Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Retired... Retrench... Resign...

Our company was taken over by one of the largest automotive company in town!

That was the shocking news to all of us last Thursday!

After signing the agreement with the investment banker early morning last Thursday, my dearly Datuk called for a BOD Meeting at 10am, forcing all directors to come down to the office within an hour. But, yeahh… they must have been informed earlier I guess.

Next, Datuk also called for a HOD Meeting at 2.30pm. All HODs gathered, wondering what it is all about. Some knows and some don’t.

I myself was forced to join them as well. Taking minutes of meeting is what I supposed to do. *sigh*

Of coz, being the Group Managing Director and co-founder of the company, Datuk is suppose to announce the news to all HODs and to convince all of us that the change in the company's shareholdings is for the good of the company and there will be no changes in the management teams. Well, I guess everything will still remain unchanged for the time being.

Employees being employees, we can’t help but to worry especially the old-loyal staff who some of them will be retired in couple of years. What if some of us were asked to retrench? *faint*

For few days, the puzzle among us still there! What make my Datuk sold his shares to others?? The company is his own titik peluh ok! But we guess, he is getting older and no one is taking over the responsibility. He only has 2 sons; one is a doctor who is now having his own family in Singapore and the other son is still single, working in the banking industry.

Datuk’s other siblings? Yes, he has quite a no of brothers and sisters. One of the sisters is stationed here. But, she too is getting old. Other brothers are the shareholders only. None of them and the children interested to run the company.

So I guess… disposing the shares to other company is the only way. Let the other party operate the company. At least, the company is still exist even Datuk is no longer around. *sigh*

Kaya pun kalau lonely (without family’s support), ini lah jadinya!
Let just hope that we, the employees will be ok. But I think it’s time for me to move on to somewhere else. *wink*


  1. Tukar management? Hmmm... memang ada reorganization tu. So, macam ko cakap, cari cepat2 for standby. All the best!!!

  2. Hi Just talking about management take over, in my experience tu sooner or later mesti ada perubahan tu. But not so soon la.

    Me too, is tired today. Need to replace somebody from the top management which the PA MC for 2 days.. its not that I dont like, but its diffrent when you need to sit on somebody place bah kan...kurang selesa..hmm.

  3. Just, welcome to the club. ;P

    "But I think it’s time for me to move on to somewhere else."...apa maksud ko ni..ekekeekke!

  4. It happened to me about 2 yrs ago too! We were not asked to leave but the whole R&D in my company was rename i mean was forced to stand as an independent body.. a.k.a new co. lucky enough 1 of the directors still want to keep us by creating another co. for us.. Thank God that up to today.. I still get my pay :)..

    Harap ko bersabar ya ..

  5. CMG aka Crystal ~ Itu la ba tu. sure ada jg pnya tu bisuk2 kan.. sdg cari la ni! Hhehe..

    Nora ~ Ya ba. Mcmana pun, tetap ada restructure jg tu nnt. Next yr ka kan?

    Aisehh.. sia pun plg nda suka tu kena kasi pindah tmpt even for few hours! Mcm susah betul mau buat keja. Heeheh.. Tp, tepaksa jg kan?? Sabar ja la..

  6. MOB aka Mouren ~ Teda maksud lain selain cari karaja baru / ofis baru / environment baru... pindah p kk?? Blm ada rezeki lg ni tau.. hihihi..

    Evelyn LG ~ Wow! Thanks to the Dir. So nice of him. I hope we won't end up as another independent body. Don't think we have a nice Dir here. Hehehe..

  7. Let's hope everything goes well supaya teda la yang kena retrench. Susah tu kalau kana buang kerja esp. taim2 skrang ni.

    Maybe you should look around, just in case seja.

  8. Nessa ~ Yup. That's what we all hope for.

    Hmm.. before the news, I've actually started peep here and peep there. Hrp ada yg tersangkut la ni. Heheheh...


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