Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Ayah!

I'm not busy.. it's just that I can't blog hop actively. *sigh*

Anyway, a quick update from me today.

We went to SIL's house in Sentul last Sat. We bought a cake too. It was a simple dimple belated birthday celebration for my FIL. He is 68 years old now.

From what I heard, FIL never enjoys this kind of celebration time dia muda-muda dulu... But I think the more we get older, the more we tend to be pampered specially from our kids. When we first celebrated his birthday 3 years ago, we were kinda worried if he's ok with the cake and we were glad to see his wide smile. *grin*

Happy belated birthday to you, Ayah.


  1. your FIL mmg stay di KL ka Just?

    Niway, happy belated bday to your FIL...

  2. Hi Just! :)

    Hepi belated birthday to your Ayah! Urang tua memang begitu kan, diorang cakap inda payah la mau celebrate2 tapi kalau kita bagi saprais, memang diorang terharu ba :D

  3. Mama Mia ~ Yup. FIL & MIL staying with my SIL sini KL. Jd urg KL sdh semua. Haaha...

    Nessa ~ Itu la ba tu... Dulu FIL sia nda suka tu kena celebrate with a cake. Kafir kunun!! Toinkkk...


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