Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip to Kuching was OFF!!!

OMG..... Until today, we all are still in our sakit-hati mode!!!

It's beyond my imagination!! Sh!tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! *@#&^^^^####

Even though our flight was at 3.25pm yesterday, we started the day very early. Went to the clinic for Rayyan's review. And still I can't believe he only gained 1 kg in 3 months???? He is now 7.5kg only???!!! Rusak kali tu timbangan tu! Ciss..

After that, went to do a quick shopping at Tesco... Headed to EPF, mom wanted so much to check her statement before we went back home for final pack-up and Rayyan need to have his porridge first. *smile*

11.30am, took a cab to KL Sentral. 12.30am, we were already inside the bus, on our way to LCCT.

15 minutes to LCCT... I recalled something!! Rayyan's MyKid (IC la ba tu!!)!!??? Yupp... I am very sure that we didn't bring his MyKid along!!! How on earth we could forgot bout it???!!! Sh!t....

And I'm pretty sure we couldn't make it to Kuching by now. No one at home could deliver Rayyan's MyKid to us. Do you think one of us could return to KL to grab his MyKid. Jauh ba tu. Hoping for a miracle is impossible!!

When hubby got the confirmation from the front desk officer, we were speechless! If nda malu, sure nangis sdh. *teary eyes*

There was nothing can be done except we purchase a fresh tickets after getting Rayyan's My Kid which I think is unreasonable.

We got no choice but to return back home. *sigh*

No wonder I don't feel the holidays excitement this round. Normally, I would already prepared our luggage a week or few days before the departure, but not this time. I waited till the very last nite to pack our things. Rupanya, we are not flying!!!!!

Ok lah.. I think enuff la with the sakit-hati thingy. Menangis air mata darah sekalipun, I wouldn't be able to change the fact!


p/s : To those who commented on my previous post, sorry that I will not reply all the comments. Nyway, thanks ya..


  1. T_T Aduh..mmg sakit hati betul tu tau. There's always next time :D Cheers :)

  2. Ba, sabar seja la ah Just. Maybe ada hikmah disebalik kejadian kan.

  3. yes.. there is owez next time, just! ;)

  4. Just think that travelling is currently not recommended...due to AH1N1.

    Relaxxx....look at me! yang kana suru cancel cuti baru2 ni! UHHHH!

  5. Just .. sabar ja.. like Mauve said.. HINI bah sekarang juga.. ada hikmah sebaliknya bah tu .. cool ya!

  6. Sabar ko just. takkan lari lain kali la bah, tida lari juga tu Kuching tu. Otherwise, kamu p la melawat di tmpt yg dekat2 tapi bulum pernah pigi bah.. :)

  7. Bah Just inda apa la tu,

    Nowdays pun susah juga mau travel due to H1N1. Believe, that everything that happened must be a reason behind it..

    Bila-bila pun buli pigi tu.. dont worry ya..:P

  8. Ouch, that is painful. Sorry to hear that.

  9. sorry to hear about ur trip cancellation. :(

  10. Aduh, memang sakit hati. Itu yang sya paling takut tu kalo telupa IC ka passport ka or wallet! Tulah sya selalu buat check list before traveling. Sabar ko ah, memang ada blessings in disguise ni. Cheers! :)

  11. Thanks for all the comments ya guys..

    Ya, ada jg hikmah di sebalik kejadian ba tu kan.. :D

  12. hikmah d sebalik kejadian... aku dpt beli jeans baru di IOI Mall Puchong... mungkin kalau d kuching, aku nda dpt beli... sbb busy mau pigi jalan2.. :)

    nevermind honey, next time.. our holiday will be fantastic... Hong Kong Disneyland is our target!! but dont forget to bring Rayyan's mykid @ passport...


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