Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Recovered Me... ceh!

I’m back and ‘recovered’… :lol:

Even though we didn’t make it to Kuching, I didn’t cancel my leaves. We still can plan for something else kan.. *smile*

So, the next day, after spending first half of the day at home, we decided to go for shopping at IOI Mall, Puchong. Since we are not familiar with that area and the last time we went there were few years back, we hardly recalled the route. Ouchhh… Sempat jugak la sesat! Hahaha…

Did I say shopping?? Hmm… I think only hubby managed to grab a jeans for him and nothing for the rest of us. *sigh* Opss… there are something for us. Slippers which cost us RM2.90 per pair! Hahahah…

Some pix of Rayyan taken at Jusco that day.

Soo tiny to be inside the stomach of Doraemon...

Exclude this pix which was taken at home... geram tgk muka dia..

The next day, our journey continued to….




Wait till my next post… chao… *smile*


  1. Aku tau lepas tu kamurang pigi mana.. ;p

  2. hehe.. riang2 dia main dalam itu doraemon o0o.. hahaha.. terhibur sa nampak ;)

  3. asai ~ shhhh... diam2 ja ba!

    AnnieMing ~ Hehehe... kesiokan ba dia... kuai2 dia berdiri sana for few secs... hehehe...

    Carmelliny ~ Kiut kan? :p

    MOB aka Mouren ~ Yeahhh.. kesiokan dia dpt jalan2 even bkn p kuching.. hehehe..

  4. Glad d 'mood' is back :) dont forget to bring hand sanitizer masa jln2..especially for rayyan...sori, cant help being a teacher ;)

  5. Hi just..

    alala comelnya si Rayan dalam itu Doraemon hehehe. Bah.. maybe ada reason bah tu you all tak sempat pi Kuching. God had planned something more exciting for you guys..

    No more precious than spending the time happily with family.. kan.

  6. Miss Mathew ~ Hehehe.. teacher being a teacher huh? Thanks for the reminder. Yaa.. will need one!

    Nora ~ Yeah.. even spending time d rmh pun sdh enjoy with Rayyan around.

    Well, I would say.. we had a great time the next day.. watch' out! hihihi...

  7. Nah, nasib ada juga alternative lain yang best. Bah, mo tunggu your post ni. :)

  8. CMG aka Crystal ~ Ba, tungguuuuuuuu.. :D

  9. kiutnya dia inside Doraemon's giant belly...bah, jaga2 time berjalan musim AH1N1 ni just...

  10. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia.. kiciiiil ja dia d dlm tu.. hehehe.

    Tu la kan... bikin risau jg.. getting worst sdh ni skrg!


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