Friday, April 03, 2009

Super Mini Bloggers Gathering

I know that KadusMama has already posted an entry on this. But, it would be my pleasure to post and upload the pic on my blog as well. Ty, sia curi ko punya title. Hahahah...

The Super Mini Bloggers Gathering as named by KadusMama held on 30 March 2008 at BK, KLCC attended by KadusMama, Just & hubby and MamaMia and the family (hubby and lil' Vanessa).

Same as KadusMama, I love the 'umpating' part 'bout our hubbies too. They just don't have the patience! They just grabbed whatever they want while the wives will enjoys entering almost all the shops before making their decision! *grin*

Somehow, time will never permit us to drag our session longer. An hour or more just not enuff for a gathering session. *sigh*
L - R : Just, lil' Vanessa, KadusMama and Mama Mia

Geramnya sama c Vanessa nie..
Vanessa and mommy

Vanessa and Daddy
Vanessa looks like her mommy or daddy???


  1. uie..
    siuk ne..

    sis ko org kp tatana ka jga?
    blah mana?

    i think u better wat shoutbox la sis..

  2. Hahaha... Am thinking of one la nie. Tunggu aa...

    Mom sia tatana KP. Sblh mana?? Sia pun nda pas oo. Batu 4 kali. Sia fhm ja la. Ckp tu sikit ja. Karas ba tu lidah. Hehhe..

  3. aiks..muka kita lagi..wah ni kali my hub's face pun ada..jaga la ko Just, mengamuk karang dia muka dia kana publish...;)

  4. Mama Mia ~ Alamak Mia, ko ni bikin risau saja. Ko jgn kastau dia aa.. haahah..

  5. :) Lain kali kita lepakssss lagi..siok bah kan???
    Si van..van punya muka macam bapanya..tapi pandai macam mamanya juga..hehee!!!!

  6. KadusMama ~ Ya ba Ty. Nanti kita cari one day lepaking lagi aa... C van ikut muka both her parent. Sia lucu pulak teringat trial dia mau kurik handbag ko... hahhaa..

  7. vanessa luks more lyk her daddey.. ahaha..

  8. Huh? All the Sabahans in KK? Holiday or working there?

  9. Oops...I mean, in KL?

  10. AnnieMing ~ KadusMama has the same tot with u the minute Vanessa landed on BK's desk. Hahah...

    suituapui ~ Hi, thanks for dropping by. Kadusmama and me are working here in KL. MamaMia was on her family vacation.


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