Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bling Bling Prizes

It has been a week since I received the prize for winning the Daddy’s Dearest Contest.


A simple yet bling bling Swarovski crystal bracelet! Can match it with my baju kurung. Heheh…

The Top 3 winners were offered with yellow, red and purple colors of bracelet. I’ll definitely go for purple! Thanks to the others sebab mengalah. *wink*

Comes along with the bracelet is a simple handwriting note and a watch… a Pooh wrist watch for my Rayyan! Wait till he could wear it ok. *smile*

Thanks Isabelle. Don’t forget to organize other contest in future yaa… :D


  1. wahh!!! cantikkkk hadiah ko..tapi kenapa bapanya nda dapat apa2 pulak??

  2. Ya ba, I agree with si KaDusMama.. Hadiah untuk bapanya tiada kah..?? Hehe

  3. wow.. luckynya.. congrats sebab menang!

  4. hahaha.. cian Daddynya tada hadiah.. tahniah!!

  5. KadusMama & Miss Sab ~ Heheheheh... napa teda utk dady?? Sbb.. credit goes to the mom yg panat2 blog for the contest.. Kakakak..

    AnnieMing ~ Thanks Annie.

    Mama Shinta ~ Hehehe.. Next time kena la request. Kekekekek... Thanks nyway. :D

  6. Hi just..

    wah lawa tu bracelet... I got one from collgeous juga tapi warna coklat hehe.

    Yalah.. the daddy inda dapat hehe.. tapi inda apalah sebab mummy yang penat blogging kan hehe..:)

  7. Hi Nora.

    Ok jg ba warna coklat tu.. sinang match. hehehe..

    Heheh.. ya ba.. mumy yg berblogging kan so mumy la dpt hadiah. Dady tu model ja. Hahahah..

  8. wah..lawanya ko pny bracelet baru. Tapi heran juga, contest title Daddy dearest tp teda pulak hadiah utk bapanya...hihi...

  9. pretty..purple g fav colour too :)

  10. Mama Mia ~ Hihihi... awal2 d contest page dia pun mmg sdh dia mention ba tu prize utk the mumy sbb mumy yg berblog bkn dady..

    Carmelliny ~ yeahh.. sama la.. me too!


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