Thursday, April 02, 2009

Halloween Costume

My bro always get very excited whenever he logs in to his Friendster and Facebook accounts (me too!) as he could keep in touch with his long lost friends since kindergarten (huh? I can’t even recall any of them! Geezz..), primary school and secondary school. So, they have been thinking of reunite.

What do you have in mind when ppl say REUNION? A group of ppl meeting and catching up each other life stories after so many years?? Yeah… However, don’t you think it will be kinda bored if the reunion held in a fast food restaurant or seafood restaurant or hotel with buffet style??

How about organizing a Reunion with a specific theme?? What theme is in your mind? Fairytale Halloween Costumes Theme Reunion… sounds good to you?? Wow!!

Beside the strategic location and environment, the fairytale costume itself plays the largest role indeed!

Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Alice of Wonderland, Rapunzel and etc are among the famous fairytales that I believe most of us heard or watched the movie or cartoon before.
Can you imagine if all the friends who turn up to the reunion put on their costumes and a masks covering the face, it will be fun to guess who the person is, don’t you think so?

Be it in a ballroom, hall or open area such as garden, with ocean of ppl dress up with the Fairytale Halloween Costumes… the venue turn into a Wonderland or Dreamland or Disneyland. Wow. Amazing!!

I’ll be the one to choose for my costumes if there is such Reunion. And I’ll go for… Snow Princess and Red Riding Hood. Simple, cute & sexy (auww!!)

Online shopping will be much easier when it comes to Halloween Costumes as they aren’t many stores selling Halloween Costumes especially in Malaysia. You’ll find yourself browsing the store happily as your imagination run wild seeing all types of costumes. Don’t worry coz they offer various sizes for you to choose from. XS to XL! Looking for extra accessories or props? Just take your time to browse the page and you’ll get what you want! Great!!


  1. i like d naughty snow white.. hehe..

  2. AnnieMing ~ Itu la ba yg buat sia tertarik tu kunun. Nda la yg naive kunun tu. Kikiki...

    Kris and Nadia ~ Ko pun sdh tu Snow white?? Siok kalau ada buat gathering with theme kan??

  3. Just apa kata we do this Snow White theme for our next gathering? bulih ka tu? wakakaka....

  4. Uinah Just...ada kellassss gitu baju tu bah...teringin juga mo pakai tapiii beranikah sa tu aaa???

  5. Mama Mia ~ Hahha.. kalau yg gather ramai ba baru siok bertheme2 ni. Kalau setakat 4,5 ikur, mana best!!

    memeljoan ~ Kelasss kan.. berani nda berani ja ba tu. Tp, kalau ramai yg pakai, berani jg ba tu kunun. Kikiki..


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