Monday, March 16, 2009

The Unstitch Rayyan

Mom called me at 8.20am yesterday. Still belum bangun! Biasa la.. sunday!! Hahaha...

"Belum bangun lagi?? Ba.. ready la. Cucu buli keluar sdh ni! Kena buka sudah jahitan dia!" I jumped out of the bed lazily. Thinking that the nurses might take some time or perhaps hours to prepare the necessary for discharge. Yeah.. no joke!

So, I did some laundry and floor sweeping before mom and lil’ Cucu come back.

9am, Mom called again. Mom said the nurse hasn’t given her the receipt for payment and that’s dragging us actually. We prefer to have the receipt before start off the car engine. Some guards are very kiasu (kiasu or kiasi??). They won’t allow ppl going in before the visiting hour. Malas mau argue ba.

So, we stayed awhile watching channel 702. Forgot the movie title. It was a thriller movie about escaping prisoners. We watched to the end before headed to hospital. *grin*

Can you believe it? The nurse was just about to print the receipt by the time we arrived! And medicine was just handed over to my mom! Gheezz…

No other complaints besides the slow services. Credits to all the friendly nurses and doctors. Excellent hospitality guys…

The unstitch result

Oyaa.. for the time being, we will have to feed lil' Cucu with a special bottle. I got the bottle with FOC by signed up as a member of CLAPAM - Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia.

Feeding technique

Poor lil' Cucu. He has to wear the sarung tangan again. Macam baby pulak. Padahal, almost 5 mths sdh. *wink wink* We just scared that he might scratch the lip bah.

So, what do think ?? Satisfied with the result? I AM VERY SATISFIED and I only paid RM50 (operation cost) plus RM13.50 (RM1.50 per day for the bed & meals). *grin*
Ahhh.. finally!


  1. Wonderful! He's looking GOOD! :-)

  2. For a mere RM50, I think the hospital did a wonderful job!

    Your baby looks hensem... sama muka kamu :D I love the pic masa dia tidur tu.. peaceful and calm...

  3. Gallivanter ~ Heheheh... Everyone say the same thing too!

    Nessa ~ Agree with u Nessa. If I choose for 2nd class, it will cost me RM400 and RM800 for 1st class. Bilik ja kasi beza ba tu. Takkan operation lain stail pulak!!

    Should a upload a pic of hubby and lil Cucu. spy kamu buli compare, mcm sia or my hubby. Hahhaah...

  4. :) KIUT!!! Memang kalau govt hosp. murah bah..! Sevice dorang ok..tapi itu lah..lambat sikit kadang2..apa lagi kalau KL..hehe
    Hopefully after this, Baby yon senang sudah mau minum susu kan.. :)

  5. Hi Just..

    Wah.. the result is awsome. The scar still there but I think lama-lama hilang juga tu. RM50? wah murahnya.. but the result memang ok. Cucu is such a cute and adorable boy and I'm very happy for you.

  6. KadusMama ~ D klinik time check up ba yg lambat.

    He's better now. Nda bnyk angin sdh. Kalau dulu, sinang betul muntah!! balik2 lg tu.

    Nora ~ Still swelling skit, tu yg nampak sgt lg tu scar tu. Yup, mmg murah. Semua org pun puji dia, cute and clever. :D

  7. yeah... happy for you and Cucu.. :) He's looking good and fine there.. :) but mcm dia penat ka tu? diam sj ka dia tu? aiseymen byk tanya pula sya.. :) btw happy for you n family ya :)

  8. Chegu Carol ~ Yup, so far so good la!

    Kris and Nadia ~ Penat sbb selalu tidur dia terkacau kalau d hosp. Bising ba sana. So, sekali balik rmh, nyenyak betul dia tidur. Heheh..

  9. Wah..Yon is looking good, enchem suda la. Bravo to d doctors & nurses for their good job. Gov hosp mmg murah tp kena bersabar la psl service yg slow tu.

    Nasib baik dia tida buka tu boxing glove dia Just?

  10. Evelyn LG ~ Hehehe.. Thanks.

    Mama Mia ~ Mau murah, kena la bersabar. Yg penting, servis baik.

    Hahah.. sepa bilang dia nda buka. Pandai dia buka tu Mia. Lps dia buka satu, dia buka lg yg satu. Tp, kami selalu jaga la.. :D

  11. Wow, the result looks like he doesnt even have a cleft lip...more cuter than ever..!!!

  12. Joyce ~ Hi Joyce. All of us are very excited to see his mouth shape for the 1st time. Hahaha...

  13. good result! tingu kiut ni si cucu.. hehe.. send my muaxxx for cucu ya..

  14. like mummy like son...sama trus muka kamu ni...photostat!

  15. AnnieMing ~ Will do!!

    Mouren ~ Hahaha.. fotostat!!


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