Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Cuti Cuti Malaysia – The Finale!

Phew... been trying to update my blog since Mon, but been really busy lately! *sigh*

Before the cuti-cuti story got stale (IT IS already stale!), I think I should quickly post an entry (the last entry!) bout it.

So, after touched down from Colmar Tropicale aka Bukit Tinggi and had our lunch at R&R Genting Sempah, we headed to the Skyway Cable Car Station of Genting Highland. Yeahh… Miss Mathew got it correctly!

No hotel check-in and no Outdoor Theme Park entrance. Just mingled around and taking pic only.

You guys enjoy the pic ja lah kio… I’m sure you all been there before. Heheheh…

Climbing up... foggy!

The family pic.. cost me RM25!! Snapped by the Skyway's photographer!

Overall, we enjoyed ourself! *smile*

Next pit stop would be… A’Famosa Resort! Yayyy… entah bila! One fine day for sure! *smile*


  1. Okay, I'll wait your next story - pit stop at A'Famosa Resort. ;P

  2. Woohoo... nah, best! I miss Genting!! Sya ni in a year misti pigi 2, 3 kali atau 4 kali pun bulih hehehee... Hari tu suda pigi bulan Feb, mo pigi la ni... :D

  3. MOB aka Mouren ~ Hahah.. ba, tungguuuuuu...

    CMG aka Crystal ~ Waa sampai 4 kali in a yr naik genting??? Jgn tekana yg time ujan sdh la.. Heheheh..

  4. Nah, sampai suda si Cucu di Genting bah..hehe...

  5. Hi Just..hehe.. check ur email. Slow ba internet line sini PD. Baru tadi sia dapat online ni..hehe

    Syok kan Genting. Bah kalau kau pi A- famosa make sure you bring Cucu tengok Animal safari tu.. best for children tu..:D

  6. Mama Mia ~ Hehehe... tunggu dia besar sikit lg baru bw dia masuk tu theme park la. Kekkeek

    Nora ~ Kalau sekali sekala p genting, syok la. Kalau sdh, boring jg.

    Will sure bring him to the Animal Safari.. :D

  7. Yeah! Yeah! I'm the winner!!!! hehe! ada firasat sia owh yg kamurang p sana Genting :) all I need now is a crystal ball ;)

  8. Miss Mathew ~ Hehehe.. sinang ja ba mau teka tu kan! :D


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