Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip to Kuching was OFF!!!

OMG..... Until today, we all are still in our sakit-hati mode!!!

It's beyond my imagination!! Sh!tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! *@#&^^^^####

Even though our flight was at 3.25pm yesterday, we started the day very early. Went to the clinic for Rayyan's review. And still I can't believe he only gained 1 kg in 3 months???? He is now 7.5kg only???!!! Rusak kali tu timbangan tu! Ciss..

After that, went to do a quick shopping at Tesco... Headed to EPF, mom wanted so much to check her statement before we went back home for final pack-up and Rayyan need to have his porridge first. *smile*

11.30am, took a cab to KL Sentral. 12.30am, we were already inside the bus, on our way to LCCT.

15 minutes to LCCT... I recalled something!! Rayyan's MyKid (IC la ba tu!!)!!??? Yupp... I am very sure that we didn't bring his MyKid along!!! How on earth we could forgot bout it???!!! Sh!t....

And I'm pretty sure we couldn't make it to Kuching by now. No one at home could deliver Rayyan's MyKid to us. Do you think one of us could return to KL to grab his MyKid. Jauh ba tu. Hoping for a miracle is impossible!!

When hubby got the confirmation from the front desk officer, we were speechless! If nda malu, sure nangis sdh. *teary eyes*

There was nothing can be done except we purchase a fresh tickets after getting Rayyan's My Kid which I think is unreasonable.

We got no choice but to return back home. *sigh*

No wonder I don't feel the holidays excitement this round. Normally, I would already prepared our luggage a week or few days before the departure, but not this time. I waited till the very last nite to pack our things. Rupanya, we are not flying!!!!!

Ok lah.. I think enuff la with the sakit-hati thingy. Menangis air mata darah sekalipun, I wouldn't be able to change the fact!


p/s : To those who commented on my previous post, sorry that I will not reply all the comments. Nyway, thanks ya..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yeahh... Me, hubby, mom and lil’ Rayyan is flying to Kuching tomorrow. It’s our (except mom) first time to the Cat’s city. *smile*

Well, I was quite free yesterday and presumed that I would be free too today. Unfortunately, quite buzy pulak first half day today!

My dear Datuk is expecting a visitor from China tonite. We will be having a MOU-Signing Ceremony tomorrow in relation to the setting up of our Manufacturing Division in Weihai, China. So, Datuk is kinda ‘kan-cheong’ about it.

Besides, he is making another trip to Gua Musang on Sunday. So, requested me to plan the journey. *sigh*

Feelin’ a bit guilty pulak for leaving him when he is quite pack. But but but… I don’t wish to end up like Mouren… canceling my leaves and trip??? Yayyy… NEVER!! Buli ka cakap macam tu sama bos aa?? Hahaha…

Anyway, hubby and I are still clueless as to where we are visiting in Kuching but definitely we’ll be staying at my cousin’s house. Saving cost on the accommodation maa…

Till then, wait for my story when I’m back ya… tata…

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ba Ba Ba...

Rayyan has recovered from his measles. *relief*

Today, my little hero is exactly at his 9 months old. 3 months to his 1-year-old birthday! *grin*

So far... He is such a naughty boy. Bikin geram ni! He plays a lot than his sleeping hours. He can even sleeps for merely half an hour per session and only 2 or 3 sessions per day. Nite time is different story lah.

He was watching tv daringly... hehehe.. I laikk this pic.

My mom is kinda worries when my boy refuses to sleep. He rather plays till the eyes swollen sbb tahan ngantuk. Is he hyperactive?

I’m not so sure what is his current weight and height now. Will only be able to update you guys after clinic-visit next Wednesday. *smile*

The teething process only began at his age of 7 months and a month later, his two central bottom incisors could be seen clearly. *clap hands* Currently, one of the central top incisors is on the way. And he is drooling badly. Ohh my…

The only time to check his tooth. heheehe...

