Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wedding Dinner at Hotel Renaissance

A wedding invitation card handed to all the employees in my office by the receptionist a week before the dinner date stated on the card. Yeah… the company’s Chairman is inviting the employees to his daughter’s wedding dinner at Hotel Renaissance on May 23, 2009 (lama sdh kan?!).

Since 90% of the employees confirmed their attendance, so I confirmed myself as well and started to think what to wear for the dinner. Normal lah kan!

It was raining heavily last Saturday. Luckily, it was going to stop (almost stopped!) when hubby drove me to the hotel. Nope, hubby didn’t go along. Why? Emmm… Because he gets bored easily and I scared when the face turn sour it will effect mine as well. Sorry Dear. Next time la I bring you along k… *wink*

Had promised with some other colleagues to meet at the entrance of the hotel. Somehow only one of them turned up and the rest still at the parking bays. So, we climbed the staircase and headed to the Ballroom at first floor. Joined few other colleagues at the ballroom’s lobby, chit chatting before went in to the ballroom. Ramai jugak lah attendees. And of coz meja pun banyak.

The first thing that caught the eyes’ attention is of coz the pelamin. The decoration is very impressive. Wow! There was also a group of musician playing traditional instruments. Performances of silat and 2 or 3 Malay’s traditional dances. The songs’ selections were good too. At least, we didn’t get bored in there. Kan Kak Wan??

We enjoy taking pictures among the colleagues and the only persons that missed out were the pengantin. LOL Our seats were quite far away from the pelamin, pengantin’s dining seats and the walkway. *sigh* Besides, we only know the father and not the pengantin. Kinda segan pulak to ask for a photo session with them. *wink*
With Jetson's colleagues
Top Pix - the chairman and the wife in white box. The head is mine! Hahaha...

Oya. Forgot bout the foods. Hmm… I think the food is ok lah! All dishes were served in a silver dome. So, nampak sikit lah! I tot it will be served dish by dish. Hehehe…

The dessert - Puding Sago Gula Melaka. Extremely sweet!!
Overall, I think we did enjoy our dinner very much! *grin*

** Finally, siap jg my dinner post. Kikiki…


  1. wah.. mcm sedap woo.. nyum2.. tapun :)

  2. Last2 dapat juga ko cari baju, baju baru atau beli baru?? Hehehe..

    Sya kalo mo attend wedding selalu mo beli baju baru kunun sampai si hubby pun tegur da hehehee... tapi sometimes, kalo nda sempat cari atau pusing2 pun nda tau mana satu, terpaksa 'recycle' baju lama heheheee..

    Aiyo, this coming Sat pun ada wedding lagi!!! :D

  3. Kris and Nadia ~ Hehehehe.. sodap tp sikit maa.. segan silu terus mau mkn bnyk. Wahahah...

    Choc Mint Girl ~ Kunun2 mau pinjam baju SIL, tp nda ngam size. So, recycle baju lama yg sdh 4 thn. Heheheh... Tu baju pun baru pakai satu kali. Nasib baik msh ngam cuma tummy tu spoil betul. Hahahah...

    Besa la tu kan... biar dlm gmbr semua lain baju ba kunun. Kikiki...

  4. deii..sikitnya tu makanan. cukup ka utk semua org di meja tu?

    anyway, agak berisi tu dlm gambar Just..hehe..

  5. Mama Mia ~ Sia rasa semua org pun mcm segan mau ambil makanan banyak sbb takut nda cukup utk yg lain. Kekekke...

    Ya ba Mia. Mmg pun berisi!! Dulu time blm kawin, santik ja sia pakai tu dress. Hmm...


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