Monday, June 15, 2009

Can You Quit Smoking?

If you are a heavy smoker (consuming 1-2 packs per day), it’s a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Otherwise, buli diselamatkan lagi… Heheeh..

No, I’m not so sure either… lol

Anyway, out of a sudden, tiada angin, tiada rebut, hubby dropped me an email last few weeks requesting me to buy him a STOP Kit. A kit to stop smoking! Yeah... the name says it all.

As I can still remember very well, my dear hubby had promised me that he will quit smoking one day… I have been waiting for the day to come for 5 years!! Heheheh… At first, he said that he will quit after we get married. Next, he said he will quit if we have a baby. And now the baby is no longer a baby. He is 7.5 month old now. And I’m no longer hoping for the day will come. Nevertheless, I am still silently hoped that the ‘intake’ is lesser and lesser each day. *smile*

The request will be definitely make me smile from ear to ear. Lol.

It was hubby’s colleague recommended the product to him. So, we google it and it’s good that we can purchase the product online. Online shopping is great huh?! All sellers stated that the normal price would be RM63 inclusive the shipping cost. However, I kept on googling for the best price (I bet you guys will do the same!) and Yakin Jaya Enterprise offers RM56.50 + RM4 shipping fee. Still cheaper than RM63 ok! So, I made my order & payment and received my parcel the next day!

After trying the product for less than a week, the result is positive! *grin* Yeah… whenever you feel like smoking, just spray it on your tongue, and you won’t feel like smoking anymore. No, don’t even try to smoke, coz even you try it, your will definitely throw it away. I think the taste that bother. That’s what hubby told me.

As a final result, hubby still smokes though. Only a stick per day, before he goes to bed at nite. I’m still proud of his effort though. *clap hands* He was trying not to smoke the whole day yesterday and ended up with eating, eating and eating!! Replacing the smoking activities with eating?? Errr… Oh my… gaining kgs for sure!!

Anyway, for more info of the product, pls click here.


  1. Wed till' Sun.. aku teda menyigup. so, kalau bosan... makan snack je la!!

    so, for those who want to quit smooking... try this product.. 100 percent dijamin buli quit smooking. Save money save cost.

  2. Syabas to your hubby! From 1-2 packs a day to 1 stick a day is a very good sign indeed, bagus suda tu. Not to mention save a lot of RM kan :)

    Ni teda jual locally ka? Misti mo order? Mo tanya lagi ba kan, suda la ko terang2 tulis online shopping... hehehe

    Tapi yang sebaiknya jangan la merokok. Nasib baik sia inda pandai merokok, sedangkan my dad and my (late) mom pun smokers.

  3. Akhirnya..smpi juga ini yg hari yg ko tunggu selama ini kan Just. hehe...your hubby deserve some claps.

    never mind la the eating, i bet he can eat a lot and still stay slim kan.

    anyway, baru a few days guna ni produk, ada suda +ve changes, bagus ni. by the time abis guna ni produk, gerenti jd non-smoker lakan..:)

  4. congrats!
    kira sdh bagus tu dia sendiri mo quit. tida kena suruh2 and then be able to reduce to just a stick a day. keep up the good effort bilang sm hubby ko heheh.

    dont mind lah the eating (for now). gitu lah tu kan. my hubby pun mcm tu. since he quit smoking, badan belon terus. but beggars cannot choose bah. im grateful sdh tu dia tida menyigup lagi.

  5. congrats! people said susa kan mau stop from smoking.. ok suda tu dia kaC reduce pigi one stick a day.. inda apa la kalau dia ganti the habit with makan2.. ;) hehe..

  6. asai ~ Hehehe.. Ba, from 1 stick p ZERO stick lg aa... :D

    Nessa ~ Ya, save lot of cost. Buli bikin beli susu c Cucu. Kekeke..

    Mmm.. mmg kanal jual online la ni product. Nda tau la kenapa..

    My parent pun bkn smokers. But, bro mmg smoker la sbb pengaruh kwn!

    Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Berakhir penantian kunun. Hehehe..

    Stay slim ko bilang Mia. Nda la saiz seluar pun tukar sdh tu. Ahahaha..

    Actually, ni product berkesan kalau sama org yg betul2 ada niat mau quit smoking. Kalau nda, nda berkesan jg tu.. :D

  7. Chegu Carol ~ Ya ba kan Carol. Bersyukur sdh sia sbb dia mau quit sendiri. Thats why sia nda pernah jg mau tagih2 janji dia tu. Kekeke..

    Oo.. hubby ko pun ex-smoker jg. Haha.. badan mcm belon lg tu. Nda lama hubby sia lg mcm belon. Kakaka...

    AnnieMing ~ Ya lor. Biar la dia mkn tp jgn menyigup kan... :D

  8. Hi Just,

    That was good, I'm happy for you hehe.. bukan apa, for me smoking ni membazir bah. Lagi satu unhealthy. My family indada yang smoke, cuma adik sia lelaki ada jugalah try zaman sekolah hehe.

    Luckily my husband inda smoking. Sebab dulu sia memang inda mau kalau orang smoking bah hehe..

    Oh ya, ada satu ubat di hospital kerajaan. tapi sia inda lupa apa. Kawan sia pernah try and berkesan. Dia ada bagi macam chewing gum juga tu. Cuba try tanya di General Hospital.

  9. Nora ~ Mmg pun membazir and unhealthy kan?! Susah ba kunun mau cari laki yg nda smoke ni. Kekeke..

    Oya ka?? Alaa.. napa ko buli lupa nama tu ubat dr gov hosp?! Er, minta d farmasi ka tu aa??

  10. wahhh!!! Bagusssnya your husband! At least he tried mau stop kan!! Ko bagi lah dia hadiah kalau dia berjaya stop Just..bukan senang tu!
    Laki sia nda isap sigup.. :) jadi tia payah pikir lah..

  11. emm... kalau la aku kena bagi hadiah sbb berjaya quit smoking kunun...hehehe :p

    tu ubat yg mcm chewing gum tu ada jual bah d farmasi (guardian atau watsons) tapi tu Stop! kit juga yg bagus.

    Skrg ni aku passing tu Stop! sama member d ofis... suruh dorang quit smoking pulak. buat masa ni... ada la 2-3 org yg berminat untuk quit.

  12. KadusMama ~ I think I should kan Ty. Iya la kunun. Nanti la sia cari sumthing utk dia. :D

    asai ~ Just wait kio.. :D


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