Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contest oh Contest

The result of the Father’s Day Contest is out. Nope, I am not the winner. I knew it actually. Why? Because all other contestants’ photos are great! They really captured the ‘moment’ between a dad and a son / daughter nie. For full result, pls click here.

Since I’m in still in the contest mode, another story of contest I entered recently for lil’ Cucu. *wink*

Yup, it’s a contest organized by Tesco. With a minimum purchase of baby products amounting to RM30 in a single receipt, customer is eligible to an entry for the above contest.

So, I submitted two pics (as below) for the contest. Hehehe…

And there is another contest that I’m still considering whether to participate or not. Hmm..


  1. wah, butul2 ko bersemangat in this contest2 thing ar Just. Anyway, good luck to lil' Cucu.

  2. Mama Mia ~ Heheheh.. actually kan Mia... Tu contest2 thingy tu kan Mia, as an additional material utk update blog ja ba tu. Kekekek...

  3. Hehe... harap2 ada contest yang ko sangkut ni. :) Good luck!! :)

  4. Choc Mint Girl ~ Hehehe... Harap2 la kan. Even though just for fun, tp kalau manang siok jg kan... kekeke.. Thanks ar..


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