Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes, been really busy the whole week.

Plus, my dearly Datuk was not in a good mood ever since he knew that a tender of Malaysian Pavillion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China was published by the Tourism Malaysia and we missed it!!! He got very mad!! Mad like hell!!
And the 'kan cheong' begins... keep on calling this fellow lah that fellow lah. All his contact lah. Just to ensure that he could 'kaw tim' with a co who will definitely got the project. You know lah, government... project sure goes to those 'under' them.

Well, our Design and Build department has been actively involved in many Expos - World Expo in Korea, Japan, Shanghai, etc. Of coz Datuk didn't want to miss the opps. It's the co's expertise that we gonna serve to all the participants and visitors.
Besides the Expo, our Manufacturing Division is in the midst of JV with a co in Shanghai too. Kinda confuse here coz I didn't know head and tail. Being not updated and reported mmg bikin benci... *sigh*

Datuk will be going to Shanghai again on 25/4 and return on 29/4. So, am busy with itinerary, agendas, meeting arrangements, bla bla bla... *faint*
I better off now before I start ranting longer and longer... till then...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p