Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Scrapped Cakes

The other day I mentioned bout downloading freebies for digital scrapping. So, yeah… finished with the downloading already. I’m kinda excited at the beginning. But, when I was about to start, I just don’t know how or where to start. *sigh*

Well, basically… what I need to do is just a mix and match few backgrounds, adding few elements onto it, place photo(s) and I’m done… sound easy kan…

But, CREATIVITY that counts here… I guess my creativity has not reached to the max yet… *sigh*

After working hard with the two pieces of cakes, here’s the result... don’t laugh k. I know it’s nothing… I’ll work harder next time… *smile*

What you say ppl??


  1. not bad juga bah ni. practice makes perfect urang bilang..nex time ko bikin misti terrer suda tu...:)

  2. Betul cakap c Mia tu. Tapi kan, yang gamber 'berdua' tu kan..wowowow, mantap oh!..hihihihi

  3. Mama Mia ~ Hehehhe... Yeah... bkn mau practice ja, mood pun mau ada oo.. kalau teda mood, nda apa2 jd tu scrap.. hehehe...

    MOB aka Mouren ~ HAhahhah... ko ni Mouren. Tu gmbr 2mth after kawin tu. P honeymoon d genting kunun. Kekekek...

  4. this is nice... love it... mcm siok juga buat ni...

  5. Man-D ~ Siok tu Dut. Hr tu sia kasi urg lain yg buat scrapping gmbr anak sia. Naa.. skrg sia mau buat sendiri... lg puas hati.. hehee..

  6. interesting!

    the outcome pun awesome jua ni.. hehe..

  7. AnnieMing ~ Kalau rajin, try la.. siok tau! Heheh..

  8. memeljoan ~ buat mel jgn nda buat... siok tau... excited ni kunun. tp, bila teda mood.. creativity gone too.. hihih..


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