50/50. I seldom serve internet at home but, hubby la yang selalu guna. So far.. dia inda berapa puas hati hehe.

  4. Hi. Since when kamu guna ni P1?? I believe they are still widen the coverage area. Sy pun jarang serve internet at home sbb mau spend more time with lil' cucu. But, so far.. ok la jg. Bkn ada aktiviti mendownload pun. Hehehe...


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