Monday, September 28, 2009

How do I look??

Changing image is the toughest thing for me! Hence, I am still comfortably stick to my simple image since adult– no make up, no sexy mexy, same hair style, etc…

When it comes to hair style, I’ve done the rebonding for 3 times for the past 5 years before I decided to perm it this year!! Ouchhhhh… It’s reeeeally a tough decision ok. At first, I’m thinking to cut it. But, bila lagi mau try kan?

The last time I perm my hair was 17 years ago… when I was in my bridge class.

“kalau nda mau kasi keriting tu rambut, nda pyh ikut p Labuan!” obviously, my mom force me to do it! Arghhh…

Since the company gave us extra a day off on last Wed… it’s the best time to go for hair makeover. Hubby pun kerja. Heheheh..

Michael n Guys at Sungai Wang… that’s the saloon I went. I went to the Times Square’s branch before for my first time rebonding in 2005. I love their services.

They took 2.5 hours and cost me RM250 to transform me to this…

So, how do I look? I dun know. Personally, I think I look ok. Ahaks…

On the other notes, my in laws just came back from KK last nite. Thanks for the box guys. Muahh..

We have mi udang, kicap ayam, lada botol (all these teda jumpa d KL ni. For sabah markets ja!) and corned beef (sini kl mahal ni corned beef. Buli sampai RM11!!).

Till then…

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya and Rayyan

White – 1st theme for our first Raya as husband and wife (2007)

Purple – last year’s theme when I was pregnant (2008)

Maroon – yep! This year’s theme is maroon. *smile*

Things are much easier when we have set our preference theme especially when it comes to clothing.

So, di pagi 1 Syawal… hubby went out to catch some rendang and lemang for our pagi raya. Luckily, there were few stalls besides the road at Kg Pandan selling them. Both the lemang and rendng are tasty. Next year, we know where to get them. *wink*

Rayyan was not in his very good mood that morning especially after he put on his baju melayu; wanting to be carried all the time. Whenever he sees us standing in front of the mirror, combing hair, doing something on our face (makeup), he knew that we are getting ready to go somewhere, and that was when he starts maneuvering. He was worried that we would leave him at home. *sigh*

Look at Rayyan's not-so-sweet face..

All of us

The kuihs.. The green tray contents : Mini popia, kuih siput, butter cake, kuih ros aka goyang and peanuts. All hand-baked except the peanuts of coz!

Other kuihs as mentioned in my previous entry... almond london, crystall ball, makmur and peanut butter cookies which were all hand-baked. So, we bought pineapple tart and suji cookies to make it 6 types just great enuff for the 6 containers.

Since all my in-laws went back to KK, we only have 1 place to go… my uncle’s house at Gombak.

Rayyan's moods changed as soon as we reached Gombak. So happy to be with his two Anty Kici. Hehehe..

The hard-to-get pic of Rayyan..With the samping and kopiah plus he's standing position..

That’s all about my 1 Syawal…

Friday, September 18, 2009

Syawal Menjelang

The office is soooo quiet today.

Yup. I'm in the office... still working. Opss.. more to lepaking actually. Most of the Malays have taken leave commencing today. Only 2 of us left. It supposed to be 4 but the other 2 only came in the morning. Some more, most of the bosses also not around. Datuk is in Shanghai now. One of the Director also didn't show up today. The CFO only shows his face for few hours and left after signing all the cheques.

Hence, we all are hoping for an annoucement from the company that allow us to go back early today. Half day leave maybe. Or 1 or 2 hour earlier. Hehehe.. Well, the company used to give us such early release based on previous years records. During fasting month, the Muslim are allowed to go back an hour early which is 5pm. If the company is to release us at 4pm, to the Muslim, macam alang2 saja kan. However, it will be great for the rest of the staff. Let just wait for the good news then...

By the way, the company is kind enuff to give us extra one day leave on Wednesday without deducting our AL. Yeahh.. a free leave to us! Since I'm not going back KK for Raya this year and we don't even have any planning, I'll definitely come to office on Thursday and Friday while the rest of the Muslim staff are still on leave. Another quiet-two-days next week. *sigh*

Anyway, I wish all the Muslims especially my friend... Selamat Hari Raya... Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, tersinggung perasaan tu, ampun2 kan la ye.. To non-Muslim, happy holidays... Pi la beraya kasi abis kuih urg... Hehehe.. ^_^

Monday, September 14, 2009

Raya Mode

Raya is just around the corner. In fact, it shall be falls on this coming Sunday. InsyaAllah… *grin*

For Raya this year, we are definitely not going back to Sabah, will be celebrating Raya with my SIL at Sentul and also my uncle at Gombak.

As for this year Raya’s preparation, well… more or less is there already la
** Baju raya – still belum siap. Sent it to my aunt early Sept. So, consider lambat la jugak kan.. Hoping it can be ready this Sat. Not hoping but MUST BE ready by Sat. *smile*

** Kuih Raya – Almond London, Makmur, Peanut Butter Cookies and Crystall Ball are ready, hand baked by both me and mom! Hoping we can add few more cookies this week. We have also Kuih Ros / Kuih Goyang (not sure what we call it in Sabah), Kuih Siput (is it kuih?) and mini popia in production. LOL

Almond London - a must have cookies

Crystall Ball - what for deco instead of icing sugar?

** Lemang / ketupat / rendang – Not preparing. Maybe we’ll just buy it from outside.

** House deco – no need la. Only need to change cushion cover.

I think that’s about it la. I’ll talk more ’bout my kitchen’s story in my next post ya… *wink*

How’s your Raya preparation?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Internet is UP!!


Wow!! I feel so goooooooood when the internet is finally up again today! Been handicapped for the past few days without internet in office!!

I am sure I have missed lots of stories from you guys. Really miss you guys la. Will blog hop soon. *smile*

Till then, will be back for more stories...

Sambil2 tu, layan la this clip dulu. She is my colleague's daugther, 4 yrs old. Sorry, coz I don't know how to rotate it la.