Thursday, April 30, 2009

mIRC and Quiz...

ASL pls?!! Hahaha… I don’t really know why I am laughing here… Perhaps, this mIRC brings back all those years... you know… the TEEN-agers years… 11 years ago where I first not-so-addicted to chatting in mIRC. *wink*

I am pretty sure most of you guys specially those yg sebaya dgn I, chat in mIRC before. Not sure with the teens in these days chat in mIRC or not. In case you don’t know what ASL is, A-Age, S-Sex and L-Location.

Well, recently hubby downloaded the mIRC and I was like what??? mIRC?? Still exist ka pulak tu?? It’s like ages already I didn’t bother bout it. The last time I connected to mIRC should be in 2002.

I’m not sure why he downloaded it. But, no social or friends seeking chatting (so far). So happened when he joined this Putatan Channel, there was this nick of PUTATANQUIZ running a quiz for chatters. So, hubby killed off his boredom by answering the questions.

Questions are common senses. Islamic, entertainment, tv programs, movie, cartoons, sciences, computers, skills, historical, music, acronyms, etc. Macam-macam la bah! Each question comes with 3 hints/chances with certain point depend on the toughness of the question. Each hint given will reduced 50% of the current point. All points will be accumulated and ranked accordingly. Macam tu lah lebih kurang

Some of questions...

As a result, hubby got addicted to the quiz. LOL He got excited to answer the quiz and to bit the other chatters’ points! And I’ll be happy to assist him too… *wink*

Ok... have to stop now. On Quiz rite now… *grin*

Anyway, HAPPY LABOUR DAY to you guys... housewifes pun bekerja di rumah apa!!??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Online Shopping with ShopWiki

It’s end of the month and salary will be out soon. Some might be paid already. What’s in your head now?? SHOPPING!! Yahoo… But please settle all your monthly commitment first ok… creating an outstanding to any of your account is totally unadvisable!!

Have you tried online shopping before? In recent years, shopping has evolved with the growth of technology – ONLINE SHOPPING. It is the process consumers go through to purchase products or services over the Internet. In other words, one could just shops from home, office or anyway else as long as he/she has computer and internet connection. And of coz money for the transactions. lol

My first online shopping was in 2005. I bided and won a mini digicam! Subsequently, I purchased few other items such as hair straightener, battery charger and rechargeable batteries, thumb drive etc. The recent online shopping activity was early this month which I purchased a Knee Guard Pad and Tights for my lil’ Cucu. *grin*

Well, two words to describe the activity are ENJOY & EASY. No hassle at all! You browse online, make payment online and wait for your item to be delivered to your doorstep!! *wink*

Now, where do you load when you are shopping online? Any particular website? Or searching through the search engine? How satisfied are you with the product purchased?

With ShopWiki, your online shopping will be more promising! Why would you land at the general search engine if you could actually scan your item at the shopping search engine?! ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Just browse at the Directory and you will find what you are looking for. There are various!!

What I love so much is the buying guide info! Of coz when we talk about women, we talk about fashion. I’m not a fashion slave but fashion tips will be useful before I proceed with any clothing purchase that eventually will make me look good and confident! You are a fashion slave? Well, you will be updated with the latest trends. No worries at all! Wow!

Need to get a pair of high-heeled shoes for me to make to me look tall! :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

You experience BLACKOUT before??

I did!! *sigh*

In fact, it happened few times (3-4 kali lah!) already. The latest was last Friday, right after the OIAM. My stomach gave me an uncomfortable feeling. But, it was not that pain either. Perhaps it should be the ‘monthly visitor’ or the ‘big business’ I guess… Well, I only have my ‘big business’ once or twice in a week! Don’t be surprise ok! I know most of you out there are having it daily!! Of coz I know it’s not healthy. But, I just can’t help it… *sigh*

So, I headed to the toilet when I think I’m going to have ‘it’. No. It was only the ‘small business’. But, my stomach was aching like hell. Hand was holding a pail next to me. Eyes were closed to stand the pain. Oh noo... I was about to blackout!! Quickly, I opened my eyes. So that, I ‘m conscious.

Next, I heard loud voices and few attempts to open the door.

I fell down!! OMG!!

I stood up dizzily and half-conscious. Trying to stop them from their attempts to open the door, while I put on my pant. I was on my ‘mission’ earlier on ok!

