Friday, October 30, 2009

Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel

I bet your heart melts whenever your little one smile happily or laugh out loud when he’s playing with you or with his toys or when he enjoys watching his cartoon series . Oh… I wish I could capture all the smiles of my Rayyan! Most of the time, the pics taken were blurred. *sigh* That’s when I really wish that I’m holding a DSLR. *wink*

Ok ok... no more complaining…

I was actually browsing through Rayyan’s album, looking for all his best smiling shots for this contest organized by
SMILEYKIDZ. (Yaa… contest again!)

Check out Rayyan’s smiling versions…


The prize???

Winner # 1 (1x) - An hour outdoor photography session with unlimited shots + 1 sticky album with 20 pcs best pics.

Winner # 2 (2x) – RM50 Smileykidz photography voucher


BTW, the contest ended tomorrow (31/10) at 11.59pm. Rules and regulations, click here yaa..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 1yr Birthday to Rayyan

Yes... he is ONE year old now; on last Sat, 24 Oct, to be exact. *smile*

Since hubby has to work on that particular day, I have to take charged! Phewww…

So, here’s the list of things bro, mom and I have to do in the morning…

1. Watermelon (bought 3 pcs at Tesco) – cut into pcs
2. Choc Moist Cake (baked by colleague - Aishah - Thanks babe!) – cut into pcs
3. Curry puff and jelly (ordered from Hubby’s friend) – arrange nicely (kunun!)into container
4. Collect hall’s key
5. Last minute shopping di kedai yang berdekatan
6. Clean up hall and put balloon 5-6 biji… hehehe

The above list is the actual sequence of what we did that morning. *wink*

3.00pm… Party time!!!

Oh no... Where are the foods and the cake??? They were late due to jammed and lost!! Ghezz.. Poor them! Lucky that our quest is not there yet; only family members were waiting for the food to arrive impatiently. Lapar baa…

The caterer – Majurasa Catering (I found them in arrived 15 minutes later. Once they finished setting up the foods, all of us pun makannnnnnnnnn… We have Nasi Tomato, Fried Bihun, Ayam Masak Merah, Acar Timun and 2 hot drinks – Tea and Tea O. As an additional, we added grape.

The foods

Just when I had my fried bihun after the Nasi Tomato (heheeh), Hubby’s colleague arrived. I don’t feel nice to eat when guest is around, so.. yeahh… stop eating and entertaining guests and all the incoming calls – asking for direction. Goshhh... I did attach a map, but too bad I’m not good in mapping!! Sorry guys…

The cake only arrived at around 3.45pm. Jammed in MRR2! Thanks to e-caR. Met her via blogging. See… the bloggers are connected… :D

The yellow-blue-ish Upin Ipin themed cake.

Tiada org berani makan bhgn muka... :D

Half of the invitees didn’t turn up. *sigh*

Do you notice that Rayyan's is wearing the same color as the cake? I think I did on purpose. Heheh..

All and all, we enjoyed ourself and so did Rayyan. Thanks to Rayyan for being a good boy that afternoon. *grin*

Special thanks to all our dear friends for your presence, presents and tokens. Without you all, it won’t be a blast party for Rayyan and us.

With 2 of my colleagues - Aishah and Cindy
Hubby with some of his colleagues

Rayyan and the presents

Majurasa Catering can be contacted at 017-2323 424 (Naz)
e-Car at 012-373 3327 or visit her blog here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 More Days…

I still feel like it was yesterday when hubby drove me off to the hospital and I was ‘pushing’ 3, 4 times before I can see and feel Rayyan on my chest! And he will be 1 year old on this coming Sat, Oct 24th. Time flies without us knowing it... *wink*

And because it’s Rayyan very first birthday, we are in the midst of planning / preparing a mini birthday party for him where we’ll be calling relatives n close friends to celebrate it together. *smile*

Here’s my important check list:

** Date & time - Fixed
** Hall - Apartment’s community hall confirmed (rmh nda muat ba!)
** Card & map - Done
** Invitees – Done
** Birthday Cake - order confirmed
** Foods - In progress… Still looking for a caterer that could fit with our budget. Hope can confirm it by tomorrow. *sigh*
** Others – shopping by Friday

Err… It’s my first time doing all these except time mau kawin dulu… LOL… The above list is for mintapuji ja ba tu.. It’s really a mini party though. *grin*

