Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Online Shopping with ShopWiki

It’s end of the month and salary will be out soon. Some might be paid already. What’s in your head now?? SHOPPING!! Yahoo… But please settle all your monthly commitment first ok… creating an outstanding to any of your account is totally unadvisable!!

Have you tried online shopping before? In recent years, shopping has evolved with the growth of technology – ONLINE SHOPPING. It is the process consumers go through to purchase products or services over the Internet. In other words, one could just shops from home, office or anyway else as long as he/she has computer and internet connection. And of coz money for the transactions. lol

My first online shopping was in 2005. I bided and won a mini digicam! Subsequently, I purchased few other items such as hair straightener, battery charger and rechargeable batteries, thumb drive etc. The recent online shopping activity was early this month which I purchased a Knee Guard Pad and Tights for my lil’ Cucu. *grin*

Well, two words to describe the activity are ENJOY & EASY. No hassle at all! You browse online, make payment online and wait for your item to be delivered to your doorstep!! *wink*

Now, where do you load when you are shopping online? Any particular website? Or searching through the search engine? How satisfied are you with the product purchased?

With ShopWiki, your online shopping will be more promising! Why would you land at the general search engine if you could actually scan your item at the shopping search engine?! ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Just browse at the Directory and you will find what you are looking for. There are various!!

What I love so much is the buying guide info! Of coz when we talk about women, we talk about fashion. I’m not a fashion slave but fashion tips will be useful before I proceed with any clothing purchase that eventually will make me look good and confident! You are a fashion slave? Well, you will be updated with the latest trends. No worries at all! Wow!

Need to get a pair of high-heeled shoes for me to make to me look tall! :D


  1. wow! can shop and get fashion tips & trend some more...good info! ;)

  2. Hi Just,

    Samalah kita hehe.. I used to bid at lelong.com, and buy some electrical items hehehe..dulu lah. Sekarang ni pun I still shopping online sometimes. I just purchase a dress for me last week. tengah tunggu the parcel to come. I wish it come before Friday...

    Nanti I will blog about the dress.

  3. Mama Mia ~ Mmg good info. So, kita kena kerja keras for ops spy kita buli shopping. Hahaah...

    Nora ~ Sia pun bid d lelong. Lama sdh nda bid la. skrg ni enjoy cari brg2 utk c cucu ja. Ahahah...

    Mmg tu rasa nda sabar mau dpt brg yg kita beli online kan.. heheh..

  4. :) harap2 banyak lah ops untuk kita buat supaya dapat shopping kan..

  5. KadusMama ~ Hahahah... Ya ba Ty. Kalau teda ops, teda la shopping jg. Kikiki...


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