Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Appreciation Message??

Been busy since last Friday. Helping out in preparing PowerPoint presentation for two projects – two abandoned projects! And we are trying our best to re-activate the projects via joint venture programme with 3rd party. *sigh*

I don’t have any problem in preparing the presentation. It’s just that the LAST MINUTE thingy that irritate me the most. They all are aware of the presentation day for couple of weeks before and only started doing it last Friday??? Start drafting the points. Start doing the feasibility study of the projects. Start playing around with all the figures. In fact, they’ve been changing the figures / profit amount for I guess 4-5 times until yesterday - the presentation day itself!! From RM40m to RM60m!! Goshhhh… They are being too ambitious!!

I didn’t even go out for lunch yesterday. Working hard on the printing while the other colleague assists in binding up 10 sets (5 sets for each project) of the presentation. 2 projects sure make all of us headache. They are confusing! *roll eyes*

2pm, my dearly Datuk came back from lunch and expected to see everything is in place.

Datuk, they are still doing the binding” I look at him hoping that he would understand and slowly making way to the binding machine.

What? Until now also still doing aa?” (the presentation is at 3pm at the 3rd party’s office). He was then tailing me to the other dept.

Datuk is coming” I whispered to the other colleague. The colleague got panic. Poor her.

Might as well you give it to me tomorrow!” That’s what I heard Datuk said when he’s about to return to his office. *sigh*

Datuk accompanied by the CFO and GM finally left the office for presentation at 2.15pm. Phew… Glad that everything is over… *relief* Moreover, when you receive a message like this:

*** - censored for security purposes kunun!

At least, someone appreciate the efforts! *smile*


  1. Napa boss sia tdk macam tu oh??!! dia kasi beli buah pisang plak...!@@#$$%%^&&*!

  2. AnnieMing ~ *applause* Ya ba.. mau pingsang buat benda last minit ni...

    Mouren ~ Baik kalau dia kasi laptop kan Mouren. Hahahah...

  3. aiseh!! siap juga..walaupun last minute kan.. :)

  4. hehe, siap juga on time kan. W/pun si Dauk merungut, at least dia aknowledge & appreciate juga kamurang punya effort..:)


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