Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Uncle Tua & Anty Tua

They had been in KL for couples of times, either for seminar, short courses, sports or vacations. Last week, they attended a 4 days course at Berang, Perak. So, they extended another 2 nights stay in KL for shopping!! Yeahh.. that is a MUST!! Come with a bag and go back with additional bags, for sure!! *slap forehead*

It has been ages since my last ‘visit’ to Times Square and Sg Wang. Didn’t go there for shopping after I was confirmed pregnant! Then, it should be a year already??! Pheww… Eyes was opened widely doing its window shopping and I went back home with something in hand. Nda jugak tangan kusung. Hehehe…

50% less, makes it RM31.50 only!! Must grab...

BTW, who are they? A cousin of mine who has been stationed in Kuching and married to an adorable Ibanese lady. Working at the same department in JUPEM (Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia), that’s how they bumped into each other, I supposed. *wink wink*

After all the MMS sent earlier on, this was the first time lil’ Cucu met his Uncle Tua & Anty Tua. *grin* The word “Tua” refers to the eldest person in the family. Remember? I’m the eldest maa… So, my cousin Alfred is the second. Being the second eldest, he is honored with the “Tua” title by my lil’ Cucu. I know I’ll be getting the same title once the rest of the cousins have their children. *smile*

Lil’ Cucu makes friend easily. Maybe he would stares and remains ‘keras’ for a few minutes if being carried before he starts playing with you. Some kids, they cry immediately when strangers take them away from their mom, dad or whoever that they closed to. But, not lil' Cucu. Hubby is quite worried of his friendliness actually. You know lah… What happened to Nurin Jazlin is a good lesson to all of us. Wonder what had happened to Sharlinie??! *sigh*

To Alfred and Corina, I know you guys are trying hard to conceive. Just do not pressure yourself too much. Let things goes naturally besides all the efforts ok…

And wait for our visit to Kuching in July… :D


  1. Bila nampak kasut, sia pun macam mau pi shopping kasut suda! :) Murah lagi tu...

  2. wawa shuping wooo... hihi.. tua bukan bmaksud tua yg tua muka kan.. yg penting hati muda ma...hihi...

  3. Nessa ~ Ba, Nessa... Tunggu apa lg... Shopping la! Murah!!

    Kris & Nadia ~ Yaa.. hati tu yg penting tu! :p

  4. Hi Just..

    Wah cantik tu kasut Vincci. Me too love Vinci shoes. Kau punya cousin pun cute miut juga macam kau kan hehe..:))

  5. Young at the heart, tu yg penting.

  6. Nora ~ Nose will be my 2nd opt if can't find any at Vincci.. :P
    Perasan sekijap sia kena puji ni... Thanks aa... hehehe... :D

    Adora ~ 100% agree. Kalau hati tua, makin la tua kan.. kikikik..

  7. Lawa o kasut baru ko..& yg pntg harga murah...

  8. Mama Mia ~ Lawa kan?? Pasal harga dia murah la ba sia beli tu. Kalau mahal, mana la sia beli. ;p


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