Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yeahh... Me, hubby, mom and lil’ Rayyan is flying to Kuching tomorrow. It’s our (except mom) first time to the Cat’s city. *smile*

Well, I was quite free yesterday and presumed that I would be free too today. Unfortunately, quite buzy pulak first half day today!

My dear Datuk is expecting a visitor from China tonite. We will be having a MOU-Signing Ceremony tomorrow in relation to the setting up of our Manufacturing Division in Weihai, China. So, Datuk is kinda ‘kan-cheong’ about it.

Besides, he is making another trip to Gua Musang on Sunday. So, requested me to plan the journey. *sigh*

Feelin’ a bit guilty pulak for leaving him when he is quite pack. But but but… I don’t wish to end up like Mouren… canceling my leaves and trip??? Yayyy… NEVER!! Buli ka cakap macam tu sama bos aa?? Hahaha…

Anyway, hubby and I are still clueless as to where we are visiting in Kuching but definitely we’ll be staying at my cousin’s house. Saving cost on the accommodation maa…

Till then, wait for my story when I’m back ya… tata…


  1. enjoy ur holiday Just.
    im sure ur cousin knows where to bring u guys jalan2.
    be sure to bring home ikan terubuk and kek lapis. hehehe

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  3. Happy holiday yah... Bawa cousin ko jalan2 sana (saya lupa nama tu tempat) dekat sempadan Indonesia.. Tempat orang shopping barangan yg murah2.. hehe

    Sy di Sarawak 2 tahun pun belum sampai Kucing ooo.. tapi yg sure kek lapis drg memang best lah.. :)Enjoy.

  4. Bestnyaaa, HOLIDAY!!! Bah, jan pikir pasal kerja, ENJOY!!! :)

  5. Bah, enjoy your trip ah... snap2 la banyak gambar di sana Kuching :D

  6. Ya Just, selamat bercuti...ehehhe


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