Anyway, I think his teething process is kinda late than some other children. I am surprise to hear that some children have 8-9 teeth when they are 9 months! Breastfeeding is definitely a difficult task! :lol:

Recently, we played a ball-throwing together. He was so happy to see the ball hitting his body parts and laugh out loud. After a few times of ball-throwing, he then picked up the ball and handed it over to me… yayy… pandai sdh dia! *clap hands*

He babbles a lot nowadays… ba ba ba.. ba ba ba… Sound like org tua yg membebel! Lucu pulak. Hahahha… There was once he said ‘pa pa’ when my hubby carries him. Punya lah happy c daddy… *wink*

If you wonder if he can walk already or not, I hope I can say ‘YES’… hahaha... But, it’s a NO. Nevertheless, he is trying to stand without holding. *smile* Soon I hope… Then, it would be much easy to hang around. Is it?? :lol:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 Year Old Already

Who?? My Rayyan?? No… Am not talking bout my Rayyan here. He is only 9 mths old now.

On this date, a year ago… this Blogspot account of mine was officially ‘launched’ even though I have actually started blogging via my friendster account earlier. In other word, Happy 1st Blogspot-Blogging Anniversary to me. Hehehe..

Well, let see some statistics… *wink*

For the past 1 year, I have posted 134 entries (not inclusive this post). What??? 134 only??? Average of 11 posts per month?? Huh?? Well, that’s quite good for a starter. :lol: At least, not 2-3 entries per month! Rite??

Hope the figure is increasing in the next anniversary. Chayo… chayo…*smile*

Ppl... keep on supporting me kio... *grin*
Psst.. sempat jg scrapping.. hihihihi..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Scrapped Cakes

The other day I mentioned bout downloading freebies for digital scrapping. So, yeah… finished with the downloading already. I’m kinda excited at the beginning. But, when I was about to start, I just don’t know how or where to start. *sigh*

Well, basically… what I need to do is just a mix and match few backgrounds, adding few elements onto it, place photo(s) and I’m done… sound easy kan…

But, CREATIVITY that counts here… I guess my creativity has not reached to the max yet… *sigh*

After working hard with the two pieces of cakes, here’s the result... don’t laugh k. I know it’s nothing… I’ll work harder next time… *smile*

What you say ppl??

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bling Bling Prizes

It has been a week since I received the prize for winning the Daddy’s Dearest Contest.


A simple yet bling bling Swarovski crystal bracelet! Can match it with my baju kurung. Heheh…

The Top 3 winners were offered with yellow, red and purple colors of bracelet. I’ll definitely go for purple! Thanks to the others sebab mengalah. *wink*

Comes along with the bracelet is a simple handwriting note and a watch… a Pooh wrist watch for my Rayyan! Wait till he could wear it ok. *smile*

Thanks Isabelle. Don’t forget to organize other contest in future yaa… :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rayyan and Measles *updated*

I silently regretted that we went over to my uncle’s house the other nite. *sigh* No doubt we had a great time chit chatting over there…

Here’s what not contented in my previous entry.

The moment I went into my uncle’s house and saw his third son, Aidil… I was already stoned for few sec.

“Kenapa dia ni??” Soalan bodoh pulak.

“Campak.. dah masuk seminggu!” Pls mind my uncle’s BM yer. Now you know why I said it’s a stupid Q.

“Alamak… kena jangkit la my Rayyan ni!” that’s what shouted in my heart!

Naaa kan betul…
The next day, mom called me up informing that Rayyan has been infected with MEASLES!! His back and tummy already got those reddish spots. My poor little boy… *sigh*

Mom also reminded us to buy air kelapa and santan for Rayyan. Well, the air kelapa is of coz utk diminum while the santan is to be rubbed on all over the body.

As at today, the reddish spots on his back and tummy already disappeared on the forth day and the neck part is currently being conquered with the reddish spot. Also, here and there on the head, face, hands and legs.

To our surprise, Rayyan behave macam biasa jugak. We were actually expecting Rayyan to act differently i.e. manoeuvring, difficult to control, uncomfy, etc. Except, manja sikit lah… wanting to be carried all the time – sometime. *smile*

Sempat jugak dia berkungfu. Hehehe...

