Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Internet is UP!!


Wow!! I feel so goooooooood when the internet is finally up again today! Been handicapped for the past few days without internet in office!!

I am sure I have missed lots of stories from you guys. Really miss you guys la. Will blog hop soon. *smile*

Till then, will be back for more stories...

Sambil2 tu, layan la this clip dulu. She is my colleague's daugther, 4 yrs old. Sorry, coz I don't know how to rotate it la.


  1. Hi Just..

    I'm glad your back!!. Heheh keep on blogging..:D

  2. Firstly.. welcome back !.. 2ndly.. wakakakkaa.. she's so cute la.. terrornya menyanyi..:D

  3. Nora ~ Hi Nora. I'm glad to be around too! Hehehe..

    Evelyn_LG ~ Heheheeh... bersemangat ba dia menyanyi dgn towel dia tu. Hahahaha..

  4. yey..welcome back, Just! Wah,wah, baru 4yrs old ni, another 15yrs,maybe she'll be a popular singer..hehe..

  5. Mama Mia ~ Heheheh.. Lama nda berblog ni.. Ya ba.. menyanyi dgn penuh perasaan ba.. :D


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