Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mama’s Day

It’s my first time celebrating Mama’s Day this year… *wink*

Nothing special. Bought a cake for us, the mamas. Have also invited SIL & the gangs (the kids) and my parent in law. However, only parent in law turned up. SIL was too tired as she has just got home from work yesterday morning. Working as an Engineer with SMART changes her working hours from normal 8am-5pm to 10am-10pm and vice versa… Phew…

I first thought of having an ice-cream cake for mom this year. However I was on the other hand considering some other plan instead of having a cake. Cake, cake, cake… *sigh* As I keep on dragging myself to place an order for ice cream cake, we ended up having a Black Forest Cake for Mother’s Day this year. Ndapa lah! I hope we can celebrate Mother’s Day at other place next year, without a cake! *grin*

I'm coming...
MIL and mom and lil' Cucu
Mmm.. nyum nyum...

To all the mothers in the world, HAPPY BELATED MAMA’S DAY to you…


  1. Happy Mother's Day Just! Your first celebration as a mom dis year :D I love Black Forest tapi feveret tatap ciskek la... hehe

  2. Happy Mummy's Day to you!!! Cake pun cake laaa...janji ada gia...

  3. Happy mother's day too u too just.. :)

  4. Nessa ~ Same to you there. Cheese cake pun sodapppp...

    Mouren ~ Tengkiu.. tengkiu... Itu la ba kan... kek pun kek la!!

    KadusMama ~ Ba, sama2 la kita... ;p

  5. Happy mother's day to u and semua yang ko panggil mum :) Be blessed for all your sacrifices to your family.

  6. Happy Belated Mother's Day to u Just! :) Janji ada kek..happy juga tu Neneks with the Cucu & the cake. Cucu tu mcm mo tertidur ja makan tu cherry..hehe..mcm garfiled suda mata dia sia nampak...

  7. Ornest ~ Thanks.. I hope i can shower them with something else.. ;p

    MamaMia ~ You too Mia. Ya, happy durang sama c Cucu.

    Hahaha... mcm garfield ka pulak?? Kikiki..


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