Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Father’s Day Contest

Another contest (A Father's Day Contest) runs by Mama Tisya. In fact, today is the last day. I need to post this up before 2pm. *gulp* Result will be out on tomorrow. Wow!

Let see what photo I have for this contest. A photo between a dad and son or daughter that shower with loves! The more loves you show, the more chances to win… Ok, I exaggerate it a bit! *grin*

After been browsing all the pics again and again, I picked this one for the contest.

Story behind the scene (script by Rayyan)

Daddy Nuzirwan and me Rayyan Adrian (pstt… I am 7.5 mths old ok) were having a son and dad heart to heart session last Saturday. Hehehe… I asked daddy when I can have a sister or brother to play with. I’m kind of jealous with bro hakim (my cousin) as he has sis Hana to play with and they even got a lot of toys. Daddy says I can have a sister or bro and even tons of toys if I be a good boy. See… I was listening to dad with concentrate. *smile*

Err… Mummy seems does not have any plan for this coming Father’s Day. I wish I can buy daddy a new shoes coz his shoes been stolen recently. Poor dad! And I wish I can bring daddy to Bukit Tinggi. I know mummy has been looking forward to be there. Wanna celebrate Father’s Day with both daddy and mummy with cool air and environment since the weather here in KL is really hot for the past few weeks. Even with fan in front, I still get shower with sweat. *wink*

Let see if I'm the winner. Kekekek...


  1. cehhh...!! rupanya gambar kami anak-beranak kena kasi masuk contest. apa hadiah kunun... kalau dpt exora pnya la best.

  2. Nora ~ Thanks. Hehehe..

    asai ~ Kalau mau Exora, mau ikut contest yg ada slogan. Hehhehe..

  3. All the best Just! Bah, ngam la tu pigi minta jalan2 sana Bkt Tinggi...:)

  4. This is a nice shot, you captured the father and son moment! Good luck, semoga berjaya :D

    Ya, sia pun macam mo pigi saaana Cameron Highlands seja... panas btl.. berjerebu lagi tu :(

  5. Mama Mia ~ Hahaha.. nda sia rasa pigi ni... next time la.. Lgpun, ada lg yg still under construction kan. Kalau yg lain sdh siap, lg siok.. :D

    Nessa ~ Kalau buli, sia mau sentiasa stand by camera d tangan mau capture pic yg santik2. Hehehe...

    Naa.. ko pun mau p tmpt lain kan.. Mmg berjerebu gila skrg ni!! Huhhh..

  6. wah!!! Bestnya ko nie rajin join contest..
    Hope you will win this contest!! So cute lah ur hubby and ur son..

  7. KadusMama ~ Ty, sia mmg suka ikut contest! Hahahaha... I dont have a better pic ba. Syg betul. Yg lain pnya pic kan semua santik2. Ciss.. jeles sia.. Apa2 pun, just for fun ba.. :D


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