Three of them (hubby, mom and bro) were standing in front when I opened the door. Mom was really worried and panic. Hubby assisted me to the bed. My clothes were wet! No more stomach pain. It’s just that I felt very weak and ‘lemas’! *Phewww…

Another alarm to finish off my earlier ‘mission’. So, headed to the toilet for the 2nd time. Mom volunteered to company me inside the toilet. Of coz, I refused! Malu bah!! So, I asked her to stay outside and convinced her that I’ll be ok. She said ok but with 1 condition… (Sempat lagi bah!) Not to lock the door!

Glad that I managed to ‘poo-poo’. I know I will coz I have experienced this kind of situation before. However, this time is kinda serious coz I have bruises on my forehead, arm, knee and tongue got bitten too! *roll eyes*

20 minutes after the incident

The next day... the bruise appears!!

And it's getting worse now. Have to wear long sleeve lor!
Mom is still worried though. She asks me to go for check up since it happens few times already. Doctor?? Hmm... malasnya mau jumpa doctor nie!

Should I??? Hmm...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu

Bro just got back from KK yesterday, with his friends / colleagues. A trip with a MISSION to climb the Mount Kinabalu and of coz to the peak. Yes! They have arranged it since last year. So, they were pretty excited and nervous about it. First time la katakan.

“Misti naik sampai puncak tau. Sayang tu duit RM700++!” warned my bro berkali-kali nie.

Yes… The whole package amounting to RM700++!! *faint* Kalau RM70, I don’t mind either. But, RM700++ is just a big amount to me. Belum campur flight fares lagi tu! During my time, I don’t think it cost me more than RM200. Mau terbeliak biji mata when another aunt of me told me the same thing last year. Hers was cheaper by RM100 lah! Still expensive though! *roll eyes*

Anyway, me and mom were waiting curiously whether my bro can make it or not. He is such a ‘berat buntut’ person. Yeah… he enjoys eating, sleeping and lazy-ing! Can you imagine that he didn’t even prepare himself for the mount climbing! No jogging, no exercise, no staircase exercise climbing, etc.

To our surprise, he called (miss called) and informed that he was at Gunting Lagadan already. I was so happy for him. The best achievement ever! LOL.

“Bergagar lutut aku oo… sampai sakit kepala!” hahaha...
We were waiting for his second good news the next morning. Unfortunately, he and the rest of the team couldn’t make it due to bad weather – raining and fog. I could feel the disappointment nie. In fact, they were staying at Sayat-Sayat before the guide instructed them not to proceed and not to take the risk. Sakit hati pun ada jugak. Hmm… Another round perhaps???

Mom got really attracted with our experienced and wonders if she could make it. Me too… Perhaps should arrange a family trip to Mount Kinabalu after this. *grin*

Ahhh.. miss the peak soo muchh...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Ayah!

I'm not busy.. it's just that I can't blog hop actively. *sigh*

Anyway, a quick update from me today.

We went to SIL's house in Sentul last Sat. We bought a cake too. It was a simple dimple belated birthday celebration for my FIL. He is 68 years old now.

From what I heard, FIL never enjoys this kind of celebration time dia muda-muda dulu... But I think the more we get older, the more we tend to be pampered specially from our kids. When we first celebrated his birthday 3 years ago, we were kinda worried if he's ok with the cake and we were glad to see his wide smile. *grin*

Happy belated birthday to you, Ayah.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes, been really busy the whole week.

Plus, my dearly Datuk was not in a good mood ever since he knew that a tender of Malaysian Pavillion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China was published by the Tourism Malaysia and we missed it!!! He got very mad!! Mad like hell!!
And the 'kan cheong' begins... keep on calling this fellow lah that fellow lah. All his contact lah. Just to ensure that he could 'kaw tim' with a co who will definitely got the project. You know lah, government... project sure goes to those 'under' them.

Well, our Design and Build department has been actively involved in many Expos - World Expo in Korea, Japan, Shanghai, etc. Of coz Datuk didn't want to miss the opps. It's the co's expertise that we gonna serve to all the participants and visitors.
Besides the Expo, our Manufacturing Division is in the midst of JV with a co in Shanghai too. Kinda confuse here coz I didn't know head and tail. Being not updated and reported mmg bikin benci... *sigh*

Datuk will be going to Shanghai again on 25/4 and return on 29/4. So, am busy with itinerary, agendas, meeting arrangements, bla bla bla... *faint*
I better off now before I start ranting longer and longer... till then...

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is trying to..

And finally, NABIL got the title… Bintang Paling Popular 2008. Congratz dude! Nope, I’m not his fan. I just wanted someone else to grab the title from either MAWI or SITI NURHALIZA!! However, they both still won the Anugerah Penyanyi Lelaki / Wanita Paling Popular! Give it to others ppl!!