What pity the most is… he can’t be fanned! Nanti tu panas dalam badan nda keluar, that’s what my mom says. Kesian betul tgk dia mandi peluh!

Luckily we all had it before, otherwise sure spread to us kan… *grin*

Since some of my blogger friends highligted their concern on whether on not my lil' Rayyan is having fever, I decided to edit/add my text here. *smile*

Well, before Rayyan infected with Measles... he already had fever for 3 days and 3 nites!! Goshh.. Really high fever. At first, we tot that it was caused by his upper tooth before we finally headed to the clinic. Doctor gave him medicine through the anus and the fever slowly flow away the next day and that's was when we went to my uncle's house!

I'm not sure how true it is but maybe because of the earlier fever he had, he is not having any fever during the measles period. *relief*

One more tip when one is having measles, do not mirror-ing all the times! That is an old folks' believe which my mom just recalled bout it last nite. Something 'bout the reflection thingy...

You have any tips to share?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mabuk Durian!!

After work yesterday, instead of the go-back-home routine, we went to Greenwood directly – to my uncle’s house. He fetched us at the Taman Melati Putra station.

Family visiting is to me, not appropriate to be done during weekdays… Unless you’re not working! To entertain ppl after coming back from work is… arghhh… too lazy to entertain! Need some rests kunun… However, we gave ourself an execuse yesterday.

The actual ‘execuse’ is because my grandparent has just arrived KL from Sabah on Tuesday’s nite. So, pay them a visit lor. And the best part is… my uncle flew them over just because to shower them with DURIAN!!!! Whoaaaa… *roll eyes* Cool huh??!

Mom and lil’ Rayyan were there since noon. My uncle picked them up of coz.

Durian was already served on the table when we reached there! Whoaaa… I tot it should be an apple, orange, banana, etc??? Since when was the king of fruit takes place?? :lol:

I heard my uncle spent more than RM200 on Durian ONLY!! *faint* Yeahh… my grandpa already turned reddish! Macam org mabuk! He did mention that he feels like he had 2 tins of Beer! Hahaha…

Besides the durian, we had a makan2 too.

I am no idea why we had a cake and red eggs. Are we celebrating someone’s birthday here?? Hmm…

There are no durian’s pix taken… makan sampai terlupa nie. Hahahhaha…

Since I rant bout my uncle, let’s talk bout his son too. *smile* My lil cousin Nabil who was prematurely born with only 2. 4kg on 29/12/2008 has grown giantly! I remember seeing him for the first time in Jan. I dare not to carry him. He was so tiny and fragile!

A month later...


Nabil looked at Rayyan dengan geramnya.. Kecilnya my Rayyan!

We finally reached home almost 10pm, just nice to watch the repeat show of the late MJ. :D

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Awards and Photo Scrapping Mode

Isabelle, thanks for the awards yaa.. :D

By the way, I’m in photo scrapping mode again. Have downloaded few freebies before I start occupying myself with the scrapping thingy. Hope I can make up something WOW!! *wink*

Of coz we can always get someone else to do it but when we do it ourself, we get SATISFICATION! Agree with me??

I’ll show you the outcome later on ya... Currently, still downloading few stuff. You need more ‘accessories’ to play around and doing the mix n match… yeahhh…

Besides, penat jugak layan contest jer. Hehehee…

Monday, July 06, 2009

Hot Mama Contest

Do you think you’re hot? Definitely!

But, think twice if you’re carrying your belly??! *wink*

Some might not be in the mood of photography-ing session. Maklum la… mood swing! And I think me too. I don’t really have a nice photo, zooming the belly especially. I wish I do! *sigh*

Even during my trip to Langkawi when I was in my 6th mth pregnancy, all photos taken were biasa2 jer

So, what make me think that I could win the title of Hot Mama Contest.. yeahh… another contest here! A contest organized by Mama Qis. *smile*

I think I’m HOT in purple and even HOTTER with my belly!

