Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daddy's Dearest Contest

Yup, I’m in a contest again! Can’t resist but to participate lah! *smile*

And again I was digging for a perfect photo for my second contest in conjunction with Father’s Day which will be falls on 21/6/09. This time is organized by Isabelle…frankly. *wink*

Click here for more details on the contest and the rules and regulations yaa… By the way, it’s closing on 19/6/09. Mm… I’m not going to mention about the prize coz I don’t really bother either. Am I?? Hehehe… Sort of lah! Coz, my entry is just for fun! *smile*

As simple as the other contest, I just need to upload a unique or dramatic photo of a father with son (or daughter) and explain why I think the photo is unique or dramatic.

Well, I might be digging for a photo, somehow I’ve thought of this one and only photo for this contest.

To me, it’s unique...
Lil' Rayyan is still new with the lappy, so need daddy to assist him. He did as what daddy instructed and he did it well *clap hands* and deserved a smile from daddy. Good boy! Heheheh…

Mia, try your luck lah... :p


  1. Kasi saja bah laptop yang betul2 tu....hihihihiih!

  2. wah kici2 lagi si Cucu, main laptop suda ar...kiutnya.

    closing date 19/06? aiseyman, see la if i can get a pic.. anyway, gud luck to u Just..

  3. MOB aka Mouren ~ Tunggu dia sdh besar, komfom sia bg. Kikiki..

    Mama Mia ~ Pendedahan awal ba kunu Mia. Ahahaha..

    Harap ko sampat la kurik gmbr. :D Thanks for the luck wish kio...

  4. Oh, sya ingat ada mo klik2 untuk vote ko, tercari2 sya hehehe... Good luck ah!!!

  5. amboi.. ade lappy jugak dia..
    kalau anak saya tak dpatla.. mesti dihempuk2..

  6. Choc Mint Girl ~ Heheheh.. Besanya, kalau mau vote2 ni bila sdh sampai the next stage kunun. Anyway, thanks.. :D

    Yan ~ Hahaha.. A'ah, dia pun ade lappy gak. Tp, still nak kacau daddy dia nyer lappy.

    Skrg ni dia cuma dpt gigit2 jer lappy tu sbb berat sgt nak angkat kot. Hahaha..

  7. alolololo..comelnya si cucu main laptop hehe. Good luck for your contest just..:)


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