Ok enuff with the award thingy. I have another ‘award’ here… at least, the ‘award’ goes to me, hubby and mom… *grin*

Watch out yaa..

See… Lil’ Cucu made few attempts to crawl!! Yayyyy… We are soo excited nie

He has been acting weirdly a day before - Saturday. Normally, we’ll feed him every 3 hours, somehow he skipped and only had his milk finished the next round. E.g. he had his milk at 8.30am. He skipped 11.30am and 2.30pm baru minta susu!!! Bkn apa, takut dia lapar ja bah!

The next day, he acted the same. And I managed to record the above clip. Dia mau belajar merangkak rupanya! *wink* Another achievement huh??

What me and mom concerned the most is actually if he knocks the head or the mouth. *touchwood*

How bout the baby kneel guard?? Do you think it’s necessary?? Am thinking to buy one or two actually…

By the way, it's already 1 mth and 3 days after his Plastic Surgery Operation. He's doing good now. In fact, we have been feeding him with the normal bottle for the last 2 weeks. *grin*

Notty betul muka dia kan??

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Quickie

I’ve created a chat box finally… Saja kasi semak page. lol Guys, sila2 kan lah meng-‘hoy’ yerr… *grin*

Can’t wait to watch OIAM tonite. Hope Simon or Aweera will be eliminated, kan Nessa??

As for the Anugerah Bintang Popular Bintang Harian, who will be the Bintang Paling Popular for year 2008 ya?? Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi or Nabil (Raja Lawak)?? Rumours goes to Nabil! Let’s just wait.

Ok lah… Kinda busy mode since yesterday. Need to get my minutes of meeting ready by this week supposedly. It's been a mth in my 'For Action' file. But, my dearly Datuk keep on bugging me… aiyo!! Can’t do at home as well. *sigh*

Will update again yaa..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Can you work with a Psycho??

Can you work peacefully or how would you react when you find out that one of your colleague, who is sitting face to face with you to be specific, is actually one with a psychiatric history and still undergoing a mental treatment – medicine as well as therapy??

Would it scare you to hell?? No???

How ‘bout if the person has been acting weirdly the whole day in office such as babbling alone, scolded ppl, talk to others but suddenly mumble ‘bout something else that is out of topic, bang the desk, holding the pen with anger mcm pigang pisau mau membunuh and finally…

“Pls just ignore her. Give her a chance. She is sick. She is on her treatment.”


This colleague sitting in front of the psycho jumped and shifted her desk straight away when she got the fact from the superior. Would you do the same thing??

“Move lah! Move to the 'receipt' if you dare??!!” the psycho got mad again.

Well, this psycho lady get sudden attention pulak from all the dept in my Co for the past 3 days! YES… SHE is my colleague from Acc Dept.

She is a very very quiet and lone ranger lady. She never mixed with other colleague. She will only talk to you when she feels like talking. Sudah lah dia pnya seat paling terpisuk! One can even forget ‘bout her existence. The scary part is she looks pale to most of us. When you bumped into her in a yellow light, mcm terjumpa hantu pulak!! Bikin nokotigog! *faint*

Not sure what happens to her. Some say she can’t sleep at nite. Maybe bcoz of the Nescafe intakes per day and chocs! It was yesterday she had a Coffemate instead of Nescafe!! A whitey Nescafe nie!

“Don’t waste the coffemate!” that’s what she said to our tea lady while keep on putting the coffeemate into the mug.

In fact, our HR had called the parents (she is bujang trang tang tang!) came to our office. The HR Manager, Finance Manager, Senior Office (MD’s sis) and the parent went to ‘yam-cha’ downstairs. Of coz the lady didn’t know ‘bout it. Kalau nda, mengamuk pulak dia nanti.

The parent claimed that she looks ok at home. Nothing weird. They even thanked to the Co for informing them bout her condition. They never thought that her condition is getting worse even with all the therapy sessions. Wonder what is it pressuring her?

Don’t ask me bout the history coz I don’t know. I’m sure they will keep it as P&C. However, the HR has warned all of us not to uproar the issue. Keep things as normal as before.

Scary kan? Coz we can’t predict what are they up to. They can be very out of control sometimes. Hidup dalam ketakutan pulak tiba-tiba. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Award.. Award.. Award

Yeah.. It’s all about awards entry this round.