While doing my list of invitees, was thinking of you all, my friends in KK… I wish I could invite you all to rock the party. Next time yaa.. *wink*

Till then, watch out Rayyan yg mintapuji… heheheh..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raya Buffet Lunch

Another makan2 story by me in this post. A short & quick one…*wink*

Instead of “Raya Open House”, the company named it as “Raya Buffet Lunch” which was organized by the HR dept on last Thursday. They can name it whatever, but it is still a makan2 event… *grin*

I dunno what is so P&C about the makan2 as they only shoot out the memo a day before the event! Gheezzz… Due to the very short notice, few Muslim colleagues which have already applied for leaves miss the event. *sigh*

Well, the menu… macam biasa la… fried mihun, nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang ayam, 1 vege, popiah, samosa, fruits and sirap bandung.

If you notice, ppl prefer mihun compares to nasi impit
Other pics…

What were we doing here?? - Asked for a candid!! LOL

Left: Me & Sue Right: Cindy & me

Me and my barn budyy, Aishah... muahahhaha...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mangsa Buli Contest

Before I continue with my makan2 story ( guys pls excuse me for all the makan2 entries recently. Hehehe.. October is all about makan month. LOL), I think let’s have some slots for a contest entry pulak. *wink*

Do you ever been bullied? Err... physically maybe not but how bout mentally?? That’s sucks huh??

Anyway, when I come across this Mangsa Buli Contest which is organized by Mommy Qastalani, my mind automatically goes to a pic of my son, siapa lagikk kalau bukan si Rayyan, being bullied by us. However, when I browse through the blog owner’s page, one of the participants also bullied their daughter the same way that we did by putting our Rayyan inside the washing machine!!! LOL

I’m not going to duplicate that pic, so I browse again my albums and found this…

Kejadian :
For info, basket hijau ni dibeli khas ketika Rayyan nak admit Hospital bln 4 ari tu utk repair cleft lip dia. So, basket ni dah mmg dicopkan utk kegunaan Rayyan je. Mainan kecik2 Rayyan semua masuk dlm tu. Hehehe..

So, satu ari tu… Agaknya Rayyan pun dah boring dah ngan semua mainan dia. Bagi ape pun dia tak nak. Last2, kite pun ape lg.. masukkan dia dlm basket hijau tu. Mula2 tu, dia excited sambil pelik la jg kan. Kesian dia dok sorang2 dlm tu, kite pun baik hati la carikan teman utk dia. Sape lg kalau bkn c Laa-Laa teletubbies tu. Tak sampai 10 minit, agaknye dia pun dah penat dok dlm tu tak boleh nak bergerak banyak, dia pun mula la meragam nk minta kluar. Kite saje biarkan dia kjap. Tu yg dia menangis tu… Hahhaha.. Kesian Rayyan.

So, guys… If you think you are better in bullying your kids then me, bully them, capture the moment and send in your entry to here by 19/10/09, 9am. Sempat lagi kannn??
Want to know the prizes for the 2 winners??? Yes, 2 lucky winners will be selected! Tadaaaa…
Anna Sui "Live You Dream" 4ml
& Anna Sui "Night of Fancy" 4ml

Soooo attractive.... *wink wink*

Nama Mangsa: Rayyan Adrian
Umur ketika kejadian : 7bln ++

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lapar Punya Pasal

Just when we were busy preparing our potluck lunch this afternoon, we were shocked by an alarm that rang ‘shyly’ near our office pantry.

The foods yang sudah kena kasi abis - telur masin, sambal udang, sambal ikan bilis, pasta, kari ayam, etc.

We wonder if that’s the fire drill exercise again.

Due to kelaparan yang melanda, we kinda hesitated to go down but somehow we ran to our seats to grab our belongings and went back to our potluck table. I grabbed my hps, pouch and pen drives (benda penting ni! Bnyk benda kena save d dlm. Hahaha.. ).

Being curious if the other levels march down or not, we even went to peep at one of the staircase exit. Nope. No one march down.

So, we happily had our lunch with perasaan yang bercampur baur.

OMG.. I look f*t from this angle or is it because of the white cardigan?!

An announcement made to inform us to be on standby while the management is investigating.

