Friday, June 05, 2009

Photo Scrapping

Since... err.. not really sure since when... But, feel like ages to me! I have been wanting to create an album that is not just an album with the normal or standard photos in it but a custom made photobook.

I have seen it in photo shops that provided this service of customizing photos by giving them a personal touch with text or additional graphics. In fact, I did asked further. 40pcs photo will be cramp into few pages of album or so call photobook and cost you around RM28 and above. What do you think? But, it make me think twice thou.

Not sure why I didn't surf the net before for this services. And so happened that I stumbled into (mungkin juga terlampau free! Heheh..) this page of LadyInspired who provides this service of photo scrapping and the cost is much much much cheaper than the photo shop!

So, I started communicating with her via emails and confirmed my order. *wink* With a merely less than RM4 (almost 40 pcs single photos cramped in 13pcs), I've got lil' Cucu's photos scrapped nicely. *grin*

The result... satisfied!! You can then send the scrapped photos to be developped. *smile*

2 samples enuff lah.. ;p

While in the progress of scrapping, I found out another websites that you can work on with the scrapping personally. Templates are ready for your convenient. You just have to play with it. Why not get yourself have fun with the photos scrapping thingy?? Pls click here and here.

Enjoy and have fun!


  1. mcm best gak scrapblog cuba2..hehe..cantek2 gak design2 dier..

  2. beba ~ Try la. Mmg best! ;p

  3. Pandai ko buat ni photo scrapping. Sia langsung inda tau oh.

    Best ba buli kasi display all the photos with all that designs and writings kan :) Nampak macam diary also.

  4. Masa ko buat ni..kekeke..ko guna laptop 'baru' ko kah tu?...hihihihih

  5. Nessa ~ Buli la kg2! Hahaha.. Play around with the tools ja ba. Try and error ja lor. Colourful ba.. santik mata memandang. Kikiki..

    Mouren ~ Hahaah.. ko ni Mouren. Blm lg sia dpt tu laptop time tu. Scrapping during office hour ba. Akakaak...

  6. nice..sia pun nda pandai macam si nessa..hahaha
    lain kali sia pun mau try lah

    Kiutnyaaaa ur baby nie...

  7. KadusMama ~ Mau rajin explore the tools ba Ty. When u use to it already, naa.. mcm kacang ja tu. Hehhehe..

    Mmg rasa mau cubit ja sama c Cucu ni kan. Heheh..

  8. Wah Just best ni. Tapi Sia inda pandai bei. Macamana mau buat ni? can I just click on the link to see the terms and condition?

  9. tried mcm slow la nak bubuh gamba tu...

  10. Nora, kalau mau sinang try tu link widdlytinks. Yg the other link of scrapblog susah sikit.

  11. CT ~ Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Yup, a bit slow la. Kena bnyk bersabar. Ngeh ngeh ngeh..

  12. Intesting ni, mcm sia pun berminat. Suda sia p click one of the link. Nanti la sia try...

    anyway, hebat ko Just, sempat scrapping time ofis hour lagi tu...hahaha...

  13. Mama Mia ~ Siok main tu scrapping tu mia. Sia ada jmpa blogger yg ada few other links. Nanti la sia try.

    Sempat ja ba. Kekeek...


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