Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Contest Seiras Wajah

I’m quite free today so I’ve the chance to blog hop freely. *grin*

And I stumbled into this blog of UmmiAbbiQis and her Contest Seiras Wajah really caught my attention. Since most of my friends comment that my son, lil’ Cucu resembles me a lot, that double up my confident to win the prize of One Drop Perfume for this contest. *wink*

Only 4 simple questions need to be answered. Pardon my BM ye friends. It’s my respect to the blog owner since the Qs are in BM. *smile*

Nama anak : Rayyan Adrian

Tarikh melahirkannya : 24 October 2008

Apa persamaan kamu dan anak :
Dahi yang luas, mata yang bulat, mulut yg kecik comei, kulit yang cerah… itu yg kekawan komen. Heheheh… Bab rambut, mak kata rambut Rayyan sama dengan rambut kite masa kecik2 dulu… sikit sangat dan kekuningan. Lg ape ek? Emm.. Rayyan kecik2 dah suke sgt geram2 sbb kite pun mcm tu specially masa ngandung Rayyan… :D

Kenangan paling manis kamu dan si anak :
Setiap saat adalah paling manis bila bersama Rayyan. Selain saat Rayyan diletakkan di atas dada sejurus selepas melahirkannya, saat-saat menemaninya di ICU selepas Rayyan menjalani pembedahan plastic surgery utk membetulkan sumbing bibir adalah saat yang paling manis dan bahagia. Ku dakap dia erat. Memberikan seluruh kekuatan kepadanya untuk melawan sakit itu. Hanya itu sahaja yang mampu ku lakukan di saat dia merengek kesakitan.

Alamak. Jiwang pulak. I try to put those words as informal as possible. But, I can’t. It should be in proper BM so that you can feel it. Ceh!!

Now, dare to accept the challenge?? Sound adventurous ja kan? Lol The contest is closing on May 31, 2009 - very very soon. So, hurry! For rules and regulation please click here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pencuri Kasut

“Napa kasut aku di luar ni??” bro threw this question to us when he opened the grill last Thursday morning. Both mom and I looked at him and the shoe on his hand. Big Q popped up! He then put back the shoe to the shoe rack, still wondering the ‘how’.


“Napa kasut aku teda?” Hubby threw the same issue – SHOE?!

Mom and I looked at each other… “kana curi??!!”

Well, this is the first shoes-stealing case after staying at the current house for almost 3 years, not including the previous years staying here in Pandan Jaya area.

No wonder my bro’s shoe was at the corridor that morning. The attempt to pull out the other pair of the shoe failed – we think!

From A to B (outside the grill), no… one can’t just take it out using their hand. It’s not reachable. They must use a stick or anything similar to ‘pancing’ the shoe.

As for my hubby’s shoes, they might have use a long stick to enable them to steal the shoes from C.

If you wonder why we didn’t store the shoes to the shoe cabinet, it is because the cabinet is already full with our other shoes collection! Lol Hmm… it’s time to buy another shoe cabinet or maybe dispose some of the old shoes. *grin*

And now, only slippers are place on the rack on top of the cabinet while the daily-wear-shoes place besides the cabinet and unseen from outside as circled in the pix above.

Poor hubby. The stolen shoe is only less than a year or half a year if not mistaken and it cost him RM80! *sigh* Nanti kita bili baru aaa Dear…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Appreciation Message??

Been busy since last Friday. Helping out in preparing PowerPoint presentation for two projects – two abandoned projects! And we are trying our best to re-activate the projects via joint venture programme with 3rd party. *sigh*

I don’t have any problem in preparing the presentation. It’s just that the LAST MINUTE thingy that irritate me the most. They all are aware of the presentation day for couple of weeks before and only started doing it last Friday??? Start drafting the points. Start doing the feasibility study of the projects. Start playing around with all the figures. In fact, they’ve been changing the figures / profit amount for I guess 4-5 times until yesterday - the presentation day itself!! From RM40m to RM60m!! Goshhhh… They are being too ambitious!!

I didn’t even go out for lunch yesterday. Working hard on the printing while the other colleague assists in binding up 10 sets (5 sets for each project) of the presentation. 2 projects sure make all of us headache. They are confusing! *roll eyes*

2pm, my dearly Datuk came back from lunch and expected to see everything is in place.

Datuk, they are still doing the binding” I look at him hoping that he would understand and slowly making way to the binding machine.

What? Until now also still doing aa?” (the presentation is at 3pm at the 3rd party’s office). He was then tailing me to the other dept.

Datuk is coming” I whispered to the other colleague. The colleague got panic. Poor her.

