Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Can you work with a Psycho??

Can you work peacefully or how would you react when you find out that one of your colleague, who is sitting face to face with you to be specific, is actually one with a psychiatric history and still undergoing a mental treatment – medicine as well as therapy??

Would it scare you to hell?? No???

How ‘bout if the person has been acting weirdly the whole day in office such as babbling alone, scolded ppl, talk to others but suddenly mumble ‘bout something else that is out of topic, bang the desk, holding the pen with anger mcm pigang pisau mau membunuh and finally…

“Pls just ignore her. Give her a chance. She is sick. She is on her treatment.”


This colleague sitting in front of the psycho jumped and shifted her desk straight away when she got the fact from the superior. Would you do the same thing??

“Move lah! Move to the 'receipt' if you dare??!!” the psycho got mad again.

Well, this psycho lady get sudden attention pulak from all the dept in my Co for the past 3 days! YES… SHE is my colleague from Acc Dept.

She is a very very quiet and lone ranger lady. She never mixed with other colleague. She will only talk to you when she feels like talking. Sudah lah dia pnya seat paling terpisuk! One can even forget ‘bout her existence. The scary part is she looks pale to most of us. When you bumped into her in a yellow light, mcm terjumpa hantu pulak!! Bikin nokotigog! *faint*

Not sure what happens to her. Some say she can’t sleep at nite. Maybe bcoz of the Nescafe intakes per day and chocs! It was yesterday she had a Coffemate instead of Nescafe!! A whitey Nescafe nie!

“Don’t waste the coffemate!” that’s what she said to our tea lady while keep on putting the coffeemate into the mug.

In fact, our HR had called the parents (she is bujang trang tang tang!) came to our office. The HR Manager, Finance Manager, Senior Office (MD’s sis) and the parent went to ‘yam-cha’ downstairs. Of coz the lady didn’t know ‘bout it. Kalau nda, mengamuk pulak dia nanti.

The parent claimed that she looks ok at home. Nothing weird. They even thanked to the Co for informing them bout her condition. They never thought that her condition is getting worse even with all the therapy sessions. Wonder what is it pressuring her?

Don’t ask me bout the history coz I don’t know. I’m sure they will keep it as P&C. However, the HR has warned all of us not to uproar the issue. Keep things as normal as before.

Scary kan? Coz we can’t predict what are they up to. They can be very out of control sometimes. Hidup dalam ketakutan pulak tiba-tiba. *sigh*


  1. waw.. takut jua jumpa orang gini.. sampai pi teraphy2 lagi tu.. luckily kamu diberitau yg ada sumthing wrong sama dia, cuba kalau inda kena kaC inform awal2.. mengkali buli ada war jua kan dalam office?

  2. uish,kena berhati2 ni tau..who knows apa yg dia akan buat di office nti.

    p/s time study dulu sy ada ramai kawan yg suka cakap sendiri.. menghafal formula mengkali. so sy pun tidak heran suda ni..haha

  3. yabah...kin gagaran jg lah kalau ada kolik kita yg mcm tu kan. dunno how to react cos we dont know whats in their mind.

  4. AnnieMing ~ Mula2 nda jg bikin takut ba even kami semua heran. Tp, bila sdh kena kasi confirm serba sedikit dia pnya history, bikin takut la ba kan! War jg skrg ni. Perang dingin! Wakakak...

    Mell ~ Sbgi langkah berhati2 la tu colleague yg duduk dpn dia pindah p table lain. Mana la tau dia baling apa2 ka...

    Semua kawan sia waras pulak. Nda pernah lg yg act lain2 ni. Kikiki..

    Chegu Carol ~ Itu ba pasal tu. Mmg nda tau whats in their mind. Kadang tu mcm ok ja bila bercakap, suddenly buli pulak dia kasi kait sama benda yg teda kaitan. Ckp pasal PC, and linked to anak c polan2...

  5. So nice of your officer to come and talk with her parents... so concern.

    nasib baik, kau tau awal-awal so all of you can do preparation. If she under medication is ok la, tapi kalau in case dia lupa makan ubat adei.. takut tu hehe.

    Take care ya.

  6. Nora ~ Ya la jg.. ada jg keprihatinan drg pulak kan. Kikikik...

    Mkn ubat pun tp still teruk jg condition dia. Ubat over dose kali. Hope the parent cepat2 la bw dia p jmpa doktor balik.

  7. so scary your story. Well, it's ok to give them chance tp we'll never know what they are thinking or might do's their unpredictable act bah yg bikin risau.

    Bah, u take care Just, berjaga2 sepanjang masa...hehe...

  8. Mama Mia ~ That's what the mgmt buat skrg. Bg dia chance dulu. Sia rasa kalau dia mmg getting worse sdh, mgkin kena kasi terminate jg tu. Wait n see la..

    Sbgi langkah berjaga2 kan Mia, lunch time kan sia p lepak tmpt org lain. Sbb tmpt sia ni mmg sia saturang ja gia... hihihi..

  9. hi there!thanx for following me!mind for a link exchange?

  10. Carmelliny ~ It would be my pleasure... :D

  11. OMG!!! Bikin long as she didn't show any violent behaviour..kira masih terkawal lah bah tu..tapi jaga juga lah..

  12. KadusMama ~ 2 hari sdh dia MC since yesterday. Hopefully, she is in better condition next week. Kalau nda, kesian urg2 d acc dept kami... kebisingan ja dgr dia membebel sorang2 sambil bang meja!!

  13. Sebenarnya dia ok...yang tidak ok mungkin kawan-kawan yang ada dalam persekitarannya...yang tidak ingin memahami keadaan! Terimalah dia sebagai orang biasa kerana itu adalah hakikat dia begitu...

    Cuba cari apa-apa perkara yang dapat membuatnya tersenyum. Cuba cari kebaikannya selain mengumpat pasal dia saja! Sebenarnya semua kita pun ada masalah mental....selain fizikal seperti sakit kepala, demam, dsb,.

    What goes around comes around....tau!

  14. Hi San Tot. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the komen bernas as well. Everything goes back normal already now. Ppl no longer talk bout her and threat her sebiase yg mgkin.. cheers


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