Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rayyan and Measles *updated*

I silently regretted that we went over to my uncle’s house the other nite. *sigh* No doubt we had a great time chit chatting over there…

Here’s what not contented in my previous entry.

The moment I went into my uncle’s house and saw his third son, Aidil… I was already stoned for few sec.

“Kenapa dia ni??” Soalan bodoh pulak.

“Campak.. dah masuk seminggu!” Pls mind my uncle’s BM yer. Now you know why I said it’s a stupid Q.

“Alamak… kena jangkit la my Rayyan ni!” that’s what shouted in my heart!

Naaa kan betul…
The next day, mom called me up informing that Rayyan has been infected with MEASLES!! His back and tummy already got those reddish spots. My poor little boy… *sigh*

Mom also reminded us to buy air kelapa and santan for Rayyan. Well, the air kelapa is of coz utk diminum while the santan is to be rubbed on all over the body.

As at today, the reddish spots on his back and tummy already disappeared on the forth day and the neck part is currently being conquered with the reddish spot. Also, here and there on the head, face, hands and legs.

To our surprise, Rayyan behave macam biasa jugak. We were actually expecting Rayyan to act differently i.e. manoeuvring, difficult to control, uncomfy, etc. Except, manja sikit lah… wanting to be carried all the time – sometime. *smile*

Sempat jugak dia berkungfu. Hehehe...

What pity the most is… he can’t be fanned! Nanti tu panas dalam badan nda keluar, that’s what my mom says. Kesian betul tgk dia mandi peluh!

Luckily we all had it before, otherwise sure spread to us kan… *grin*

Since some of my blogger friends highligted their concern on whether on not my lil' Rayyan is having fever, I decided to edit/add my text here. *smile*

Well, before Rayyan infected with Measles... he already had fever for 3 days and 3 nites!! Goshh.. Really high fever. At first, we tot that it was caused by his upper tooth before we finally headed to the clinic. Doctor gave him medicine through the anus and the fever slowly flow away the next day and that's was when we went to my uncle's house!

I'm not sure how true it is but maybe because of the earlier fever he had, he is not having any fever during the measles period. *relief*

One more tip when one is having measles, do not mirror-ing all the times! That is an old folks' believe which my mom just recalled bout it last nite. Something 'bout the reflection thingy...

You have any tips to share?


  1. Pity little Rayyan.. speedy recovery ya little fella.. but .. ada fever kah? tapi kan if fever .. suppose tia boleh bungkus tu.. nnt makin panas.. I did that to my boy when he had a high fever not knowing that will make the fever lagi tinggi.. sampai dia dpt fits ohh sob sob :(.. den pi hospital.. sia kena marah by the dr.

  2. Hi Just,

    alala kesian si Rayan. I agree with Eve, kalau ada fever jangan bungkus dia, nanti tempreture naik. Dulu si Dian kena campak pun pakai air kelapa sama santan juga sia, mama sia suruh buat hehe.

  3. kesian dia..cpt jg dia tjangkit oh kn..harap2 sembuh cepat..:)

  4. hope that Rayyan will recover quickly... anyway gud info on that coconut milk... Dhiela knows air kelapa is the remedy but never knows that coconut milk too ... :)

  5. Evelyn LG ~ Luckily nda jg dia fever sbb sdh fever few days before tu. Normally, kami nda jg bungkus dia cuma kasi pakai dia baju long sleeve and long pant ja.

    Nora ~ We never do that. Kalau fever, mmg nda advisable kena bungkus ba kan. Dian sdh kena pulak?

    Carmelliny ~ Ya ba. Mgkin sbb dia pun mmg sudah sedia panas ba few days before tu..

    Dhiela Dot Com ~ Thanks Dhiela. Next time you know what to do do ya... :D

  6. Hey Just,sorry to hear abt Rayyan..but itz better to get thm now thn later..i got mine in my 20's! punya sakit! anyways, ngam la tu minum air kelapa muda :)

  7. Hi Miss Mathew.

    My mom says that too coz she had her chicken box in 30's! Ouchhh...

    Ya ba.. ok la jg dia kena skrg kan.. :D

  8. Ayooo...cian baby Rayyan! Anyhow, ngam la dia dapat time2 umur dia skrg.

    psstt, Just, sia lum pernah kena lagi ni and same goes to my children!!!..arrghhhh! (palis2!)

  9. nasib baik dia dpt tidur juga wpun kepanasan.bah, rajin2 la kasi minum air kelapa & rub with santan Just.

    Time sia kena measles dulu, I was 7 or 8yrs old, my mum kasi mandi pakai air rendaman daun jambu.Some of my org kg pun guna ni cara.

    Van-van bulum kana lg ni, dulu sia ingat dia fever mo kana campak tp rupanya tumbuh molar pulak.

  10. MOB aka Mouren ~ Ya ba... Naa.. u and the geng blm kena pula??? Kalau measles blm, chicken pox pun blm la tu kan?? Hrp ko kana cpt, mum sia kena time dia 30's sakit tau... hehee...

    Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Sometime dia guling2 la jg kepanasan. Tp, hr ni dia mau ok2 sdh dia..

    Sia measles pun around 7-8yrs old. Chicken pox around 11yrs old. Mmg santan sama air kelapa la jg remedy dia.

    Kasi mandi pakai air rendaman daun jambu?? Nda pernah pula dengar. Tp, yon sia nda kena kasi mandi sejak ada measles ni. Mumy sia nda suruh... rindu sdh dia sama tu air kali. Kekeke..

  11. dui gia rayyan.. smart jua gaya kungfu dia yang tuna di atas tu.. haha..

  12. Kesian si Rayyan.. Hopefully by now hilang sudah tu measles.. Buli la dia enjoy tu air yang lama dia tia pigang n berkipas sepuas hati.. hehe

    Tapi bagus juga kena awal2.. Macam Mildy, gontua suda baru kena tu chicken pox.. Banyak bekas2 luka tia pandai hilang.. hahaha Kesian juga dia, lagi lama mau baik.. 2 minggu baru ok...

  13. AnnieMingB ~ Hahahha... ya ba, sampat jg dia berkungfu2 even sakit2... hehehe..

    Miss Sab ~ Msh ada sikit lg tu Sab. Mgkin 1-2 hr ni buli sdh dia berkipas sama mandi manda d bisin dia... hahaha..

    Doii gia c Mildy. Baru kana?? Ya ba.. kalau sdh gontua baru kana kan mmg tu bekas2 luka kan susah ilang tu specially d muka pnya..

  14. alalalalallalaa...kesian ur baby!! Ok sudah dia skrg??
    Dia bulum kena jarum for measels?

  15. KadusMama ~ He's better now. D kepala & forehead dia yg last keluar tu measles. Skrg mau ilang2 sdh.

    Bulum lg dia kena jarum for measles. Tiapa la.. keluar awal lg bagus. :D

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