Might as well you give it to me tomorrow!” That’s what I heard Datuk said when he’s about to return to his office. *sigh*

Datuk accompanied by the CFO and GM finally left the office for presentation at 2.15pm. Phew… Glad that everything is over… *relief* Moreover, when you receive a message like this:

*** - censored for security purposes kunun!

At least, someone appreciate the efforts! *smile*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fall in love with…










Did I get your attention?? lol

I’m talking bout… Cheese Tart!! Hahaha…

Maybe some of you tried it before. But, it was my first time last couple of week. Well, I’m not a food lover and I don’t usually try something new in terms of food! I eat what I ate. Taking me to a new restaurant? Opss... I’m really not a good food companion…

Anyway, me and mom went to a Saturday Pasar Malam at our housing area couples of weeks ago. We normally will grab few pieces of Egg Tart from this particular stall. His Egg Tart is yummy and the most important thing is FRESHLY BAKED! The Egg Tarts are limited and you need to grab them fast. Before 7.30pm I could say. Or else… balik dengan tangan kosong lah! Yep, ppl like his Egg Tart very much.

But, when we were there that day, he was just about to start off his bakery biz. We can’t wait, so we went off and stumbled into another bakery stall. Since we really feel like eating an Egg tart, we just bought few pieces of Egg Tarts and mom was like… “Cheese Tart?”, when she saw Cheese Tarts next to the Egg Tart.

“Mau try?” I asked mom.

“Bulih jugak.” Mom replied.

So, we grabbed Egg Tarts and Cheese Tarts! Egg Tart cost us RM1.00 per piece while Cheese Tart cost us RM1.50 per piece.

And that’s it… we fall in love with Cheese Tart!! *wink*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Practise Makes Perfect

Message from dear Rayyan :

I know my mom has blogged bout my attempts to crawl here. And I also know that my mom's blog readers can't wait to hear the updated news of me and my milestones. *wink*

Well, after almost 2 months (lama jugak oo) of struggling, there you are... sharing another clip with you all. And soon, there will be new clip from me... *grin*

Watch out yaa...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mama’s Day

It’s my first time celebrating Mama’s Day this year… *wink*

Nothing special. Bought a cake for us, the mamas. Have also invited SIL & the gangs (the kids) and my parent in law. However, only parent in law turned up. SIL was too tired as she has just got home from work yesterday morning. Working as an Engineer with SMART changes her working hours from normal 8am-5pm to 10am-10pm and vice versa… Phew…

I first thought of having an ice-cream cake for mom this year. However I was on the other hand considering some other plan instead of having a cake. Cake, cake, cake… *sigh* As I keep on dragging myself to place an order for ice cream cake, we ended up having a Black Forest Cake for Mother’s Day this year. Ndapa lah! I hope we can celebrate Mother’s Day at other place next year, without a cake! *grin*

I'm coming...
MIL and mom and lil' Cucu
Mmm.. nyum nyum...

To all the mothers in the world, HAPPY BELATED MAMA’S DAY to you…

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Saturday's Walk

I know it’s quite late to rant bout my last weekend… but, I just can’t blog for the past 3 days. *sigh*

Kinda busy with clearing up all those KIV’s stuff. Plus, the dearly Datuk is having his ‘PMS’ again!! LOL So, before he catches me while I am blog hoping or surfing the net, I better not to cari pasal for temporary… temporary saja bah! *grin* Since he is out now, I hope I can update my blog before he comes back…

Last Sat, we went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. The last time I went there was 2 years back. Just to eye the Eyes on Malaysia. *wink* Well, without the Eyes on Malaysia, the Titiwangsa look ‘pale’ to me… Like a lady without lipstick. Ceh! Nevertheless, we had a walked from point A to point A. Yup, you read it correctly. From Point A to Point A. Had a round of the Titiwangsa Lake! *clap hands* Saja lah menghirup udara nyaman di petang hari kunun… LOL

Wajah-wajah lil' Cucu

Two events that were taking place :

1. Karnival Drypers

I presumed the carnival will be crowded with children especially. But, no… not at all! 4.30pm, is it still too early for jalan-jalan petang to you? I think ppl here in KL would prefer to hang around at the park after 5.30pm. Waiting for the sun to stop smiling konon… Hmm…

No.. we didn’t participate on any of the programs. Wait till lil’ Cucu able to play, at least with the cubical first lah! *grin*

Free balloon for kids

2. Pesta Makanan Titiwangsa

I noticed that stalls selling other consumer products are more than selling foods. What the heck with the ‘Pesta Makanan’ if the selling products are not foods??? Bingung…

The newly launched Proton Exora caught hubby's attention

3 types of public toilets to suit your taste... :D

Till then…