The picture was taken on 1 syawal 2008. The baju was specially tailored ok. You will never find it anywhere! Have to tailor... Kalau tak, mana nak matching2 dgn hubby punye baju melayu. Heheheh… Org lain dok melaram ngan baju kurung! So, dgn uniknya, I mintak tailor kan maternity dress for my raya last year. Lucu pulak! Mmg dah sarat dah waktu tu. Lagik 3 minggu nak due. Mula tu, risau gak takut bersalin awal. Baju dah tempah dah. Tp, nasib baik la Rayyan nak dok dalam tu lama sikit. Heheheh…

So, that’s about it… *wink*

I am the SECOND WINNER of Daddy’s Dearest Contest

Yahoooo!!! Yeehaaa!!

I knew about the result last Sat. It really irritates me to have to wait till today to blog about it. *sigh*

I tot I would be the Winner, I mean the no. 1. (Hahahah… ni kes - diberi betis mahukan paha!!) Anyway, grabbing the SECOND WINNER’s title is sooooo cool too! *wink*

So, here’s the 1-2-3 Winners of the contest. For full list, pls click here.

1st Winner :

2nd Winner : Tidak lain dan tidak bukan... it's my lil' Rayyan and daddy!

3rd Winner :

Isabelle, thanks again for organizing the contest. For the juries, thanks a billion! For all my friends, thanks for the luck wishes. For the winners, congratz... Heheheh…

As for the prize… Wait till I received it ok... It’s still a total blankness coz Isabelle still remains silent till now when it comes to the prize. *smile*

p/s : Looking forward for more contest... hehehe..

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Jambatan Tarampuli

When was your last time listening to this evergreen song of Jambatan Tamparuli? Or you never heard of the song before? Then, sorry to say that you are NO SABAHAN!

Let’s enjoy the clips before I continue ranting…

A colleague of mine has just come back from her KK’s trip yesterday. Her first 5D4N visit to KK with her other buddies. Macam biasa lah… visiting Tg Aru Beach, Pulau Manukan, Kundasang, Poring Hot Spring, One Borneo, Gaya Street, Lok Kawi Wild Life Park, etc. Forgot to recommend her to visit Monsopiad Cultural Village pulak..

Besides the above places of interest, they went to Tarampuli too… Ahahahahaa… Dengan konfiden nya, she pronounced it as Tarampuli instead of Tamparuli… corrected her few times but seems like she still prefers Tarampuli. Lol. Apa2 lah Put... If you notice my title, it's not really a typo error... Hahaha...

When ppl from the WM make their trip to Sabah, for the first time especially, I, being the Sabahan, of coz would feel very proud to hear positive comments bout my beloved hometown. She eventually commented that Sabahans are friendly, warmth and nice. KK itself is a clean place too. *smile*

And the best part is… she brought back ikan bilis and udang kering for me (with order of coz!). Thanks Put!

Happy to hear that you guys enjoyed your trip to SABAH, the land below the wind!

A colleague of mine has just come back from her trip to KK yesterday. Her first 5D4N visit to KK with her other buddies. Macam biasa lah... visiting Tg Aru Beach, Pulau Manukan, Kundasang, Poring Hot Spring, Gaya Street, Lok Kawi Wild Life Park, etc. Forgot to recommend her to visit Monsopiad Cultural Village pulak...

Photos credit to Put. Pls ignore the date yaa.. 2005?? Gheezzz.. :p

They are sooo lucky to be able to see the Rafflesia... the real Rafflesia ok!

I like this pic... Taken on their way to the Canopy Walk

Beside the so-called places of interest mentioned above, they went to Tarampuli too... Ahahahaah... Yeahh.. dengan konfiden nya, she pronounced it as Tarampuli instead of Tamparuli. Corrected her few times, but I think she still prefers Tarampuli. Apa2 la Put! :lol:

I think she and her buddies really enjoy their stays in KK and it's good to hear positive comments bout our beloved hometown from the WM too... At least, it could help to spread the beauty of Sabah. Sad to say, Sabah stills need to be fully exposed in order for ppl to know the unique of Sabah. Some or perhaps most of the ppl in WM (sorry ya!) still have ZERO knowledge about Sabah, the land below the wind...

