Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mabuk Durian!!

After work yesterday, instead of the go-back-home routine, we went to Greenwood directly – to my uncle’s house. He fetched us at the Taman Melati Putra station.

Family visiting is to me, not appropriate to be done during weekdays… Unless you’re not working! To entertain ppl after coming back from work is… arghhh… too lazy to entertain! Need some rests kunun… However, we gave ourself an execuse yesterday.

The actual ‘execuse’ is because my grandparent has just arrived KL from Sabah on Tuesday’s nite. So, pay them a visit lor. And the best part is… my uncle flew them over just because to shower them with DURIAN!!!! Whoaaaa… *roll eyes* Cool huh??!

Mom and lil’ Rayyan were there since noon. My uncle picked them up of coz.

Durian was already served on the table when we reached there! Whoaaa… I tot it should be an apple, orange, banana, etc??? Since when was the king of fruit takes place?? :lol:

I heard my uncle spent more than RM200 on Durian ONLY!! *faint* Yeahh… my grandpa already turned reddish! Macam org mabuk! He did mention that he feels like he had 2 tins of Beer! Hahaha…

Besides the durian, we had a makan2 too.

I am no idea why we had a cake and red eggs. Are we celebrating someone’s birthday here?? Hmm…

There are no durian’s pix taken… makan sampai terlupa nie. Hahahhaha…

Since I rant bout my uncle, let’s talk bout his son too. *smile* My lil cousin Nabil who was prematurely born with only 2. 4kg on 29/12/2008 has grown giantly! I remember seeing him for the first time in Jan. I dare not to carry him. He was so tiny and fragile!

A month later...


Nabil looked at Rayyan dengan geramnya.. Kecilnya my Rayyan!

We finally reached home almost 10pm, just nice to watch the repeat show of the late MJ. :D


  1. kecik ka Rayyan?? mcm sama besar tu.. kiut dorg,bkawan ka dorg tu? nda bgaduh?? :)

    wawa durian mmg sedap ooo.. adui2.. tapun.. :) but syang oo kan nda dpt talampau byk mkn..huhu..

  2. haha.. rayyan macam hairan2 nampak c nabil buat muka.. luv watching the way babies communicate wif each others.. hihi..

  3. Baby Nabil reminds me of my own Baby Edvyne...

    Baby Nabil - Ko pa kabar?
    Baby Rayyan - Ok bah kalu ko!!

    Hahahahaha...kali kan dorang bincang pasal durian bah ni. Ada kana bagi 'sikit' sama ni babies ni..? Hehehehe

  4. Baby Rayyan kena campak!!! kesian oo...

  5. Kris and Nadia ~ Kalau ikut umur, patut c Rayyan sia la ba besar dr c Nabil... tp, ni sia nmpk c Nabil besar dr c Rayyan.. huhuhuh...

    Nda jg berkawan sia rasa. Tp, nda la ba bergaduh.. C Rayyan sia dingin ja sama c Nabil. C Nabil pulak geram sama c Rayyan. Hahaha..

    Actually, sia tapun ja tu durian. Takut sakit perut mkn. Heheheh

  6. AnnieMing ~ Hahahah.. dia heran tu napa c Nabil geram sama dia. Geram yg sampai mau sarut2 lg tu suara tu... Akakaka... Ya ba.. kiut kan tgk the babies ber-communicate..

    MOB aka Mouren ~ Baby Edvyne ko mcm tu giant jg dulu?? Brp umur skrg??

    Hahahah.. bincang pasal durian pulak drg tu kan Mouren?? Kakakak.. sia pun nda tau ada kana tapun ka nda drg sama tu durian.. :D

    Asai ~ save the campak story in my next entry baa.. ;p

  7. Wahhh..bestnya makan-makan... especially with family kan hehe.

    Sia inda berapa pandia makan durian. I dislike the smell. tapi my hubby memang hantu durian. Kasihan dia sebab terpaksa makan diluar sebabnya, I forbidden it at home.hehe..

  8. Nora ~ Yeah.. its great to spare time with family kan..

    Sia pun nda brp ba sama durian ni. But, my mom, hubby and bro mmg kaki durian la. berulas2 buli ditelan. Fuhh..

    Alaa.. kesian gak sama hubby ko. Nasib baik hidung jenis 'tersumbat'.. i mean deria hidu nda brp bagus, so nda la kena forbidden tu buah masuk rmh. Hahaha...

  9. hehe...apa ni ? cerita pasal durian tapi langsung teda gambar..hahaha...

    baby premature mmg cepat besar bah klu kuat minum susu. My BIL's premature son pun baru 5 mths tapi mcm giant juga...kuat dia minum susu, 3oz skijap ja abis...:)

  10. Hahah.. kalau bab durian mia, nda sampat kana snap sdh abis kana mkn. Hahahah..

    Yeah.. dats what I heard too.. Mmg kuat minum susu c Nabil tu. Kuat tidur jg... kalau c Cucu sia, susah betul mau tdur sampai 2jam. Kadang2 stgh jam ja.. huhu..

  11. sweet! bulih main sama2 lah dorang nie lain kali.. I like the last pix..:)


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