Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Contest Mode

The result of the Final Top Fourteen list for the Contest Seiras Wajah by UmmiAbbiQis that I joined recently is out. Only 1 out of the 5 juries is of the opinion that lil’ Cucu and me are alike. So, I'm no more in the contest. Hmm… Lain org lain mata. It’s ok. No hard feelings or whatsoever. Lain kali try lagik. *grin*

The best thing is that I got new friends! Post blog + blog hop = friendship! <-- how do i get this?? *smile*

A special thanks to Mama Tisya for the Special Award for Voters. Well, I actually voted her sweetie princess for the Toddler Super Model Contest. Good luck to you Mama Tisya. *wink*

Psst, I'm currently in Contest Mode *wink* So, don't be suprise to see me in contest entry after this yaa... *smile*

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