Thanks for the udang kering and ikan bilis ya, Put... *grin*

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jom Bersoaljawab...

Saya telah cuba untuk menjawab soalan2 di dalam tag ini sejak beberapa hari yang lalu. Namun, hampeh! Hari ini, akan cuba dilangsaikan hutang ini! Terima kasih kepada Nessa dan Kadusmama yang telah dengan baik hatinya menge'tag' saya.... poyo!!


1. Apakah perasaan anda sekarang? Bersemangat utk menghabiskan soalan2 ini.
2. Saya nak makan? Aiskrim!3. Saya tak suka? Politik semestinya!
4. Impian saya? Mengelilingi dunia! Boleh ke??5. Haiwan yang saya tak suka? Tikus!! Geliii…
6. Saya harapkan? sebuah kehidupan yang tenang, aman, bebas, gembira, bahagia, damai dan yg sewaktu dengannya.7. Jika boleh putarkan masa? Masa tidak akan dapat diputar kembali!8. Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang? Sudah kembali menetap d KK!
9. Handphone saya adalah sebuah? Handphone suami, asalnya.
10. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak? Tak kisah lah berapa kali tp yg terakhir adalah suami saya! Ceh!11. Kawan-kawan saya? Semuanya memasang impian utk menurunkan berat badan! Hahaha..12. Pernah dikhianati? Mungkin..
13. Apa yang hendak anda lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda? Malas nak fikir.14. Siapa yang anda nak Tag?
1. Bekas kekasih saya adalah : Yang mana satu? Hehehe… 2. Saya sedang mendengar : Bunyi pintu. Cisss… 3. Mungkin saya patut: menggantikan bos saya! Hahaha..
4. Saya suka : makan snacks!
5. Sahabat-sahabat baik saya : sentiasa di hati saya walau di mana mereka berada!
6. Saya tak paham : kenapa org yg kaya bertambah kaya dan org yg miskin bertambah miskin…
7. Saya kehilangan : pen biru saya! Wakakaka..
8. Ramai yang berkata : muka anak saya mirip muka saya. Hihihih…9. Makna nama saya : Keadilan??10. Cinta itu adalah : pengorbanan??11. Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang : menanti hadirnya cinta merawat kesepian di jiwa. Cewahhh..12. Saya akan cuba : berfikiran positif sentiasa! Kunun!!13. Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud : Eternity??14. Telefon bimbit saya : sekarang berjenama Sony Ericsson dan LG. Nokia belum repair lagi.15. Bila saya terjaga dari tidur : saya teringin nak tidur balik.16. Saya paling meluat apabila : kaum sejenis memandang saya dengan pandangan yg semcm atau memandang saya dr atas hingga ke bwh. 17. Pesta/Parti adalah : sesuatu yang jarang saya hadiri
18. Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah : seekor anak harimau bernama Halim di Zoo Melaka. (Dia minta makan aiskrim!)19. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah : remaja20. Hari ini : dalam sejarah! Kekeke…21. Malam ini saya akan : bermain dengan anak saya yg nakal!
22. Esok pula saya akan : menyiapkan kerja2 yang terbengkalai sbb lusa saya cuti!23. Saya betul-betul inginkan : percutian dan shopping sakan tp bukan dgn ponteng ofis/kerja! (Mouren, ko terasa ka tu??)24. Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini : wajah nampak kusam jer!
25. Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan : Sebagai wanita, semestinya pusat membeli-belah. Arked permainan?? Bising lah!26. Makanan Barat atau Jepun : Makanan barat.27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap: Apa rasionalnya soalan ini ye?28. Makanan segera adalah : kegemaran ku!
29. Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang? “Datuk wants to see you.”

Semua yang teringin menge’tag’kan diri dengan soalan2 ini. Sila2 kan la ye…