Monday, April 13, 2009

He is trying to..

And finally, NABIL got the title… Bintang Paling Popular 2008. Congratz dude! Nope, I’m not his fan. I just wanted someone else to grab the title from either MAWI or SITI NURHALIZA!! However, they both still won the Anugerah Penyanyi Lelaki / Wanita Paling Popular! Give it to others ppl!!

Ok enuff with the award thingy. I have another ‘award’ here… at least, the ‘award’ goes to me, hubby and mom… *grin*

Watch out yaa..

See… Lil’ Cucu made few attempts to crawl!! Yayyyy… We are soo excited nie

He has been acting weirdly a day before - Saturday. Normally, we’ll feed him every 3 hours, somehow he skipped and only had his milk finished the next round. E.g. he had his milk at 8.30am. He skipped 11.30am and 2.30pm baru minta susu!!! Bkn apa, takut dia lapar ja bah!

The next day, he acted the same. And I managed to record the above clip. Dia mau belajar merangkak rupanya! *wink* Another achievement huh??

What me and mom concerned the most is actually if he knocks the head or the mouth. *touchwood*

How bout the baby kneel guard?? Do you think it’s necessary?? Am thinking to buy one or two actually…

By the way, it's already 1 mth and 3 days after his Plastic Surgery Operation. He's doing good now. In fact, we have been feeding him with the normal bottle for the last 2 weeks. *grin*

Notty betul muka dia kan??


  1. Biarlah nampak notty muka dia, yang penting dia SIHAT!!!!..

  2. alolo.
    chumel dia.
    glad to see he doing well.

  3. Mouren ~ Yaa, betul tu!

    Xang ~ Thanks.. :D

  4. awh.. so cute la dia mula mau belajar merangkak.. ^_^

  5. hi there.. yii cute oo kan..bikin gerigitan ni.. :)

  6. AnnieMing, Mell_f, Kris & Nadia ~ buntut dia bikin gerigitan kan... hehehe... sampai menangis tu dia nda dpt bergerak. Haahahah... :D

  7. Hi Just..adada.. comelnya si cucu. he's doing well dia. Adei.. memang excited ni bila baby kita mula belajar merangkak etc. kau tau, dulu tengok Dian senyum lepas lahir pun sia sangat excited hahah.

  8. He's so cute.. siok mau tingu diorang start mau belajar new things bah.. Si Shannelle pun skarang.. mau blajar jalan..

  9. Nora ~ Ya mmg... sia pun selalu ckp gini 'eee.. dia senyum' or 'ee.. dia buka mata', etc. Yg pntg, excited la.. hehe..

    Evelyn LG ~ Ooo.. I can't wait to see him walk to me.. We at the same pun learn new thing too rite.. :D

  10. Hi...hehhehe..Cute pula dia kan..Berabis dia mau belajar merangkak...

  11. adidi.. kiutnya! mcm nda sabar pla nih mo ada baby sndiri..
    :*mwahh sna pipi dia. kin gerigitan btl!

  12. wah siok la tinguk your baby mula mau merangkak.

    nanti bila dia sudah mulai berjalan lagi best , jangan lupa upload and share ah :D


  13. Anonymous ~ Iya, sampai merah2 muka & menangis tu dia kalau dia marah sdh sbb nda bergerak. ahaha..

    Madu Beracun ~ Hahha.. Apa lg.. jgn tnggu lama2!

    GregChai ~ Yes, will definitely share it with you guys..

  14. hi there...hehe...besar oo mata dia...mmm,actually just wanna share...i oso just like ur baby las time...but ur baby vry lucky dpt plastic surgery dlu xda xcam2 tp thank God skrg xda ketara sgt...hehehe...wandering ms surgery 2 musti sakit sgt kan,cuma baby xpat kc tau sakit dia...kdg bla p tgk2 gmbr ms baby,cam mo mnangis pun da...there was 1 pic yg tgn sy kena kc tegak jak guna tuala sbb takut sy garu yg br surgery...lucu pun da tgk tgk pic 2...hehehe...anyway,sja mo share...cepat2 blaja mrangkak,nti bo jln2...hehehe

  15. Aawwwww...kiut!! besar sudah bah your baby kan..
    Nda lama lagi tu just..pandai belari sudah.. :)

  16. Yey to Cucu! Another milestone reached!

    Kiutnya dia pose wt his notty face...awww...

  17. "Us" ~ Thanks for sharing. Mmg makin besar nda brp ketara sdh ba tu kan...

    KadusMama ~ Ya ba Ty. Besar sdh dia kan... Nda sedar betul..

    Mama Mia ~ Notty betul ba dia tu Mia. Tp, nasib baik d rmh ja. Kalau bw jalan kan, dia kuai2 ja tu.. Besar mata dia tgk surrounding. Heheh..


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