Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Surgery on 10 March 2009

Lil’ Cucu had his last milk at 2am before he started fasting for the operation scheduled at 8am. Water is allowed up till 6am.

7.15am, 2 nurses, a father and her lil’ daughter and us (me, mom – came in middle of the nite just b’coz lil’ Cucu was looking for her!!! and lil’ Cucu of coz) headed to the next building where the Dewan Bedah is located.

Before entering the OT, I was asked to change my cloth. It is a compulsory thou.

All patients were waiting outside the OTs nervously. Most of them were old folks. I think lil’ Cucu was the youngest patient.

I was praying silently deep inside my heart.

8.10am, Doctor arrived. I was carrying lil’ Cucu to OT9 as he was already dozed off. The minute I put him down on the bed, he cried! (kalau dia belum nyenyak, mmg gitu tu dia!) He was still crying when the doctor put on the mask for administering an anesthetic gas on his nose. Poor boy! He was fighting a while before pengsan. I stepped out of the room with heavy hearted after kissing him on the hand and cheek.

After 2 hours of waiting, I knew lil’ Cucu will be out soon. So, I went to poo-poo first.

“Mummy Rayyan?” A nurse was asking me right after I came out from toilet. I nodded.

Dia dah keluar ye!”

He was awake?? That’s surprise me! I felt so relief when I see him. I am soooo glad to be able to hug him!! Can’t really see the result yet as the area was plastered. Oya, they fixed the nose too..

We have to stay at the ICU for 45 minutes for monitoring purposes. Lil’ Cucu was crying on and off. He enjoyed staring around thou and that attracted most of the nurses there. Si Comel, Si Putih and Si Gebu were among the nick names given to him.

Finally, we were released at around 11am. My mom was waiting outside impatience too. She straight away took lil’ Cucu from me when she saw us.

Poor lil’ Cucu coz he has to suffer for another 6 hours before he was allowed to get his milk! Whenever I tried to clean the blood stain on his lip, he tot that I was feeding him. Ooo dear... *teary eyes*

Luckily the guard allowed us to visit lil’ Cucu for a while at 9pm just now even it was not the visiting hours. Just enough time for us to send some stuff for mom and lil’ cucu and melepas rindu sama c Cucu!!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad the op went well :D

    Eh, ko inda boleh stay sama your baby ka in the hospital?

  2. Glad that all went well with the op..Brp lama lg baby Yon kana stay d hosp?

  3. Gallivanter ~ Thanks

    Neesa ~ Lil' Cucu prefers his Mumy Tua to stay with him there. Lgpun, AL constraints ba kunun... Hahaha..

    Mama Mia ~ Have to stay there until this Sunday coz hari2 kena cuci jahitan dia. Sunday baru buka jahitan then baru buli balik...

  4. Yeah...!!! Kuat juga baby ko nie ah!!!
    Glad the ops went well..! This sunday..u can stay with ur baby already.. :)

  5. KadusMama ~ Yaa, kuat dia tu!! Lasak betul. Yeah... sunday meriah sdh rmh sia... sunyi ja skrg!! :p

  6. Yeah, God bless him :) sya pun tumpang gumbira ni just :)

  7. hi Just,

    happy for you and your baby, his strong.

  8. i cant help but notice how your son resembles you.

    glad to hear that the operation went well and lil cucu is recuperating. he's a fighter indeed.

  9. Hi Just..
    Glad to see cucu is recovering. He such a brave little child..:)) dont forget to update us from time to time ya..:))

  10. Kris and Nadia ~ Thanks yaa...

    GregChai ~ Thanks... Ya, one really need strength to face this... :)

    Chegu Carol ~ Ohh really? glad to hear that.. some say he resembles my hubby... Yup, he is a fighter.. :)

    Nora ~ Finally it's over but there are still few more following up process.. will update u guys soon.


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