Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Award.. Award.. Award

Yeah.. It’s all about awards entry this round.

Award #1 (Thanks

The Rules:
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours

Auwww… I seldom make wish one lah! But, I wish I could achieve some of them by end of this year coz Dec (Long way to go huh??!) is my birthday month. Capri girl bah me! *wink wink*

1. Owned a house or an apt in KL instead of renting! (Rugi ba jugak kalau renting for few more years!)

2. Quite satisfied with my kilos except the tummy! Need to work hard to slim it down. *sigh*

3. My hair falls easily and a lot!!! Mau butak sdh ni!! Looking forward for a solution!

4. A special designated room with cabinets and wardrobes for shoes, handbags, clothing, accessories, etc??! (sioknya kalau ada!)

5. Rack to store my old magz and novels. Sayang betul ba mau dispose or send to recycle center.

6. Dollhouse for my Barbie dolls!! (Ok.. you may laugh at me! After all these years, I still keep them. They might look ‘old’ to you, but not to me. Hubby was about to ‘kill off’ all 20 of them the other day. But, I managed to ‘rescue’ them! Hahaha..

7. New laptop! (slimmer one spy sinang mau carry! Hehehe..)

8. DSLR (jeles ba tingu urg lain dpt shots yg cantik2)

9. Jalan2 cari makan d luar negara (wait till I apply a passport first lah!)

10. Own a stationary shop. I always love stationery. It will be my fav spot whenever I enter any supermarket.

Award #2 (Thanks Mouren)

The Rules – Name 7 things/ persons that you love and then pass this to 7 other bloggers.

1. Family and friends (definitely!)

2. Just’s Corner (yeah.. my blog page!)
3. The Love Story (a book with all hubby and I punya love letters, special occasion cards, notes, etc.)
4. My collections : Barbie dolls, own written cerpen, paper bags, boxes, etc (some might be junks to you but not to me!)

5. The old time Autograph books (Mama Mia ranted bout it here) and school magz. (Yellowish sdh bah!!)

6. All the things that I bought with my gaji (perah keringat tau mau beli!!)

7. Can't think of any sdh! 6 ja la dulu!

Awards #3 (Thanks
Kris and Nadia)

No assignment for this one. Pheww…

The awards goes to all my follower. You know who you are!! *wink wink*


  1. hehe..all d mummy share the same problem on the tummy part.

    Psl rambut gugur, normal for a new mommy. Lama2 pandai stop sendiri gugur tu. Faced the same problem jg dulu..

    Aisey, award#2 sia masi hutang tu tag sama c Mouren o...sia nmpk sini baru ingat

  2. Wait a minute..waitttt a minute, ko pun buat barbie collection ka? hahahahahahha...sy pun oh. I have about 10 barbie dolls..so far la..FYI, I'm still buying those fascinating dolls...paduli la orang cakap apa..hihihihihihihi

  3. Bagus ko tummy seja... sia ni, malas suda sia mo cakap... haha

    #8 Sia pun mo bili DSLR juga. Tapi harga dia tu... atukoi!!

    Sia masih tertunggu-tunggu mo baca ko punya cerpen tu tau... ;)

  4. Same here..tu perut punya lemak bah!! punya susah mau kasi hilang! tensen sia!!!! Ntah apa macam mau ton down kan..*sigh*

  5. Mama Mia ~ Rambut buli diselamatkan but not tummy ka mia??! Adehh... Ba, apa lg.. langsaikan utang ko Mia!

    Mouren ~ Yes.. yes.. yes... ada member sia ni! So far, me and besfren masih lg attach to Barbie ni. Pernah kami bertukar patung kami sama baju dia. Wakkaa..
    Sia pun mau jg ba bili patung baru ba ni, banci sia laki sia kasi katawa. Dia ckp, nanti ko berabut la sama ko pnya dotter!! Cisss...

    Nessa ~ Ntah2, sia pun kasi paduli saja ni tummy semua..
    DSLR tu... misti digrab jg one day!! Kkiki..
    Cerpen?? Dulu main tulis tgn ja gia. Manada mau taip2. Nanti la kio...

    KadusMama ~ lemak oh lemak, kenapa bnyk lemak??!! Kikikiki...

  6. Wah bestnya ada barbie doll hehe.. btw for the hair maybe you can try Yun Nam Hair care. My hubby use it. Tapi rambut kau nampak lebat ja pun tu hehe.

  7. Yun Nam?? My cousin pernah keja sales Yun Nam before. Kena campur air tu product dia ckp!! Nipis ba rambut sia ni!


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