Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya and Rayyan

White – 1st theme for our first Raya as husband and wife (2007)

Purple – last year’s theme when I was pregnant (2008)

Maroon – yep! This year’s theme is maroon. *smile*

Things are much easier when we have set our preference theme especially when it comes to clothing.

So, di pagi 1 Syawal… hubby went out to catch some rendang and lemang for our pagi raya. Luckily, there were few stalls besides the road at Kg Pandan selling them. Both the lemang and rendng are tasty. Next year, we know where to get them. *wink*

Rayyan was not in his very good mood that morning especially after he put on his baju melayu; wanting to be carried all the time. Whenever he sees us standing in front of the mirror, combing hair, doing something on our face (makeup), he knew that we are getting ready to go somewhere, and that was when he starts maneuvering. He was worried that we would leave him at home. *sigh*

Look at Rayyan's not-so-sweet face..

All of us

The kuihs.. The green tray contents : Mini popia, kuih siput, butter cake, kuih ros aka goyang and peanuts. All hand-baked except the peanuts of coz!

Other kuihs as mentioned in my previous entry... almond london, crystall ball, makmur and peanut butter cookies which were all hand-baked. So, we bought pineapple tart and suji cookies to make it 6 types just great enuff for the 6 containers.

Since all my in-laws went back to KK, we only have 1 place to go… my uncle’s house at Gombak.

Rayyan's moods changed as soon as we reached Gombak. So happy to be with his two Anty Kici. Hehehe..

The hard-to-get pic of Rayyan..With the samping and kopiah plus he's standing position..

That’s all about my 1 Syawal…


  1. duiii...kiutnya si rayyan dgn baju melayu dia yg complete set. :)

  2. Oooh.. maroon! Syiok tingu kamu one family satu kaler :D

    Kiutnya si Rayyan pakai baju Melayu, siap ada samping lagi! Pandai suda dia kan.. tau suda kalau mo kluar pi jalan2.. hehe

    psst... ada lagi tu biskut ka?? ;)

  3. dui bah, kiutnya c rayyan...selamat hari ray just & family...

  4. Theme color marroon..nice color! Trus nampak cerah kulit ko and Rayyan....ekekekeke!

    Again, Selamat Hari Raya....!

  5. Mama Mia ~ Hihihi.. tmbh kiut kalau kwai2 tu mia.. heheh

    Nessa ~ Heheeh.. Ya lor. Tau sdh dia tu. Pantang berhensem2 sikit.. mula la tu nda mau kasi ampai. Selagi nda jalan, selagi tu la tu minta dukung. Bila dlm keta, kwai2 kunun dia. Hahah..

    Biskut ada lg.. hihih..

  6. memeljoan ~ Thanks mel. :D

    MOB aka Mouren ~ Terserlah keayuan ku and kehenseman c Rayyan kan. Heheh..

  7. Girigitan sia tingu si Rayyan bah.. Ciut!!! Muaks!

  8. Ouch! Mcm mo cubit ja c Rayyan, pnya kiut dia pakai kopiah.. anyway, still want wish u & family, SELAMAT HARI RAYA..

  9. Evelyn ~ Hihihi.. mmg bikin girigitan ba tu budak tu!

    Adora ~ Skijap dia mo pakai tu kopiah tu. Pastu dia buka la tu. Gatal kali kepala dia pakai.. Hahahah.. Thanks Adora.

  10. hehehe..cumil dia ma kopia dia...kopia ka tu? wah jiran jak kita ni...

  11. Belle ~ I think that's what they call it.. kopiah. Ya, jiran ja ba.. :D

  12. Salam Just..wah cantiknya baju raya hehehe..comelnya si Rayan sama topi dia tu...:D

    btw..I've changed my blog address. Just for your info. I tot sudah terdelete nasib baik ada lagi..:D

  13. Hi Nora. Heheheh.. tiru design di online ba tu baju tu. Hehehe..

    Nda sabar mau tunggu story raya ko jg..

    Nasib baik nda terdelete kan. Kalau nda, nangis oo.. Hahah..

  14. Wah, meriahhh... Ohhh itu pula ko bilang kuih goyang, sadap tu crunchy2 kannn... Sometimes, sya beli yang besar2 lagi di Damai hahaa...


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