Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy's Day vs Daddy's Away...

Happy Belated Daddy’s Day to all the daddies out there especially to my dearest hubby.

I know I’m late on this but I feel so bad pulak for didn’t post any entry on Father’s Day since I posted bout Mother’s Day. To make it worst, there’s not special celebration either. No cake, no gift… (tengah bulan ni!!) *sigh*

Sorry Dear… I know I owe you a father’s day gift and another gift for your success to quit smoking… or maybe we should wait till you quit it TOTALLY! *wink*

Beside the ‘tengah bulan’ excuse… To be frank, I feel weird to celebrate Father’s Day coz I never do! Yup! Never in my whole life! I’m revealing something bout myself here…

Once upon a time, a husband left his family just to be with other woman! He doesn’t even bother to have a proper separation with the wife – NO DIVORCE! Left just like that... Leaving the wife with their children without any financial supports. Not daily. Not monthly. Not yearly.

Of coz at the earlier stage, the wife went crazy hunting for her husband! No wife could actually accept that kind of situation rationally, I believe. Waiting for him to come back isn’t helping at all! The wife got bored and fed-up. She has to think of the children. So, she woke up and struggles a lot to raise their children with her low income. *sad*

Finally, after 6 years of MIA, the husband suddenly called up the daughter for a ‘hi’.

“Who’s this?” the daughter asked the man.

Don’t you think it’s sad when a daughter has to point out the question to her own dad!!!!!

So, don’t blame me for not celebrating the father’s day before. I wish I could throw away the grudge I have inside… *sigh*

Let's just continue the story above some other time ok… *smile*


  1. Sharing something as personal as that requires guts. I can understand the grudge and I won't judge you for that. I'd probably feel the same way. Have you ever asked him or your mom why he left??

    Sori ah soalan peribadi... it's OK if you don't want to answer :)

    I oso didn't celebrate father's day. Sebab bapa sia jauh saaana kampung. Mo antar prezen pun teda alamat pos. Teruk kan, suda tahun 2009 pun masih lagi mundur kita punya negeri...

  2. happy father day to me... ;p

    ~ nessa: sekrg ni buli guna tu kurier bah. nda kira d mana tu kampung, dorang tetap usaha untuk hantar tu kiriman. kampung kami pun teda peti surat... tapi klu mau kirim brg2... kami guna kurier... :)

  3. Nessa ~ Before sia jwb tu soalan personal... wah.. bkn main hubby sia bg suggestion ni. Kekekek... Oh yes.. meet my hubby Asai online... hehehe..

    Back to Q, mmm.. we never ask my mom pulak. We don't want to hurt her. But we know that she still cares about him. We think la.

    To compare my mom with the widow of 4 children, my mom jauh lg cantik. Mgkin kana guna2. Heheheh..

  4. Oh si Asai ni ko punya hubby la... hehe. Ba, salam kenal :)

    Iya ba, kita pun inda mau juga cungkil2 crita lama kan... tapi kudos to your mom la membesarkan anak2 sendirian berhad.

    Eh, sia inda tau pula buli pakai kurier skrang ni... ketinggalan zaman pula sia ni. Nanti sia tanya orang kampung la ni :)

  5. just..i afraid to give mt opinion..but i want to juga... mostly kalau di kampung...kemungkinan besar juga ur dad kana guna2 o..kan

  6. Just - Respect your mum... GUA CAYA LU AUNTY!!..kasi tau dia kio.

    Ya bah..mum ko memang cantik bah...anak dia pun cantik...belum lagi tinguk cucu dia..nahh! cute.. mum pun cantik (ekekeke...ndak mau kalah...)

  7. Amboiiiii...husband ko pun blogging sudah kah nie??? hahahaha

    Respect your mom oh! At least kamu suma besar dengan sihat and Ok kan..pasal your dad tu..mungkin ada something lah bah tu kan.. jan la tanya ur mom, nanti kesian pulak dia sakit hati lagi..

    *oh ya..ada tag for u to do in my blog..mari..mari buat!!

  8. Hi Lady, we all tend to forget things sometimes, but its always the thought that counts.
    Re your story, Life's not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.

    You keep a song in your heart and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

  9. Nessa ~ Lps ni buli la kirim hadiah guna kourier kasi urg d kg.. :D

    Yeah.. really proud of my mom!

    Belle ~ Klu betul la kana guna2, skrg ni ni guna2 nda berkesan sdh. Ya la lama sdh kan... 20 thn sdh! Itu ubat pun ilang sdh.. kekeke..

  10. MOB aka Mouren ~ My mom anti tu sama lelaki. Sia pun kena tempias dulu masa kecil, nda kena suh berkawan sama lelaki. Tunggu kerja dulu baru buli 'berkawan2' kunun..

    She sacrified a lot and gave us the best that she can. *teary eyes sdh sia*

    Aiseh.. kana puji2 ba kami 3 beranak. Tp, your mom jg pulak yg cantik aa... hahahah...

    KadusMama ~ Nda la Ty. Dia pembaca setia my blog and sometimes drops his comments ja ba tu.. :D

    Ya ba Ty... mmg proud of her being the single parent. Actually, we can think of any reason ba why he left us for that woman. Jauh panggang dr api ba that woman sama my mom. Ntah la..

  11. Uncle Lee ~ Thanks for dropping and the advice ya. Will keep your words in mind. Thanks agains. :D

  12. If i'm in your shoes, i probably feel the same way..Syukur la your mom tabah org dia, bulih dia kasi besar, kasi sikul kamu dua beradik wpun susah..Salute to your Mom :)

  13. Mama Mia ~ ya ba kan Mia... she is the best mom in the world!!


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