Monday, July 06, 2009

I am the SECOND WINNER of Daddy’s Dearest Contest

Yahoooo!!! Yeehaaa!!

I knew about the result last Sat. It really irritates me to have to wait till today to blog about it. *sigh*

I tot I would be the Winner, I mean the no. 1. (Hahahah… ni kes - diberi betis mahukan paha!!) Anyway, grabbing the SECOND WINNER’s title is sooooo cool too! *wink*

So, here’s the 1-2-3 Winners of the contest. For full list, pls click here.

1st Winner :

2nd Winner : Tidak lain dan tidak bukan... it's my lil' Rayyan and daddy!

3rd Winner :

Isabelle, thanks again for organizing the contest. For the juries, thanks a billion! For all my friends, thanks for the luck wishes. For the winners, congratz... Heheheh…

As for the prize… Wait till I received it ok... It’s still a total blankness coz Isabelle still remains silent till now when it comes to the prize. *smile*

p/s : Looking forward for more contest... hehehe..


  1. Wawawawaawaw...suke nya dia...hihihihih! Apa2 pun..congrats!

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  3. Wah Just..

    Am so happy for you... congratulation.... Dont forgot to blog about the prize ya. Wanna see..:D

  4. hai...congrat menang tempat ke2..i also love to see the pic..cute jer:)

  5. Tahniah Just and hubby and oso to lil' Rayyan!! :D

    You are all deserving winners. Love those pictures!

    Ba, sia pun eksaited suda mo tau hadiah dia ni... hehehe

  6. Congrats Just.. hehe nanti ko crita2 la pasal tu prizee... Santeekk tu gambar.. hehe

  7. MOB aka Mouren ~ mesti la suka mouren... sepa nda suka.. kan kan kan... tengkiu..

    Nora ~ Thanks. Ya, bila sdh dpt sia blog k. Baru tau apa hadiah dia.. hehe..

    Hasliza ~ Hai Liza. Thanks for dropping by.. Hehe..

  8. Nessa ~ Thanks Nessa. Kekekek.. sia tau sdh the prize. Nanti sdh dpt, baru sia blog k..

    Miss Sab ~ Thanks Sab. Mau everready camera d tgn 24jam baru nda miss gmbr yg santek2. Kekekek..

  9. wow!! congratssss!!! nanti jan lupa share apa hadiah ah..heheh

  10. KadusMama ~ Thanks. Dun worry... komfom kana blog punya.. hadiah besa2 ja ba..

  11. Chegu Carol & Kris and Nadia ~ Thanks guys.. :D

  12. Congrats! Nanti share2 la tu hadiah k... :)

  13. Evelyn LG ~ Thanks yaa.. :D

    Mama Mia ~ Heheheh... sia fikir2 dulu mcmana mau share kio.. hehehe...


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