Award #1 (Thanks

The Rules:
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours

Auwww… I seldom make wish one lah! But, I wish I could achieve some of them by end of this year coz Dec (Long way to go huh??!) is my birthday month. Capri girl bah me! *wink wink*

1. Owned a house or an apt in KL instead of renting! (Rugi ba jugak kalau renting for few more years!)

2. Quite satisfied with my kilos except the tummy! Need to work hard to slim it down. *sigh*

3. My hair falls easily and a lot!!! Mau butak sdh ni!! Looking forward for a solution!

4. A special designated room with cabinets and wardrobes for shoes, handbags, clothing, accessories, etc??! (sioknya kalau ada!)

5. Rack to store my old magz and novels. Sayang betul ba mau dispose or send to recycle center.

6. Dollhouse for my Barbie dolls!! (Ok.. you may laugh at me! After all these years, I still keep them. They might look ‘old’ to you, but not to me. Hubby was about to ‘kill off’ all 20 of them the other day. But, I managed to ‘rescue’ them! Hahaha..

7. New laptop! (slimmer one spy sinang mau carry! Hehehe..)

8. DSLR (jeles ba tingu urg lain dpt shots yg cantik2)

9. Jalan2 cari makan d luar negara (wait till I apply a passport first lah!)

10. Own a stationary shop. I always love stationery. It will be my fav spot whenever I enter any supermarket.

Award #2 (Thanks Mouren)

The Rules – Name 7 things/ persons that you love and then pass this to 7 other bloggers.

1. Family and friends (definitely!)

2. Just’s Corner (yeah.. my blog page!)
3. The Love Story (a book with all hubby and I punya love letters, special occasion cards, notes, etc.)
4. My collections : Barbie dolls, own written cerpen, paper bags, boxes, etc (some might be junks to you but not to me!)

5. The old time Autograph books (Mama Mia ranted bout it here) and school magz. (Yellowish sdh bah!!)

6. All the things that I bought with my gaji (perah keringat tau mau beli!!)

7. Can't think of any sdh! 6 ja la dulu!

Awards #3 (Thanks
Kris and Nadia)

No assignment for this one. Pheww…

The awards goes to all my follower. You know who you are!! *wink wink*

Friday, April 03, 2009

Super Mini Bloggers Gathering

I know that KadusMama has already posted an entry on this. But, it would be my pleasure to post and upload the pic on my blog as well. Ty, sia curi ko punya title. Hahahah...

The Super Mini Bloggers Gathering as named by KadusMama held on 30 March 2008 at BK, KLCC attended by KadusMama, Just & hubby and MamaMia and the family (hubby and lil' Vanessa).

Same as KadusMama, I love the 'umpating' part 'bout our hubbies too. They just don't have the patience! They just grabbed whatever they want while the wives will enjoys entering almost all the shops before making their decision! *grin*

Somehow, time will never permit us to drag our session longer. An hour or more just not enuff for a gathering session. *sigh*
L - R : Just, lil' Vanessa, KadusMama and Mama Mia

Geramnya sama c Vanessa nie..
Vanessa and mommy

Vanessa and Daddy
Vanessa looks like her mommy or daddy???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Halloween Costume

My bro always get very excited whenever he logs in to his Friendster and Facebook accounts (me too!) as he could keep in touch with his long lost friends since kindergarten (huh? I can’t even recall any of them! Geezz..), primary school and secondary school. So, they have been thinking of reunite.

What do you have in mind when ppl say REUNION? A group of ppl meeting and catching up each other life stories after so many years?? Yeah… However, don’t you think it will be kinda bored if the reunion held in a fast food restaurant or seafood restaurant or hotel with buffet style??

How about organizing a Reunion with a specific theme?? What theme is in your mind? Fairytale Halloween Costumes Theme Reunion… sounds good to you?? Wow!!

Beside the strategic location and environment, the fairytale costume itself plays the largest role indeed!

Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Alice of Wonderland, Rapunzel and etc are among the famous fairytales that I believe most of us heard or watched the movie or cartoon before.
Can you imagine if all the friends who turn up to the reunion put on their costumes and a masks covering the face, it will be fun to guess who the person is, don’t you think so?

Be it in a ballroom, hall or open area such as garden, with ocean of ppl dress up with the Fairytale Halloween Costumes… the venue turn into a Wonderland or Dreamland or Disneyland. Wow. Amazing!!

I’ll be the one to choose for my costumes if there is such Reunion. And I’ll go for… Snow Princess and Red Riding Hood. Simple, cute & sexy (auww!!)

Online shopping will be much easier when it comes to Halloween Costumes as they aren’t many stores selling Halloween Costumes especially in Malaysia. You’ll find yourself browsing the store happily as your imagination run wild seeing all types of costumes. Don’t worry coz they offer various sizes for you to choose from. XS to XL! Looking for extra accessories or props? Just take your time to browse the page and you’ll get what you want! Great!!