Friday, July 24, 2009

Ba Ba Ba...

Rayyan has recovered from his measles. *relief*

Today, my little hero is exactly at his 9 months old. 3 months to his 1-year-old birthday! *grin*

So far... He is such a naughty boy. Bikin geram ni! He plays a lot than his sleeping hours. He can even sleeps for merely half an hour per session and only 2 or 3 sessions per day. Nite time is different story lah.

He was watching tv daringly... hehehe.. I laikk this pic.

My mom is kinda worries when my boy refuses to sleep. He rather plays till the eyes swollen sbb tahan ngantuk. Is he hyperactive?

I’m not so sure what is his current weight and height now. Will only be able to update you guys after clinic-visit next Wednesday. *smile*

The teething process only began at his age of 7 months and a month later, his two central bottom incisors could be seen clearly. *clap hands* Currently, one of the central top incisors is on the way. And he is drooling badly. Ohh my…

The only time to check his tooth. heheehe...

Anyway, I think his teething process is kinda late than some other children. I am surprise to hear that some children have 8-9 teeth when they are 9 months! Breastfeeding is definitely a difficult task! :lol:

Recently, we played a ball-throwing together. He was so happy to see the ball hitting his body parts and laugh out loud. After a few times of ball-throwing, he then picked up the ball and handed it over to me… yayy… pandai sdh dia! *clap hands*

He babbles a lot nowadays… ba ba ba.. ba ba ba… Sound like org tua yg membebel! Lucu pulak. Hahahha… There was once he said ‘pa pa’ when my hubby carries him. Punya lah happy c daddy… *wink*

If you wonder if he can walk already or not, I hope I can say ‘YES’… hahaha... But, it’s a NO. Nevertheless, he is trying to stand without holding. *smile* Soon I hope… Then, it would be much easy to hang around. Is it?? :lol:


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  2. rayyan is growing up already! hehe ;)

  3. Sabar ko Just..sabar...! Sia pun suka tu gambar daring c Rayyan. Siap ada 'tukul' lagi di sebelah. Hihihihiihh!

  4. AnnieMing ~ Yes... Membesar sihat bagai johan.Hahahahah...

    MOB aka Mouren ~ Hihihi.. dia panat menukul sama main bola baitu, tu yg terus terlanding tgk tv mcm tu tu.. heeheh...

  5. Adei, 3 bulan lagi 1 year old sudah si Rayyan.. Cepat oo masa berlalu kan..? hehe.. inda lama pandai berlari tue.. susah mau kejar.. ;) In the mean time, enjoy his growing time..

  6. Miss Sab ~ Ya ba Sab. Cpt betul masa berlalu bila kita sibuk enjoying the growing time. Mumy sia la plg nda sabar mau tunggu dia pandai berjalan, sinang mau jalan2 kunun.. pdhal, misti susah mau bubut tu kan.. :D

  7. Hi Just..

    alalala comelnya gambar si Ryan tengok Tv tu hehe.. I loike..

    Dian awal jalan. 9 bulan dia berjalan sudah, tapi lambat bercakap. 3 tahun baru dia mula bercakap. Orang tua-tua cakap kalau lambat jalan cepat bercakap tu hehe.

  8. Hi Nora.

    Awal nya c Dian pandai jalan.. Tp, lmbt ckp pulak kan?? Kalau gitu, hope my Rayyan d tgh2 la. Nda awal and nda lmbt... hihihi...

  9. Doi, 9 bulan suda ka?? Macam baru seja ko branak tu hari kan... hehe

    Time betul2 flies and won't be long before your lil Rayyan pandai jalan sendiri and petah becakap :D

  10. Cepaatttnyaaa... Dulu tu trainer kami cakap jan kasi makan manis2 sebab bikin budak jadi hyper.

  11. Nessa ~ Ya ba Nessa. This yr la plg capat betul tu masa berlalu sia rasa...;p

    CMG aka Crystal ~ Ya ka?? Macam nda jg selalu ba kami kasi mkn or minum dia yg manis2... plg2 pun juice dia la. Hihihi...

    I tot kan the formula milk yg advance ba nowadays.. terlampau bnyk formula.. smpai budak2 pun advance dr budak dulu2.. hmm..

  12. hehe..concentrate juga si Cucu tinguk TV. kalu si Van-van tu sikijap ja dia tahan, kalu yg nyanyi tu suka la dia, tp klu cakap2 trus dia kasi tinggal bah tu TV.

    Lain budak, lain stail dia bah kan. Van-van awal jalan, 9 bln bulih suda, cakap pun cepat..tapi ada words yg dia saja yg paham ni.LOL

  13. oh my! besar udah yer boy..doi..tambah cute ooh...


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