Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Quickie

I’ve created a chat box finally… Saja kasi semak page. lol Guys, sila2 kan lah meng-‘hoy’ yerr… *grin*

Can’t wait to watch OIAM tonite. Hope Simon or Aweera will be eliminated, kan Nessa??

As for the Anugerah Bintang Popular Bintang Harian, who will be the Bintang Paling Popular for year 2008 ya?? Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi or Nabil (Raja Lawak)?? Rumours goes to Nabil! Let’s just wait.

Ok lah… Kinda busy mode since yesterday. Need to get my minutes of meeting ready by this week supposedly. It's been a mth in my 'For Action' file. But, my dearly Datuk keep on bugging me… aiyo!! Can’t do at home as well. *sigh*

Will update again yaa..


  1. why simon??? i love his voice, he has an amazing voice~ hehe.

    im voting aweera out!

  2. Aweera... you are Rock!!!! Im voting for Aweera to be the winner of OIAM.. tapi nda send SMS vote pun.. hehehe.

  3. Madu Beracun ~ Mmg buli ckp most of them ada voice yg bagus. It just that in term of the weekly improvement bah. To me, Simon and Aweera didn't show much improvement and creativity. :D

    Asai ~ Yayyy.. Aweera kena vote out mlm ni! Bagus cpt2 sms kan undian anda! Hahah..

  4. Iya... ada less than 2 jam lagi :)

    Sia pun hrp either Aweera atau Simon yang kluar. Jan Tomok, Amylea atau Esther seja.

    Bintang popular?? Sia inda tau perkembangan dia tapi maybe dis year tahun si Nabil la.

  5. Simon is out. Nx week i bet its either Nine or Aweera. keeping my fingers cross.

    aiya, sia pun tida ikut perkembangan BP...

  6. Nessa & Mama Mia ~ Yess.. Simon outs sdh. Nx wk, Nine! Lupa pulak sama c Nine ni!


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