In the interim, while having our lunch, we jokingly think of a headline to be published in newspaper IF we are really caught in a fire. The blame goes to the starving tummies. LOL. Well, we need energies to march down ok.

The next announcement really kills away all the worries we have. It’s a false alarm!! Cehhh..
It turns out that the other levels did march down via the other exit and they gathered at the building's lobby. Thank God nothing happenned. Kalau nda, rentungzzz...

That’s all for today..

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bye Bye Pandan Jaya

What’s going on here???

Shifting!!! Finally, I have to wave to Pandan Jaya. Been staying here for almost 8-9 years!! Even if we moved to other house, it will be sure around this area as well. For the past 8-9 years, I have moved around for 4 times! We were shifting from a block to another block. LOL.

Why I like Pandan Jaya?? Let me list down yaa… *wink*:

1. First and foremost, public transport! You won’t have problem with bus, cab and Star LRT.
2. The location itself which is only 15 minutes to KL centre provided no jam la. *grin*
3. Shops, restaurants, saloons, workshops, laundry, clinics, etc
4. Major Banks i.e. Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, BSN Giro and EON Bank
5. Pasar Malam every Tuesday and Saturday

See… Semua ada!

And that’s the reason why the rental at this area is consider mahal even this area is a low cost apartments area. The rental range between RM450 – RM800 depends on the type of block as well as the floor.

You guys might be wondering why I move to other area since I love Pandan Jaya so much! Well, the house in Pandan Jaya only has 2 rooms and I’m paying RM600 for that! Dulu, ok la.. but not now!

We’ve been looking around since early this year, hoping to get other house with 3 rooms with rental less than RM600 and at the same area. However, it’s not as easy as ABC.

So, when we saw an advertisement in Mudah on this particular property. We quickly called the owner and went to peep it. Luckily, mom ok with the unit. (She has to be ok and comfortable with the house and the area as she will be the one staying at home most of the time).

And.. here we are! Pandan Ria – border of Ampang and Pandan Indah. It’s a bit further up, but it’s ok. The unit located at 9th floor, corner unit with 3 rooms and rental less than RM600. Just as what we wanted!

You might like this… the view of KL city from my room and kitchen yard. Cheers…

Friday, October 02, 2009

Story of the Week

Yeahh.. the rojak story.. *wink*

Wednesday (29/9/09)

Fire Drill Exercise

Krringgggggg… Escape time!

This is the first fire drill exercise conducted in this building since I joined the company for more than 4 years.

We were to climb down to ground floor from our office which is located at level 11. No lift please... Still ok la kan.. can you imagine the others that working at the 23rd floor? Pening kepala pusing2 tangga… *faint*
We all were just walking down calmly and boringly. Are we supposed to run? Anyway, do you think you will walk when it’s the real fire?! Nope huh??

As instructed, we gathered at the shop lots’ foyer for almost half an hour before we could return to the office.

Walking back to the office. Waiting for turn to enter the lift.

Mini Makan-Makan Raya

Why mini? Coz the makan-makan oleh involved less than 10 persons. Hehehe.. A dear colleague - Aishah, who is very good in weaving ketupat brought some of it and also the must-have rendang for our lunch today.

Luckily my MIL tapau some lemang from Sabah and I brought few to office.

By the way, hubby calls the lemang as burasan and my mom calls it kolupis.

Suppose, we planned to wear our baju raya today but due to fire drill exercise, we cancelled it. Moreover, I don’t have my baju raya with me coz I returned it back for alteration. Hehehe.. Dear Anty E, don’t worry, I didn’t blame you. I know you are reading this. *smile*

Thursday (1/10/09)
Pinkish Belated Bubday
Irene, the (belated) birthday lady celebrated her birthday yesterday. A friend and I thought of buying something for her. So, we went to Ampang Park and decided to buy her this…

Yup, the pink sandal. Obviously, she was suprised to receive the gift from us.


Cindy, another colleague promised to belanja Irene for lunch today; not only Irene but also me and 2 more colleagues. Yeahh...

Me, Mrs. Ong, Aishah, Irene (top right) and Cindy (bottom right)

Menu : Deep fried sweet & sour fish, Green curry chicken, garlic fried kailan , Telur dadar and Kangkung belacan (not in the pic)

A ‘busy’ week huh? lol