Monday, June 29, 2009

Am I one of the Finalists of the Daddy’s Dearest Contest??

The minute the page loaded, without reading the 1st sentence, the eyes already caught something that I familiar with very much… yes, it’s my blog link. A BIG Q popped up in mind as I was scrolling down the page (still not reading the 1st sentence)! I can see my blog link appears 4 times in the list of 40 links!

I scrolled up and read the the following text:

“Here’s the list of the 10 finalists chose by 4 juries (not in order of 1 to 10). Hence, links appearing more than once means he/she is chosen by more than 1 jury." (the original entry was deleted)

I am a bit confused yet happy at the same time. Well, until now (as I’m typing this) I’m still blur. Am I one of the finalists of the contest??

Not that I forgot 'bout the contest, it's just that... yaa you know... the organiser received more than 100 participants and of coz the others also giving their best photo!
Since my link appear 4 times and the result was chosen by 4 juries... wow! All four juries picked mine rite?? *wink*

here to refresh which photo I've actually uploaded for the contest (in case you also got confuse since I've been participated in several contest lately. *smile*
As for the full list, click here and pls help me to confirm it ya...

I hope I'll be among the lucky 3 winners for the contest!! *grin* Result will be out this Friday! *dag dig dug*


  1. Wah just..

    Masuk final pun best sudah tu hehehe... congrats. Good Luck kio...rajinny akau masuk contest ni. Sia pun mau cari-cari contest laini heheh..

  2. All the best..bulum kuar lagi result bah kan?

  3. Tahniah Just! Sudah tersenarai tu kan... :) Kalau sia buli vote, sia pun mo vote daa.

    Good luck!

  4. Nora ~ Hehehe... c cucu pnya lappy bw tuah kali. Kekekek..

    Mcm siok ba masuk join contest ni. Lgpun buli update my blog regularly kunun. Hahaa.. Ba, ko pun join la ba.. :D

    KadusMama ~ This Friday kluar result. Nda sabar kunun sia ni..

    Nessa ~ sbb tiba2 tersenarai tu la ba yg bikin takazut tu.. ada kana tnya ba tu mau but voting system ka nda.. tp, ramai yg nda mau. So, tunggu the juries la kunun..

  5. Congrats to you & Cucu. Begitu ramai participant, dapat masuk final pun kira ok suda tu. All the best!

  6. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Tp yg paling best bila 4 out of 6 juries picked us!! Hehhee..

  7. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Tp yg paling best bila 4 out of 6 juries picked us!! Hehhee..

  8. Fingers & toes crossed for u!!!! :)


You're 'bout to corner... ;p