Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Line to Flirt With Someone!

What’s yours??

Don’t laugh when you read mine…

“Nice song! Mind to bluetooth to my hp?”

Hahahahaa… I told you not to laugh rite? Ok, I’m might not good in flirting. *cough* However, with this line, I WON MYSELF A MAKE-UP SET OF STAGE FLORAL PRODUCTS WORTH RM450. Wow!!! Cool huh?!

An email notification received from the contest organizer – The BubbleeBIZZ Magazine, last week really cheered up my day! *smiling ear-to-ear*

The free magazine collected at Masjid Jamek LRT Station

Of coz when one enters a contest, they will definitely wish that they will win it. Same goes with me. AND to win it, even though it’s not the grand prize, I FEEL REEEEEAAAALLY GOOD!! *grin*

When I checked the website, I saw this one name that is very familiar. I think it belongs to my blogger friend – Nora. She won the same product except that she is one of the Grand Prize Winners! She did update her blog. However, she talked ‘bout some other contest she won from the same magazine but nothing on the Stage.

I emailed her to double confirm if I got her name correctly and of coz to congratz her too. Apparently, she has no idea ‘bout it! Thanks to me I guess. Hehehehe…

So, we promised to collect the prize together since our office pun dekat-dekat ja. We made it yesterday!! Sikit lagi cancel! Hehehe…

The winners - Nora and Me

We headed back to Ampang Park after collecting our winning prizes at MidValley. And the funny part is, Nora thought that we are going back from work. She was about to step out from the train when the train stopped at Masjid Jamek. *smile*

Instead of going back directly to our office, kita makan duluuuuuuu… Had our lunch at Papparoti since McD and KFC were full! While waiting for our foods, we took the chance to peep at our boxes. With the diff of RM200, I do not have foundation, eye lash curler, brow defining pencil and RM100 Makeover Voucher in my box!! *sigh* Otherwise, kita buli pigi makeover sama-sama kan Nora.

The winning prize - Stage Flora Product

Anyway, thanks for the lunch treat Nora. *smile*

For diff version of story , click at Nora’s page.


  1. nya! Ber nasib butul ko ni, Just.

  2. wahhhh si nora mmg selalu menang contest owh kan...same lah u both. si Ty pun mcm kamu juga tu kan, kalau masuk contest mesti ada luck mo menang....

  3. OMG! Siooookkkkk nya!!! Cuba gia ko tiup sikit itu angin luck sama sia... sioknya dpt hadiah mekap2 nie..I loik! Congratz gurl!

  4. Sia jeles oh ko punya prize... syiok tul dpt free makeup! Congrats! :D

    Ba cuba la pakai semua and then kasi tingu kami ah... hehe

  5. Morning Just,

    hahaha.. sia rasa lucu bila ingat pasal mau turun LRT di Masjid jamek tu hehe..I dunno la but, when I heard of Masjid Jamek my head automaticly thinking of going home hehe..I guess to prone to LRT la.

    That's why la, sia pun tidak tau bila mau pigi makeover tu, nanti-nanti lah kali. Hopefully sia inda forgot pula.

    We have great time that day ya. Next time bolehlah lunch 2gther lagi hehe.

  6. wahh... congrats.. bernasib btul oo ko kan.. :) bgsnya :) cuba ko try beli no ekor..miahaha.. *kidding

  7. MOB aka Mouren ~ Hehehhe.. ada jg la nasib sia thn ni kan.. hihihi..

    Chegu Carol ~ Sbb durang selalu menang la sia jeles. So, sia pun mau merajinkan diri join contest la. Hehehe..

    Miss Mathew ~ Puuuu... Puuuu... Naa, sdh sia tiup sikit tu luck kasi ko. Heheeh... Sia pun suka mekap but nda brp suka pakai. Hahahah...

  8. Nessa ~ Heeheh.. Jgn jeles2 ba. Tp, mmg syok betul dpt free makeup.

    Aiseh, Kalau ada urg mau makeover sia guna tu makeup syok sikit. Kekeke..

  9. Nora ~ Hi. Hihihi. Mmg ba tu. Rileks ja ko. :D

    I'll keep on reminding u bout it. Syg tu kalau ko nda pigi...

    Yeah.. Ba, next time kita lunch lg kio..

    Kris and Nadia ~ Thanks. Ya ba, bernasib jg. Numbur ikur tu sure teda luck! Kakakak..

  10. Wah, congrats! Sia stuju sama si Nessa, pakai la tu hadiah kemenangan..lapas tu upload la sekeping dua gambar sini..hehe...

  11. Mama Mia ~ Heheheh.. Ba, tunggu la d satu hari dan masa nanti.. Kekekke..

  12. Best nyeeeeee.... baru sya terbaca ni! Congratz to the both of you! Siok betul ko ni murah rezeki. :D

  13. CMG aka Crystal ~ Hehehe. Thanks. Kalau rajin, ko pun try2 la ba join any contest, mana tau ko pun ada luck. Heehe..


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