Thursday, April 30, 2009

mIRC and Quiz...

ASL pls?!! Hahaha… I don’t really know why I am laughing here… Perhaps, this mIRC brings back all those years... you know… the TEEN-agers years… 11 years ago where I first not-so-addicted to chatting in mIRC. *wink*

I am pretty sure most of you guys specially those yg sebaya dgn I, chat in mIRC before. Not sure with the teens in these days chat in mIRC or not. In case you don’t know what ASL is, A-Age, S-Sex and L-Location.

Well, recently hubby downloaded the mIRC and I was like what??? mIRC?? Still exist ka pulak tu?? It’s like ages already I didn’t bother bout it. The last time I connected to mIRC should be in 2002.

I’m not sure why he downloaded it. But, no social or friends seeking chatting (so far). So happened when he joined this Putatan Channel, there was this nick of PUTATANQUIZ running a quiz for chatters. So, hubby killed off his boredom by answering the questions.

Questions are common senses. Islamic, entertainment, tv programs, movie, cartoons, sciences, computers, skills, historical, music, acronyms, etc. Macam-macam la bah! Each question comes with 3 hints/chances with certain point depend on the toughness of the question. Each hint given will reduced 50% of the current point. All points will be accumulated and ranked accordingly. Macam tu lah lebih kurang

Some of questions...

As a result, hubby got addicted to the quiz. LOL He got excited to answer the quiz and to bit the other chatters’ points! And I’ll be happy to assist him too… *wink*

Ok... have to stop now. On Quiz rite now… *grin*

Anyway, HAPPY LABOUR DAY to you guys... housewifes pun bekerja di rumah apa!!??


  1. still exist bah ni..ada ni lappy sy..tapi sy jarang mau pakai..ndada addicted to this thingy time tingkatan 2..wah!! sanggup tau pi C walaupun tme tu mahal betul ni...dulu di ranau 1 jam rm 5 bah..sanggup ni kurik tabung..wahahaha

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  3. Nasib sy budak far sy YM ja, ni mirc sy tidak tau pun mcmana mo pkai..heheheee

  4. Mirc ni laki sia saja yg tau pakai. Sia tahu ym and skype saja...

  5. belle ~ Hahaha.. sampai kurik tabung lg tu! Tp, bila nda pyh sdh kurik tabung skrg, teda masa pulak mau main kan... eheheh..

    Adora ~ Sia pun ingat2 lupa sdh mcmana mau main. selalu hubby sia yg connect.

    Mouren ~ Sia pun YM ja. Skype msh lg try mau berjinak2. Kekekke... Itupun, utk office pnya contacts ja.. :P

  6. haha..i thot ni barang pupus, ada lagi rupanya?! Aniway, those were the days kan Just.Sia tida la smpi addicted tp pigi jg bah CC chat mirc. Skrg pakai Skype sm YM sj, sia lupa suda pa mcm mo online ni mric..hehe...

    tu "ASL pls" tu selalu buat sia hilang mood mo chat.

  7. Mama Mia ~ Itu la ba tu Mia. Sia pun pikir pupus sdh ni mIRC. Dulu asal tensen study or after exam ja terus p CC. Mau kasi ilang tu rasa geram sbb nda dpt jwb soalan. Hahahah...

    Ya ba mia.. mau jg bother tu ASL. Urg chat ja la ba kan.. kikiki...

  8. Sia ingat tu MiRC suda expire... hehe. Sia aktif juga pakai tu duuuluuu la.

    Sia sama my workmate slalu tukar2 nickname kasi tipu2 org esp laki2 yang miang gatal... hahahaha

  9. Nessa ~ ko pun nda sangka kan ni mIRC msh aktif lg pulak kan Nessa...

    Hahaha.. kamurang... tp, ngam jg la ba tu... :D

  10. sia ada install balik tu mirc 3 yrs ago...tapi mcm ndak best sdh bcos those ppl u know from long time ago tiada sdh or not active anymore. and sia blur2 sdh baca tu dia pnya short form2 suma....i deleted it.

    btw, sia jumpa hubby sia via mirc la. :P

  11. Chegu Carol ~ Hahahah.. skrg pnya short form canggih manggih sdh ba. Kekekeke...

    Ooo... ya ka pulak?? Dulu pnya chatter buli pakai lg compare to skrg pnya chatter. Mcm bikin takut ja ni.. heheh..


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